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A Great Finale to a Long Run for David Letterman
brian_m_hass4 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
David Letterman's final show was a nostalgic look at Letterman's thirty- three years as a late night talk show host. In many ways, the finale was more of a tribute to David Letterman himself than it was to CBS's "Late Show with David Letterman." The clips and still photos featured on the show came from both "Late Night with David Letterman" as well as "The Late Show with David Letterman." Letterman himself seldom made a distinction between these two shows while talking about them during the finale.

During his final show, Letterman was as irreverent as ever. However, he also spent much of the time expressing his gratitude to the numerous people who helped make his show possible.

The most touching part of Letterman's final show was his introduction of the Foo Fighters. Letterman shared his account of how the Foo Fighters were booked to appear on his first show following Letterman's open heart surgery, which had occurred some fifteen years earlier. I would share Letterman's account here; but, there is no way that I could do it justice. It really needs to be heard in Letterman's own words.

The final show allowed David Letterman to take his final bow. There were no moments during which Letterman was crying. There were poignant moments; but, showing emotion was not Letterman's style. Thank you, Dave, for the thirty-three years of laughter and entertainment. Enjoy your retirement!
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