"Daredevil" A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen (TV Episode 2016) Poster

Charlie Cox: Matt Murdock, Daredevil



  • Matt Murdock : [to Karen]  I have something... that I need you to see...

    [takes out Daredevil mask] 

    Matt Murdock : I'm Daredevil.

  • Matt Murdock : So, what if... What if... from now on, if... if we make it... wherever you run, I... I run with you?

    Elektra Natchios : You're not serious.

    Matt Murdock : I've never been more serious. This... Elektra, this is a part of me that I need. And you're the only one who gets it. Without this, I'm not alive. I'm not. Not really. And I know that now, thanks to you. I don't know what we are together, and if we have any chance in the future... I don't... But I... I do know that I'm free with you. Like with no one else.

    Elektra Natchios : You hide from yourself. You don't let anyone in.

    Matt Murdock : You. I let you in. Think about it. What if this isn't the end? What if it's just the beginning?

    Elektra Natchios : No... They'll find us.

    Matt Murdock : No, we'll keep moving. We'll change identities. We'll... we'll hide. They'll never catch us. What do you say?

    Elektra Natchios : Uh, I say... let's go to London. Yeah? Madrid. Tunisia. There are sexy places to hide.

    Matt Murdock : Hey, I've never been further north than 116th Street, so...

    Elektra Natchios : Because you love this city.

    Matt Murdock : And I'd give my life for it, but... there's one thing in this world that makes me feel more alive. And that's you.

    Elektra Natchios : [sighs]  I'm the Black Sky, Matthew.

    Matt Murdock : Yeah, and I'm the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

  • Daredevil : [as the Hand closes in on them]  You wanna end it here or on the roof?

    Elektra Natchios : I've always liked the fresh air.

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