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I need to clean my eyes out
WeAreLive5 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is just messed up in all levels of the DC Universe. What is this just what in the god's hell is this crap? I watched all three shorts of this series and I am just scared. Batman isn't Bruce Wayne but is Kirk Langstorm who becomes Man-Bat in the comics and the other TV shows. This short was just horribly brutal because of an even more monstrous version of Batman drinks all of an even more psychotic version of Harley Quinn's blood and on top of that, we see a house full of dead people. Superman isn't Clark Kent but is General Zod's son and he ends up killing a child to save the world, like what the hell?. In the final short Wonder Woman isn't Diana but is someone called Becka in this short there is a bunch of Dead people on the floor and apparently Giaganta is a robot. The worst part is the short ends with Steve and Becka having sex on the floor together while surrounded with dead people. Way to go DC but no more I don't want to see any more of this horrible universe. I am just glad Bruce Timm shelved it for good I hope he ends up not making any more because of what I have seen season two would have been even more scared because I remember seeing a black Mary Marvel and a robotic green lantern which is just wrong.

At least they got the JL/JLU art style back. But if you are a fan of the original DC universe don't watch this. It is even more of an opposite Teen Titans Go!
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