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Feathered Nanny: The Way to Correction
BiiivAL7 June 2018
Most often, the sudden appearance of a child radically changes the habitual way of life, forcing a new look at the world. On our movie screens, the premiere of the animated film entitled "Papa-Mama Goose" was started, from director Chris Jenkins. Lovers of cartoons, he is already well known for such works as "House" and "Catch the wave!".

In the lead roles took part such celebrities as: Lance Lim, Zendey, Jim Geffigan and Greg Prups (in the role of an unmatched cat Banzu). When translating into Russian, our stars also distinguished themselves. The main roles were performed by Polina Gagarina, Sergey Garmash and Natan.

A young self-confident goose bachelor named Pam is an absolutely free bird, does what he wants, completely disregarding the rules of his pack. During the general preparation for the flight to the south, Pam, boasting with his tricks, breaks the wing. After which he is forced to fly with the children. One awkward movement of his wing and from the flock are separated two small ducklings. Now he faces two tasks: to heal the sick wing in order to continue the flight and return the kids to their parents.

The picture of the film is simply excellent: the outlines are clear, the colors are bright. The plot is very exciting, it makes the main character sympathize. His selfishly philistine character at the end of the picture reveals itself, filling with notes of caring and love for one's neighbor.

Plus the cartoon is filled with a huge amount of humor and self-irony. In its atmosphere the cartoon is very similar to the famous "Shrek". All these qualities suggest that "Papa-Mama Goose" is aimed at a wide audience of spectators. Watch this cartoon will be interesting to all fans of animation, adventure and family stories.

I wish you pleasant viewing!
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ukmitchy18 April 2018
I thought this movie was excellent. It doesn't tell a new tale, but it does it well with some genuine comedic moments. There's plenty of silly jokes to appeal to the 12 year olds and five year olds, and the animation is excellent. If this had been a Pixar/Disney movie, it would have got a far bigger distribution and promotional push than it got. This isn't the best animated film ever, but it's 85 minutes of fun with cute ducklings.
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Don't understand the criticism below
tiffyleek13 May 2018
I took my two boys (5 and 7) to see Duck duck goose this morning. They loved it. They were laughing themselves silly at the pigs' scene and near the end when Peng confronts the baddie, (won't put spoiler in here, not sure a grown up would laugh there even though I did, with my children). There was a scary bit when my 7yr old suddenly changed seats to sit by me, another good sign I thought, especially considering they refused to let us watch "Moana" and "the secret life of Pets". They dragged us out of the cinema early for both of those two movies, really hated them. They won't stay if they don't like it, no sir!

The imagery is really beautiful too. Stunning at times actually.

Maybe it's more of a boys movie I don't know? My two are obsessed with dinosaurs of all kinds. "Frozen is a girls movie dad" they told me when my wife wanted to make them watch that one.

Maybe it's one of those marmite movies but my boys gave it a big thumbs up.
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Really good movie, funny and sweet
ojsmom0022 July 2018
All I have to say to all the reviewers whining about how the movie was too scary because of the cat so is too scary for children, then you shouldn't take your kids to any animated movies. Almost all the Disney or Pixar movies have a scary nemisis. How about a half-crazed rich lady trying to kill puppies for a spotted coat or or an evil queen/witch tryibg to kill her stap-daughter with poison? Never heard anyone say 101 Dalmations or Snow White was too scary for kids. This was very cute movie and glad I watched!!
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Great Show for Older Tolders
lam_le200824 July 2018
Amazing show about two ducks and a goose. Would recommend to anyone not just kids! I am not so sure why others are rating this show badly. It's a solid one
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So much fun!
edenruiz23 July 2018
Very entertaining, in addition to having impressive graphics... Fun from start to finish!!! Well done!!!
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All over the place and not for kids
a-86812-8391622 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I'm an adult and I thought I'd go to Netflix to watch some random movie. I decided upon Duck Duck Goose. It's obviously for children, or so I thought. It's an animation and looks really nice but all but the humor... Well, you can probably show this to a kid, if they can handle the cat with two personalities (much like the good cop/bad cop in The Lego Movie but granted, this cat is a lot darker) but a lot of the jokes will go over their heads. There's also quite bit of violence.


A lot of fart jokes which I'm sure kids will laugh at, but there are also jokes of sexual nature (like flirting and even one erection joke) and I'm not sure if those are okay, even if the kids don't understand. The cat, I would imagine, to a child can be quite scary and the violent scenes as well. Oh, and the two ducks are going to a place that they think will be great and their new home but it's really a restaurant, so the ducks are going there like pigs to slaughter. Kids are not stupid, they will pick up that something is wrong and not okay. That scene overall is super gloomy and dark, the movie shifts from bright colors and beautiful scenery to a dark, gloomy city.

Overall, for an adult, this movie a mess and super confusing. I thought it was about the goose but it's really not. It's not about some dude who shows us that difference should be celebrated or something. Instead, it's the pretty basic movie: a jerk dude "adopts" two kids and they all hate each other but eventually ends up being a little family. The voice acting is okay but overall, it's not the best.

It's a disappointment.
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Don't waste your time
riaan-melanie15 July 2018
Don't waste your time wasting this. My kids really didn't enjoy this movie and both of them were upset due to the evil cat. Inappropriate humor and generally a badly written script
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It's a kids movie people need to stop being so hard
kayla_oneill21 July 2018
My daughter has watched it 4 times and loves it She said it's awesome cause she never seen a ducky movie before .
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Very not bad cartoon, but has unnecessary humor and violence
soto35029 May 2018
The main problem of the cartoon is the presence of childish vulgar humor and excessive violence, especially with the protagonist, who looks like a clumsy fool, depriving himself of any chemistry. Because of what these shortcomings accumulate people's opinions to the hate about this cartoon.

The cartoon itself is on graphic and visual is good and very enjoyable to watch. If delete the scenes associated with vulgarity and excess violence, it can be enjoyable for home viewing.
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Slow, boring and poor
primaveraband1 April 2018
Characters aren't lovable, humour is pathetic, story is very poor
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it's pretty good dude
theknillfamily31 July 2018
Not the most creative/unique idea but they do it well. The characters are all understandable and relatable, there wasn't a single point where I felt bored or uninterested, but most of all I think it's visuals are amazing. The backgrounds and scenery are phenomenal and I think it effectively portrays its moral well. The only reason I'm taking a point off is because of the extensive toilet humor but other than that, I have almost no criticism. A good kids movie.
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Fun and beautiful
ella-2195611 August 2018
I'm not sure why this movie has so many bad reviews. It's a fun kids movie. The animation is well done and honestly it's just a really pretty film. The cat is kind of spooky but not too bad. Parts were predictable but there were also some good plot twists. I enjoyed it.
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good intentions
Kirpianuscus11 July 2019
...and reasonable result. Few old cliches, a story, not real convincing, about parenthood, a silly and almost embarrassing portrait of China , beautiful visualy but improvised story. A goose- chaotic in all senses, two little ducks, a cat , few pigs, a squerrel, something who could be defined, with a lot of indulgence , as love story. And an animation who has few nice virtues but any ...sense. Maybe, too ...childish. Or , more exactly, not inspired. So, good intentions.
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really dissapointed , definitely not a movie for a 5 years old child :(
angelinadiaz-301503 April 2018
We went to see this movie today with my 2 adults friends and 4 kids, all in age 4-6 years old. Movie age 4+ is full of horrific scenes , which scared all of us, especially very scary big Cat with a red and yellow eye. Lots of cruel scenes when the kids started to scream and adults wanted to leave the cinema as we were really upset.We have seen almost every new a movie for a kids and we loved them all but Duck Duck Goose is definitely NO NO NO one. there was only a few funny scenes and the end was cute but why do they say on the start of the movie that some scenes are not recommended for kids and parental control needed. movie for kids 4+????? seriously do not waste your money and go to see some other movie like Peter rabbit as that one is cute and funny ;)
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Terrible, boring, nonsense
jonniejensen5 April 2018
We left after 40mins and snuck into another movie. My kids and I see almost all family movies. We are tolerant and see the best in what we watch. This was boring nonsense. Like a mash up of 50 other movies characters. Just do not go and watch it.
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paindweller4 August 2018
I cried it was that good! It isn't worth spoiling it for you just watch it!
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An awful, unfunny, disastrous animated movie.
Animated_Antic24 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Back in September of last year, I remember going to "The Lego Ninjago Movie" and having to sit through a trailer for an upcoming animated movie called "Duck Duck Goose" and it looked so bad that I started to dread watching it. Even though it was fortunately, the movie didn't get released on it's original April date and was pushed back to August, it was also unfortunately moved forward to July and just went straight to Netflix and skipped it's original theatrical release. I went into this movie expecting to be a generic bad animated movie and left completely shocked. I'm not going to make this up everyone. It's true. This film is one of the worst animated movies I've ever seen in my life. In fact, it's worse than "Norm of the North" and that film had a twerking polar bear played by Rob Schneider. Yeah, guys. It's that bad.

A gander in China named Peng (Jim Gaffigan) is cited as being the weakest in his flock. He is not the fastest flyer and is ridiculed by his pears, even to the point where he sent to fly with the kids. However after his flock leaves without him, Peng ends up breaking his wing due to an incident with a gong and runs into two ducklings named Chi (Zendaya) and Chao (Lance Lim) who are also separated from their flock and are trying to get to a place called "Pleasant Field". Hoping to get back to his flock, Peng agrees to take them to the flock. What they don't know though is that they're being followed by a cat (I'm not going to bother saying who plays him) who is planning on making them dinner. This is where I'm going to stop talking about the plot because I've already lost some sanity watching it and I don't need to lose anymore.

I seriously was not expecting this movie to be as bad as it was. It looked bad from the get-go, but not as atrocious as it turned out to be. This story is nothing but cliche after cliche. It throws every single, stupid plot line you see from a bad animated movie and tries to pass it off as original. It also throws in lots of butt, fart, and puke joke into the mix to make your brains even more numb. The animation is also very generic and bland. It's so boring to look at. Nothing about it shines out and screams it's beauty. It's just as dull as looking as a blank wall. Wait, I take that back. Blank walls have more personality in them than this movie does! I'm serious guys! This movie is just trash! The characters are also unoriginal. Peng is the liar revealed character you all expect to be, Chi is the sassy smart teenaged character, Chao is the stupid one. There's nothing new. Well, the cat does have sort of a Gollum like split personality but it's not funny. It's just atrocious. Also, the climax is one of the craziest and messed up scenes in animated movie I've ever watched. I'm not exaggerating. It's so brainless and idiotic that I struggled to understand how this movie even got released on a platform like Netflix.

So, yeah. If you can't tell by this review, I really did not like "Duck Duck Goose". At all. It's honestly one of the worst animated movies I've ever watched. The story is cliche and insane, the animation is bland and boring, and the characters are all traits that have been done to death. I don't know what to say guys. Just skip it. Don't check it out. It's really not worth ninety minutes of your life that I just wasted. I never thought I'd say this, but you're honestly better off watching the film with the twerking polar bear played by Rob Schneider. I mean it.
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georgeeallen20 April 2018
This film was so bad my eyeballs dissolved and I died in horrible pain

0 out of 10 wouldn't recommend to anyone who values their life.
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Lovely Movie
sapanvasava29 July 2018
Very nice movie, if you love animated movies...Everything is good...I hope it's sequel will come
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Good movie
chrishow-1856726 July 2018
I like The movie Duck duck goose, it's funny and adventurous. I love it, that Pang and the ducklings were sharing a bonding time together. I don't think people can ever recognize a good movie these days.
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Poor pacing - not funny
johnsonna-96-9308598 April 2018
This is lazy story telling mixed with slow pacing. Kids 6 and under would sit through it that's about it.
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Right, so 100 people are in an animation studio
bavoussystems8 September 2018
They're all good visual artists, competent in rendering, lighting, texturing, and all those good things; but the problem is, none of them are good at telling stories: they really want to exercise their talent in visual design, but no one really feels like putting effort into the story.

And this is what you get.

In Duck Duck Goose, everything to do with writing is entirely composed of tropes and clichés. Nothing original was invented for this, and nothing original was even thought of. If I tell you that they use the evil cat villain archetype, that will give you a sense of the level of creativity we're dealing with here - but that's only one example, literally every character and story element is straight off the shelf. How many people worked on this script? What did they create, what did they invent? Was their job limited to adapting a stock narrative?

The benefit of being extremely safe and generic is that at least your plot will hold together. Mostly. The plot may have been a bit shaky in places, starting with the motivation of the main character taking the ducklings with him and ending with a forced breakup-reunion routine, among other small things, and probably some big things if you look closer. This is inexcusable given how formulaic everything is.

The thing is, the visuals aren't even that good. They're executed with taste and technical proficiency, but they're not interesting in concept, they have no particular inspiration behind them.

Some generic 2000's music is used to go with the generic 2000's writing, which is almost comical.

There's decent voice acting to be found, including from "Zendaya" and Jim Gaffigan himself, who is well immersed in the character and the things happening to him physically. This, together with some decent character design, can manage to create involvement and sympathy at times.

Character design, though: I have a feeling the main character looks older than he's actually supposed to be. That's due to the bulging beak, which is an odd design choice given that I can't find a real-life equivalent... But it's also a choice specific and consistent enough that it must be informed by something. It just can't be informed by Maurice from Alpha and Omega.

I'm not going to go out of my way to think about this movie ever again.
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cybexhunter21 August 2018
Film animation good story ok but was a mess and long to get into story so kids lost interest
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Hmmm I hoped it would be better
Horst_In_Translation12 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"Duck Duck Goose" is a new American/Chinese animated movie from 2018 and the presence of China here surprised me a bit when I read that this is from the producers of Shrek, but yeah the film is set in China, so this may be one explanation and I guess they also wanted to cash in with the gigantic population of this country too. No idea if it was a success though. It is the first directorial effort for Christopher Jenkins though and when it comes to writing he is hardly any more experiences, nothing except Surf's Up. Anyway back to this movie. There are actually many rookie filmmakers who delivered huge hits, sometimes even their career-best work, at the beginning, but these 90 minutes we have here weren't exactly a revelation. The beginning is solid to be honest. The whole introduction and explanation of the whole situation is fine. The main character is mediocre from start to finish. The little ducklings were supposed to deliver some cuteness and they do most of the time (except farting jokes), but that's pretty much it sadly. The girl has some solid elaboration on her early on, but becomes pretty pointless. The duo's story about belonging is not a triumph by any means and falls completely flat looking at the emotional impact they wanted it to make. Same for the romance story involving the main character that feels very much rushed in at the end, especially with the dad suddenly liking him. It is a bit of a pity as some supporting characters (the dad, the turtle, the love interest) offer room for memorable characters, but simply weren't elaborated on in a way that they deserved. The one character I found really weak was the main antagonist, the cat with the split personality. This one was really weak and often it is a the case that these films stand and fall more with the enemy in terms of how interesting and memorable he is and if that is the case here, then it was a big disappointment. One of many. The key story at the very core of it all, i.e. him getting back to his group, never really gained pace either. Here and there there is an okay funny moment, like the Chinese Wall reference or the sudden development about how the little duck speaks as Satan himself when he is hungryl, but there had to be some with how many shots at comedy they were taking. And most of it was also disappointing too unfortunately, so clearly a case of quantity over quality with some blind misses I guess. The animation is fine though and even if that is almost a given these days in new animated movies, we should not take it for granted. What else can I say? Oh yeah, the film is probably at its weakest when they are in the city later on and the restaurant parts are just cringeworthy to watch. Compared to that, the scenes with animals only are really good, but also only compared to that and not from a neutral perspective. All in all, really only one to watch for my fellow animated film lovers and probably even those (or especially those?) will be just as disappointed as I was with this movie. Skip it.
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