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Harun_Karali20 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Season Two Review:

Marvel is known for the accomplishments that they made on the silver screen, however they have achieved a new level in the TV department and this series is the perfect example. Looking back at the first season, It's hard to believe that the show has actually gotten better, Because apart from the costume, the first season was exceptional. However the additions to this season; Punisher and Elektra, You would think that the show would lose some momentum in introducing these characters,but the way the characters were introduced was... Intense. As a fan of the Punisher movies, I had a small idea of what to expect. Or did I? As much as I enjoyed the movies, The Punisher that was portrayed by Jon Bernthal is nothing short of brilliant. Adding layer upon layer to his seemingly simple character.

As for the season two finale; Daredevil getting his iconic club, Which he is known for in the comics, Speaking of icons, The Punisher gets his emblem. Matt makes a prudent decision on telling Karen about his secret. Which makes me very anxious for season 3.
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Too many unanswered questions
guilhermejunior2 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
As a season finale for a great season, which introduced many new characters, that are still in development, it managed to keep up with the high expectations I had. In the beginning of the episode, the audience gets informed, that everything evil in Hell's Kitchen is coming together, and trying to make the city fall apart. Matthew and Elektra know their place and job very well, in what comes to save their city, and early on the episode prepare for the final battle to come. It might seem too forced, that "The Hand" kidnapped everyone once saved by Daredevil, however It brought a necessary energy to the episode, and made the one expected scene in the finale happen, that is Daredevil saving Karen once again. Honestly, I expected her to find out his identity the moment he broke into the building, but it gets solved when Matt reveals himself to her near the ending of the episode, in a way, the viewer can't see her full reaction to it. Last but not least: (thats right, I have to talk about it) ELEKTRA DIED! How is this possible? Personally, I did not at all expect this to happen, since she seemed like a character that would get a lot more development throughout the series. Well, although that tragedy happened, right before The Punisher kicks in with an incredible appearance in order to help the Daredevil, the last shot shown to us is Elektra's body caught in the strange coffin of "The Hand". This cliff-hanger leaves us thinking, if she might return or not, and if so, is she going to be on Matthew 's side and run away with him as promised, or will the return cost some sort of transformation to her personality? Due to the plot line and massive awesomeness and great scenes with all main characters, this finale deserves definitely a "9 out of 10".

"See you around, Red"
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I'm Daredevil
ThomasDrufke12 April 2016
This season of Daredevil has been largely superior than the first in my opinion. The 4 or 5 best episodes of the entire series are a part of season 2, but perhaps as a whole, there's a certain amount of cohesiveness that's missing from the second go around, and that showed in the season finale.

As I'm sure everyone reading this knows, The Defenders series is right around the corner. With that, I would think comes The Hand as the main villain(s), so I was interested to see just how this season wraps up that ongoing threat. For the most part, it worked. While I was never a huge fan of Nobu as a so called "big bad", he made for a worthy opponent to Daredevil. Unfortunately, he was largely overshadowed by the other antagonists of this season.

The introduction of Frank Castle and Elektra were handled probably as nicely as I could have hoped. Frank doesn't get a whole lot to do in the finale (could have used a little bit more), his presence was felt throughout this 13 episode run. Elektra on the other hand, played a huge part in the climax for the situation with the Hand, and I would assume is a central focus going forward.

The team up fight between Elektra and Daredevil (and sort of Punisher) was cool to cap the season off, but I wasn't shocked at all that Elektra 'died'. Every time a hero and his/her significant other has the "were going to get out of here and start a new life together" conversation, you know it means bad news.

Foggy taking a new job with Jeri Hogarth's firm was a cool addition and makes me think that he may be involved with The Defenders series in some way. As for Karen, well apparently Matt felt the need to reveal his identity to her. I can't really imagine she takes the news lightly, considering all that she has been through over the past season. It also felt weird watching Matt go from being pretty much in love with Karen, to wanting to leave the city with Elektra, back to Karen, all within a few episodes time.

With all that said, this season did some phenomenal things for this universe even if it doesn't work as a complete season as well as it probably should have. And hey, giving Daredevil his classic Billy Club's was a nice touch.

+Satisfying conclusion for Elektra & The Hand

+Billy Clubs

+Sets up Defenders

-Matt's romantic life feels inconsistent

-Doesn't all work as a cohesive season

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SPOILERS. Season Two was Great BUT....
emessgee5 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have been waiting (impatiently) for season two of Daredevil and although it delivered again, I almost did not watch the entire series. Why? Because it started morphing into something similar and annoying as *that* other show; the guy in green who shoots *things*.

Naturally, I want Matt and Karen to hit it off, fall in love, blah, blah, blah but although it would be nice if Matt and Karen settled down and popped out little Daredevils while Nelson and Murdock became a successful law firm and Matt kicked butt every night in Hell's Kitchen, as a writer I acknowledge the need for tension and conflict in a story.

I admit I am a sentimentalist at heart, but I usually grumble at generic love scenes but the Daredevil *crew* orchestrated them beautifully. The budding romance (Pardon the cliché.) between Matt and Karen (That scene when Matt runs his finger up Karen's rain- spattered arm...{{{Shivers}}}.) And grudgingly including a minimal graphic sex scene in Matt's past. *Wrong* woman, but sensually and tastefully done.

Enter Elektra. The gorgeous, narcissistic, superhuman, killing machine who (groan) shared an intimate past with Matt. Brava to Elodie Yung for her flawless performance; this witch has a sense of humor and it appears she is coming back...I suspect more badass than ever. But, when she entered the story I thought: here we go with the irritating love triangle. I began to tire of the story after several (Grrr!) episodes spotlighting Elektra hence, came the point when I was ready to ditch the rest of the series.

Jon Bernthal gave an absolute, spectacular performance as Frank Castle/The Punisher, but the actor that changed my mind from clicking out of Netflix, and in my opinion revived the show, was the reappearance of Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk.

Scott Glenn deserves accolades as Stick, Matt and Elektra's mentor. For the younger viewers who may not recognize him should look up his filmography. Quite impressive.

My last critical remark points to the repetitive fight scenes with the ninjas; after a while, it gets old. I have to remind myself that the show is based on the comic book and audiences, particularly Americans (except me :), seem to be habituated to graphic violent/action scenes.

Nevertheless, I still so adore the three actors who once again carry the show with their superb performances; Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson. The casting director(s) did something so very right by choosing these outstanding actors to fill the top three roles in Daredevil. I look forward to season three, but please do not drag out the relationship between Matt and Karen. Sigh, but I know you will.
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This show is amazing.
tylergilroy5 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Daredevil is the best show I have watched in a while and I am willing to say that it is my favorite show ever.

This season while not as good as first one (which is literally impossible) is amazing. The storyline with the Punisher was perfectly executed because it didn't feel like a setup for a spin-off show. The writers did it perfectly and in a way that made me happy every time the Punisher was even mentioned.

The Hand/Elektra story was not as strong and felt like a setup for defenders however it was still a good plot and a good continuation of Matt's backstory. I enjoy the fact that Wilson Fisk is still present in the show but will lot always be a driving force in the show like season one, this is much better than Jessica Jones where they immediately killed off Kilgrave or Luke Cage where they killed off cottonmouth.

This ended on a cliffhanger that was continued in defenders (which I'm not entirely happy about) but I still look forward to seeing it resolved and how the events of defenders play into season 3 which may possibly be the season of television that I am most excited for ever.
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Finale (mostly) succeeds despite atrocious direction, writing and editing
dvts26 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Where to start with this mess? First off, the opening scene, the pre- theme song scene - oh my lord, it goes on forever. It's just Daredevil and Elektra standing on a rooftop for literally like 8 minutes, talking. And not talking interestingly. And it's not filmed interestingly. It's the deadest 8 minutes ever. By minute 4 or 5 I was like "You've got to get out of this scene, please cut already" but they just kept talking, saying empty general things and vague dull plot things. Then follows the most awkward cut ever to the theme song. Because usually something dramatic happens, or an impressive scene has just happened then quieted down a second, when the theme song hits. But here it just awkwardly follows this 10 minute horrible conversation.

Then there's the final fight. Holy crap was this badly staged. Everyone involved should apologize. There's a point in this fight where Nobu is fighting Daredevil and Elektra by himself, and the whole time there are four Hand ninjas just standing together nearby, not doing anything. They keep being in the shot, standing there, not being involved. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. The show hadn't forgotten they were there - it kept showing them. But they just weren't doing anything. The whole ending fight is a disaster, filled with bad staging and nonsense tactics by the Hand ninjas and Nobu.

Then there's the random reveal in a late scene that it's Christmas. The last we'd heard, at the beginning of the season, it was a heat wave. There had been nothing in the meantime to indicate passage of time, and not a single hint that the weather had gotten colder or that it was winter in NY. Just a bizarre random decision.

Elektra's death scene, then - just so, so bad. It's like the writers and director had never seen a death scene before and had no idea how a dying in one's arms death scene was supposed to be. So instead of Jon and Ygritte, instead of something poignant, we end up with something closer to Shmi Skywalker.

Then the poor non-reveal reveal of the Punisher's iconic outfit. Or the confusing staging leading us to have no idea if Punisher knows DD's identity or not, or if Karen knows it or not (we find out at the end that Karen had apparently not known it, which makes a couple earlier scenes of hers questionable).

Despite this litany of horrible failures of execution for which the parties responsible should be penalized by never being allowed to work on this show again - the episode ends up working, more or less, simply by virtue of the characters, story and world leading to it being so good.

But yea. Not good. Nobu, Nobu the Nobody, the guy who was a sub-boss, a henchman in season 1, trying to act like the Big Bad, like he's Wilson Fisk? No. Just no. Or how about his random bitchy white lady assistant out of nowhere? This was really just a weird episode.

And did they ever explain what that hole was for? What the hell?
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Enlarging your world, mad world
quincytheodore1 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The nocturnal adventure Daredevil has with Punisher and Elektra draws to a close. What this last episode does best is presenting the idea of a brighter world, just a thought too frail to whisper yet finally uttered, only to be reminded that Hell's Kitchen has firm grip on their lives. The rare icy look on the city is a stark contrast to the tone, though nearly therapeutic. An open door for the new inhabitant and old ones to renew their stay.

Perhaps the best interaction Daredevil and Elektra has is not the suave romance or synchronized exotic acrobatic, but a simple talk, a fleeting daydream in midnight. They shed their superhero masks, also in a literal sense, and open up as persons beyond the grim titles. It's highly relatable, and by showing this humane side they are better forged as characters.

Fights and chases are present, they encapsulate the series tone up to this point. While it may not be as powerful as the ones in earlier episode or the showdown with Fisk, but it does Elektra character justice. If there's one minor complain, it's that Karen seems to be a danger magnet, having been in every cross fire, the on-screen character even remarks to this oddity.

For the series to end on cold day, it welcomes the change and opens more doors for novel opportunity. Punisher might have his own tale, one can hope. Eventually Daredevil, along with the audience, is steadily waiting for next year with anticipation and looks back to this year with fondness.
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good work
omarfa9 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The end of this show is awesome like the other episodes but it is incomplete, so let's talk about this. we are surprised when we watched the return of Wilson Fisk with a big opportunity to had a big part in the events to return to the street fight daredevil or having a problems with Nobo and so takes daredevil's side. but except this we watched a marginalization in his story and more when they end the show without gives a little hint about what is coming in season 3 or what Fisk will do or anything can help us to find out. anyway the show is perfect but it started to be conventional like a lots of other shows that talking about immortality like Arrow,Flash... finely i hop that the Punisher coming back in season 3 because he gives the action that every show like this need and this what the first season missed
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"Im daredevil"
matiasbockerman17 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is the best season in daredevil. Really enjoyed Punisher Character. Stick was badass, even elektra succeed to be enjoyable Character. Fisk facing castle was very satisfyingly done. Dialogue between those great actors were absolutely marvelous. This was emotional season in Many ways, there was strong tragic drama and this series succeed go to deeper its cast. In other hand, violence was extremely brutal. I cannot understand people who judges this series because "they talk too much". Don't you really understand why? Its called building a Character so viewer can identify them.
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Season 2: Slow start with some weak elements, but mostly enjoyable, strong and violent as it escalates well
bob the moo2 July 2016
Like many, I was pleasantly surprised by Daredevil when I watched it last year; considering what it is, it was better than it probably deserved to be. The return of the second season made me wonder if it could not only deliver, but do so under the pressure of raised expectations. The promotion of the season seemed to feature heavily on two characters whom I don't have a great deal of love for in their cinematic ventures. Punisher was never really made to work for me (and a violent fan film seemed to be considered the best outing he has had), while Elektra's film is the reason I have seen the Assault on Precinct 13remake (I walked out of the former halfway and went into anything else that was about to start). So I was not caught up in the hype, but open to it repeating what it did in the first season.

It does this regarding the brutality of the show, and it nicely keeps the darker and violent material that marked out its action. This aspect it rides well and lets the events of the narrative do enough to get from one strong scene to the next. In doing this it is mostly engaging and with good forward motion. This is not to say that the show does more than this, but it works on this level. The in-between moments are not as good though, and there is a lack of character and substance in the show: relationships, motivations, etc – these didn't feel particularly rooted in anything.

As plotting though, the pieces are all moved around pretty well. Some of it doesn't work that well – probably too much truth be told, but mostly it creates its own world in a way that is slick enough and violent enough to hold the attention. The development of The Hand and other such matters tended to blur a bit for me, and made me hanker for the simplicity of the first season, but it still works. The cast is solid but not amazing. I like Cox in the lead but he maybe could have done more. Bernthal's Punisher is good, while Yung is as good as her material lets her be. Conversely Woll and Henson are mostly so-so, but again this is partly their material (although Henson is probably my least favorite part of the show).

Season 2 is not a great one, but it has a lot to like, and these elements carry it through the aspects which are not as good as they are polished to appear.
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Finally some respect!
asb_deutsch4 November 2017
Two hundred thousand people giving it an average 8.7/10! Do you really think it deserves that much?? The references of Iron Man and Thor were good but not copying Batman! I would prefer Flash over this! The dialog were all predictable and sloppy. Murdoch was the saving grace! The only good thing about this series is the action sequences. Maybe the entire budget was spent on that. Lets see for Season 3... See you 'devils' in 2018!
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It sucked. I'm really, really disappointed
lukasz-keska27 March 2016
It was the last episode of Daredevil's Season 2 and you know what? I'm really happy it is over. Although the first three episodes of season 2 were at least watchable (except maybe the silly, empty conversation on the roof from ep3), the rest of the season is more less a lot of crap, and the final episode was a dirty, rotten cherry on a top of it. I suppose the authors just ran out of the ideas - the whole season looks like some loose short stories glued with empty, awkward small- talk about literally nothing, and the final episode is the quintessence of it. Some scenes are just unbearable - like the one on the graveyard, with the stupidest ever conversation over Elektra's grave between Murdock and Stick or "the Christmas scene" - I'm sure both of them were just to fill the holes in the timeline. Or the scene when Punisher comes back to his house (intact! like nobody visited this place since Castle's family had been murdered), then paints his famous logo in the shed (fully equipped and intact as well), then burns everything down and walks away without looking at the giant explosion behind him. It was painful to watch it. Honestly, I'm a little bit surprised - the first season was almost perfect, great story, acting, mystery - all of these made me wait impatiently for season 2. And the season 2 made me lost the interest about the rest of the series. I can't believe it can get better after this, unless they hire back the ppl who wrote scripts for season 1 - I cannot honestly believe they were the same authors who wrote the shitty season 2. I gave to this episode 3 out of 10. I would be 1, but there were few moments I liked - the one when Daredevil is given his legendary "all-in-one" club, or when he tries it during crazy run on the roof, there were several seconds of hope that not all is lost.
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Great ninja action but the last two episodes of Season 2 killed it!
asb_deutsch29 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Daredevil and Elektra standing on a rooftop like they were Romeo and Juliet. It was so predictable that her character was going to be killed off. And Murdoch showing his mask to Page was too cold. Nobu wasn't looking like a villain at all! Jon Bernthal gave a spectacular performance as Frank Castle/The Punisher. I think it was because of him that made Season 2 interesting.

Season 2 =95/13= 7.31
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