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Not the best Lego Star Wars TV show, but still a nice one.
koroxx2 February 2016
Not as funny as the others Lego Star Wars TV movies, a more classical humour than what Lego movies/video-games used to contain, but it is still entertaining.

It's mostly a show dedicated to kids, but lot of private jokes are made for the adults Star Wars fans (explanation of why Chewie didn't get a medal at the end of episode IV, jokes about the quality of the prequel...).

And it's a good idea to watch this "Droid Tales" before discovering the new episode VII because it's basically a big summary of episodes I to VI (and even a part of "The Clone Wars" and "Star Wars Rebels"). But that's kinda a problem too, because it's TOO similar to what you saw in the movies. They didn't try to make new crazy stuff with the stories (just the minimum).
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Some very witty observations on the Star Wars films
Maladjusted_16 February 2017
I've heard that there are better "LEGO Star Wars" shows, but at the time of writing this review I haven't seen any others. What I saw I liked, and I'll certainly watch the other LEGO shows now that I've seen this. It's a joy to hear Anthony Daniels reprise his role as C-3PO for such a modest production, and the voice acting is consistently well-timed, which is important when trying to make people laugh. Some of the jokes, especially in the final episodes, were a little too childish to be appreciated by older viewers. Many of them, though, were very witty observations which often poked fun at the not-quite-praised aspects of the films. Die-hard fans tend to take things a little seriously; you wouldn't believe the number of vitriolic arguments I've read over "Star Wars"! It's good to reflect on the sillier side of things, and "Droid Tales" offers a very good opportunity to do so.
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Disastrous take on the Star Wars Saga
donbigbullet17 December 2015
This is by far one of the worst takes on anything i have seen in my life. It starts out as fast paced slap-stick comedy, that completely degrades the biggest Point of no returns in the movie, and continuous to mock everything that makes Star Wars beloved and epic. Pointless punchline after punchline, the filmmakers shows us how little they trust their material, and we soon see why. No old feeling from the original series is left and the characterization is the worst i have ever seen. If not for the Classic look of the characters you wouldn't be able to recognize them at all. Stay clear of this stink bomb, as it surely will ruin your love and affection for the entire Star Wars series. Shame on you...
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This isn't the parody you're looking for...
GuitarWarriorSammie12 January 2016
LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales begins at the end of episode VI. While C-3PO is telling stories about the old adventures he had with R2-D2, his droid friend is kidnapped and he decides to go after him and save him.

As a big fan of the LEGO games I decided to check this one out. Essentially it's a show for kids. However, I think the creators meant to reach a larger audience than that. The way they handle the prequels and make inside-jokes about detailed aspects of the films show how they aim to satisfy an older generation as well.

You'll see some cute and silly stuff that's sometimes similar to what you will find in the LEGO games. While I'll have to admit a few jokes actually made me laugh, the major part of it is just poor slapstick comedy and punch lines that don't fit in the saga, and most of the time it's irrelevant and alters or completely butchers many memorable scenes from Star Wars.

The plot is also less focused around C-3PO going on a new adventure to find R2-D2 and more on retelling episodes I-VI, and a sloppy attempt at that. On a plus side it's nice to hear Anthony Daniels as C-3PO, but this together with just a few comedic moments is not enough for me to recommend this series.
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