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Fidell trusts the dynamic between her two main actors, and allows them a lot of leeway. The conversations have a fresh and improvisational quality. Best of all, she leaves space for the unexpected and the random.
Instead of slapstick laughs, The Long Dumb Road pays attention to how these two opposites connect.
The film never stops loving these characters. Mantzoukas brilliantly juggles all the different forces of Richard’s personality so that we never quite know what to make of this guy, which in turn means that we never quite know what will happen next with him and Nat.
While the lessons are light and the road well-worn, our perfectly mismatched travelers make the journey worthwhile.
On a sliding scale, The Long Dumb Road is closer to “The Guilt Trip” or “We’re the Millers” than “Midnight Run,” “Nebraska,” “Sideways” or any of the acknowledged recent classics of the genre.
While the curves in the road are new to the heroes, they're well known to fans of indie film, and Long Dumb Road just barely coasts across the finish line before we're ready to get out and push.
The leads’ chemistry nearly redeems this shopworn setup, and the movie is at its best when it simply chills out with them.
If nothing else, this movie makes the case for Jason Mantzoukas, comedic leading man. His ability to find the humor in most every moment is a true gift.
While Mantzoukas and Revolori charm – consider them your new, unexpected go-to buddy comedy duo – The Long Dumb Road soon runs out of gas, chugging through a series of increasingly unbelievable contrivances.
Slant Magazine
Director and co-writer Hannah Fidell's film never finds the right mix of meaningful parable and sophomoric romp.

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