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Great Show! Very surprising show from Crackle
zombipantz19 October 2015
I found this show on crackle in the wee hours of the morning and could not stop watching it. I loved robot chicken so this was a real treat and very well done, the voice acting and story lines were great. I can't enough good things about this show, I was surprised at the all star cast that they got to do these. I'm really looking forward to more episodes and even more seasons, awesome show and definitely worth the watch.Its not too over the top or ridiculous like family guy or some of the other shows. It does a good job at making some of the jokes smart.

The creators of Robot Chicken really outdid themselves with the show and coming up with characters which were likable and hilarious.
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This is comedy gold
christian-mander16 November 2015
of course this will not appeal to everyone

the writing is great the delivery of the lines for an animations is stunning

I watched the first episodes as i was really struggling to find something to fill a gap and i found myself in tears of laughter at this.

hell even if i didn't find this funny it would rate about a 6 or 7 simply for the animation and voice acting

I need a mug and T-shirt now to show my fandom

I passed this around some friends of mine who i knew would appreciate this, and and low and behold it is a hit with them also
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Move over family guy and southpark
deanburroughsdb30 October 2015
TV satire about aging superhero Titanium Rex and his drug addicted sex crazed yet good hearted superhero pals,Its a cross between team America world police and.... I cant think of another equal its completely original its unfair to compare it to family guy or robot chicken (which BTW isn't in the same league as this) crazy story lines outrageous southpark-esc style jokes and characters you will care about this show has it all,The voice acting and presentation is second to none,I think this one could be around for many seasons to come so get watching it before it gets old.

If you love southpark ETC you will love this.
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Crackle's best original content
ajwhite-9915024 October 2018
This show is clever and shockingly funny. Even after three seasons it's still entertaining with well-developed characters. Season one drew me in quickly, had an interesting story arc throughout, and I purchased the DVD as soon as it came out (as far as I know it didn't come out on BR).

I was surprised to find that season two was even better, IMHO! The over-arcing plot was more enthralling/world-building, the humor was more satirical (which I liked), and we really get to know the characters well.

The third season was a few steps back in my mind. The antics of Black Saturn started to wear on me, the odd couple(s) match-up was fun at first but didn't really go anywhere, and after a mid-season return (which didn't happen the first two seasons) the pacing from the first half seemed to have lost steam.

Overall, this is a great show that I feel many fans of superhero and/or satire comedy will enjoy. There's also an impressive list of voice actors for the show that may surprise some people. I don't know how popular Crackle is, but with it's several original shows and movies, as well as its regular programming selections, I'd say it's better than Hulu in some ways; least of which is that it's free.
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It will grow on you
dbrumley307713 February 2016
OK. Give it 10 episodes and then decide before you dismiss it. It took about 3 episodes for me to get hooked, but now I want more, and I want to buy this first season on Blu-ray.

The quality of the animation is very good. The inventiveness of the various heroes and villains, combined with the excellent writing, is nothing short of brilliant. The plots are involved and clever. If your like me, you will become invested in them and feel along with them their accomplishments and failures. They are certainly flawed, but in a most comical, yet believable way.

As you progress through the 10 episodes, they get better and better, all the way to the final, epochal end...which is not quite an end, leaving open the possibility of a second season. I gave it 8 out of 10 because of the, for me, rather slow start, but I am so glad I stuck with it. I just hope the powers that be release this on Blu-ray so I can enjoy it non-stop.
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Love It!!!!!
tiskec19 April 2019
This is definitely one of a kind. There's a well thought out comical storyline and characters.

After watching every single episode so far I literally can't get enough. The League of Freedom and even the villians grow on you, like the skull clown Groaner and the squirel Bustanut.

This show will keep you laughing until the end. I'm certain anyone who gets into adult animation will find enjoyment in this series.
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Can't get enough...
It's hands down the best spoof of the super-hero genre I've ever seen. Crackle has earned a spot on my homescreen with this show and Comedians in cars. The writing and voice acting are exceptional, and the animation is funky but impressively detailed and expressive. I just hope that it gets enough recognition and support from fans to keep going. Ten more seasons of Supermansion would be fine by me.
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Not Funny
messages-lc13 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Adult Swim Pilot of this series was great. Somehow, that gold got turned into garbage by Crackle.

First, the jokes got more predictable.

More importantly, though, they added the hackneyed Captain America character. G-d, if this schtick hadn't already been played out by Drawn Together and Stephen Colbert and American Dad, and pretty much every other hack comic of the past 10 years it might be tolerable. But the 50's traditional American hero made to look like an ignorant, jingoistic buffoon is just old and boring. Yawn.

Not sure what changed between the pilot and this episode, but the new staff should be fired. Same old hackneyed crap you see everywhere.
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