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7 May 2018
Home Is Where the Shart Is
Black Saturn and Robobot look for the one who invaded their crib when Titanium Rex and the rest of the crew were out having a party while they Black Saturn and Robobot are the house trying figure what went wrong in the long run.
14 May 2018
Masters of Lex
When Lex starts dating the vigilante anti-hero Max Penalizer, Titanium Rex and Dr. Devizo team up to break them up; as the villains of the mansion set their eyes on bedding Cooch, Robobot learns the dangers of telling humans little white lies.
28 May 2018
Iliga Their Own
When the supervillains move out of the mansion and steal half the furniture, the League takes a trip to Swedish furniture store ILEGA; feeling stung by the Groaner's absence, Saturn finds a rebound nemesis in Bugula.
10 Jun. 2018
The Long Chaun
To save former member Zenith, the League of Freedom travels to the Godsrealm to fight her evil Uncle Ridan; Robobot learns what it means to be a real boy as Rex must prove to be a true hero in order to wield the Sword of Azimuth.
4 Oct. 2018
Back In Black to the Future
The gang fights to stop the future where American Ranger was elected President only to become the fascist overlord of America. They also try to keep Black Saturn in the dark about his future sexuality shift.

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