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A movie you just watch once.
deloudelouvain12 January 2019
Two guys, a young and an older one, on the road having debates about life and how to live it. On their road trip they stumble on unexpected circumstances and they deal with it in their own way. That's basically the story of The Long Dumb Road. It's easy to watch, mildly entertaining, but it isn't a bad movie. I would not say it's a movie that I'm going to remember in the future, as I probably will forget anything about it in a week. Tony Revolori (Nat) and Jason Mantzoukas (Richard) play the two major characters and it isn't bad, but it's just not mindblowing. Maybe it's just the script as I really liked Tony Revolori's performance in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Nonetheless The Long Dumb Road is just fine to watch once.
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A fun movie good for everyone
cekadah25 November 2018
Greatly enjoyed this fantasy film of a young man driving to LA to continue his education in photography and on his way he gives a stranger a ride to Vegas. The stranger is both a life lesson, to the young man, in the realities of living beyond the protective parental middle class environment and in self discovery.

A very well scripted, acted, and photographed film of a road trip story! My only grip with story is the nominal ending of the flick.
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Film Offers New Road Through Tired Genre
stu-0032916 April 2018
When filmmakers title their project The Long Dumb Road, it's a nod to potential viewers - a tongue-in- cheek way of saying: "Yes, it's another road movie, but we think we've got a fresh take that will amuse you."

In this case, the secret weapon is Jason Mantzoukas (The Good Place, Dirty Grandpa), the current go-to actor for nutty but endearing characters. The Long Dumb Road is a showcase for Mantzoukas, who moves into a lead role after stealing scenes as a supporting actor in earlier films and television shows.

Mantzoukas' straight man is 21-year-old Tony Revolori (The Grand Budapest Hotel). He plays Nat, who is leaving the family nest and driving from Texas to Los Angeles to begin art school.

Engine trouble brings Nat together with Mantzoukas' Richard, an itinerant mechanic in his 30s who has simply bounced around since he was Nat's age. After Richard gets Nat's minivan running again, the kid agrees to him a lift to a nearby town.

Circumstances conspire to extend their trip together to Las Cruces, New Mexico, and then north to Albuquerque. Along the way, Richard's antics yank Nat out of his comfort zone, effectively demonstrating the things he can and can't control and forcing him to overcome unexpected challenges.

The two men are bookends for young adulthood. Nat has a plan he thinks he can follow. Like many of us of a certain age, Richard looks into the mirror and wonders: What the hell happened?

A number familiar faces pop up during the trip: Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) as Richard's old flame from high school, Grace Gummer (Mr. Robot) and Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story, The Bling Ring) as sisters the guys pick up in a bar, Pamela Reed (Parks and Recreation) as a good Samaritan and Ron Livingston (Office Space) as Richards's frenemy Francois.

Without giving away the ending, suffice it to say that it's not the type of conclusion one usually sees in this sort of movie. Credit writer/director Hannah Fidell and cowriter Carson Mell (Silicon Valley) for finding that fresh take on a tired genre.
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Some Laughs But Film Deteriorates
larrys36 February 2019
This road trip movie started off well with some humor and a solid set-up but, unfortunately, it just deteriorated as the film progressed, in my opinion. There were some laughs along the way, but most of the misadventures of Tony Revolori and Jason Mantzoukas just didn't work on screen.

Expect very raw language throughout with numerous sexual references and situations. There are a number of known screen names in the movie but they can only do so much, as the film just never seemed to get its act together.
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Life long experience through a whole lot of messed up Road trip.
Aktham_Tashtush18 November 2018
First ,, don't know if you guys know Jason Mantzoukas or watched him on something before ,, but i first saw him in "The League" on FX as Rafi and then partially on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" ,, the guy is genius in this type of comedy,, the type where he act like the guy who doesn't give an F, and just move dragging a lot of messed up issues ,, This movie again he was the same ,, he was hilarious and goodhearted at the end ,,

The movie itself was good ,, was properly written, the script looked well done and the plot even though lacks a bit of genuinity, yet it showed dependency and the flawless, quick and easily followable scenario.

The cast, Jason Mantzoukas did really amazing ,, Tony Revolori (the boy from The Grand Budapest Hotel :D) was coo too.

The movie might not be a top boxoffice ranked but it was really good and with a bit of marketing it might do well for the rest of the year ... So recommended .
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Just another roadmovie??
SpecialWeirdo10110 January 2019
I was expecting 90 minutes of fun, but I was surprised, it felt way longer than 90 minutes. Basically this movie fits better in drama category, I smiled one time and didn't laugh at all. I'm not sure we can blame the actors, most of them are well experienced and should do better performances. The director/writer, Hannah Fidell, is the next in line, and my feeling is that she have seen lots of road movies and decided to "do it better myself". Well, I think you failed in that. Its common that these movies include, broken car ( at least one time in each movie), fighting in bars, strangers ending in bed together, change in plans (which ends up in a bad way). This movie have all of that, and all other things ever been in a road movie. The story is not "fun", it just makes the movie feel long and dumb (pun intended). I blame this on Hannah Fidell.

The only thing that saves this from a nice one star is that it actually have actors that CAN act, even if they get poor directions. But even the acting is not good enough to give it more than 2 thumbs up, sorry folks.
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Art school students will especially relate
crispinrosenkranz18 November 2018
There are so many funny references about going off to art school in this film, and Nat, who is on his way to Los Angeles, has an amazing misadventure on the road with Richard, who hitches a ride with him. I was reminded of all the eccentric friends I have hung out with who on one hand you despise and on another you desire their company because of who they are and what they can do for you. What a well written and performed piece. Saw it opening weekend in Los Angeles. LOL fun.
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I enjoyed this little gem
natcalgary22 November 2018
Always been a fan of Jason Mandoukis and his style of quirky comedy ever since the league. I like his style of comedy and all the actors actually did a great job.

Ending could have been a bit better then I would have rated it higher but still a solid

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Very enjoyable road movie/coming of age story
CarsonTrent16 November 2018
A road movie/coming of age story which navigates with humor through day to day guy talk between two strangers meeting on the highway of life.

What begins as a chance meeting quickly turns into a life initiation for the young Nat on his way to college. The odd worldly Richard seems to be just what the young Nat needed to shed the luke-warm sense of security of his comfort zone.

Fantastic acting by Mantzoukas which is given more room than usual to play and creates a truly memorable character. Loved his nuggets of wisdom, especially the ones followed by complete erratic acts. Great supporting cast made up of some other familiar faces. Enjoyed the music, too.
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A title that lives up to the name
vandrist5 May 2019
This is an average indie movie with decent acting and a basic script. Pretty much like a poor version of Due Date, I would strongly recommend watching that instead if you haven't seen it yet. Not very realistic, but pretty much what people would fear picking up a hitch hiker. Appearances from Grace Gummer and Taissa Farmiga, which kind of gives you something to look forward to. Overall I wouldn't have high expectations watching this, so hopefully that helps.
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A light hearted comedy
Gordon-1111 August 2019
This film tells the story of two men who go on a road trip together.

It is a light hearted comedy, as events portrayed are a little exaggerated. It is still an enjoyable comedy, especially because of the number of recognisable faces.
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andrejanicichala14 February 2019
The worse movie ending I have ever seen in my life.
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Worth a watch
LLgoatJ1 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Story is about a young guy off to college who gives a lift to a slightly older guy who fixes his car for him. The older guy has lived a life and the younger one has lived a sheltered one. It's pretty standard mix matched strangers thrust together and falling out but needing each other so staying together fayre. There are some genuinely funny parts and some parts that are suppose to be funny but fall apart. The unexpected part when (Ron Livingston) gives them a lift is an unexpected twist that you sort of see coming The ending though is rubbish. They say goodbye and that's it. No being reunion at the end of the film. It also just ends with the older guy playing a slot machine while credits role. That's it. He doesn't even win millions from it. Overall it had the potential to be a great film but ended up as an okay film. Despite this, I actually enjoyed it. I would never watch it again but glad I did.
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It showed promise...
elizrug13 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
...but it seriously fizzled out at the end. Plus, so many corny scenes that made no sense, like when they stole the Prius, you think the owner or his wife didn't call the police? Actually the more I think about the film the more painful it feels. Richard would have been dumped on the side of the road by anyone else, a lot earlier on.

It was the long, dumb movie. What a shame.
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Two things in this movie bothered me
CyniLogical18 November 2018
Do you know how expensive the tuition for a private Art School in Los Angeles? When the son of my wife's colleague decided to go to the private art school in Pasadena, it almost bankrupted them. The tuition was so expensive that she had to borrow money from the bank to pay for her son's art classes. How a poor young man from Texas could afford an art school in Los Angeles? How he could even afford paying his rent? Even he was accepted by a California college, he got to pay triple for his tuition, because he's not a Californian resident.

The second thing that bothered me and thought it was the stupidity of the screenplay writer and the production team, including the director, who were so out of touch. Did they know that people now are using digital cameras and SD card to shoot pictures? Making the young man from Texas still used the film camera was a big joke since developing photo films are even more expensive than using a digital camera with a laptop and a laser printer. You might even not be able to find a store where still sell films for such cameras. And in the end of this movie, we saw the young man from Texas was developing the films he shot from his road trip? So not only he got to pay for the rent, he got to have another space for his dark room to develop his photos.

This is not a realistic movie and by the way, since shooting movies with celluloid films instead with the digital cameras now are so expensive, we better not to call movies as "Films", because nowadays, movies made in celluloid films are not just rare but more expensive, we should just call motion pictures as "Movies"; because they got nothing to do with "film" anymore.
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