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Season 1

21 Jul. 2015
The Muppets find out ABC wants to film a documentary series about them, but Miss Piggy is not on board forcing Kermit to either get her on the show or break the bad news that the show won't air. Meanwhile, Fozzie has to meet his girlfriend Becky's parents who don't approve of her dating a bear.
22 Sep. 2015
Pig Girls Don't Cry
Miss Piggy is livid when Kermit books Elizabeth Banks as a guest on her late-night talk show; and Fozzie meets his girlfriend's parents in the premiere of this mockumentary-style series starring Jim Henson's loveable puppets.
29 Sep. 2015
Hostile Makeover
In an attempt to improve one of Miss Piggy's notorious foul moods, Kermit arranges for Josh Groban to be her date to the People's Choice Awards, but he soon begins to interfere with the show.
6 Oct. 2015
Bear Left Then Bear Write
Kermit gives Fozzie advice that the bear, as usual, goes extreme to heed, so Nick Offerman offers the gang a helping hand. Meanwhile, Christina Applegate is the guest on Miss Piggy's late night talk show.
13 Oct. 2015
Pig Out
The gang runs into Ed Helms on a crazy night out at Rowlf's Tavern, where they dust off their favorite karaoke. But Kermit is annoyed when no one shows up for work the next day. Meanwhile, Fozzie has an unfortunate accident.
27 Oct. 2015
Walk the Swine
Miss Piggy and Reese Witherspoon have a heated rivalry, but when the two volunteer for Habitat for Humanity their feud escalates to a whole new level. Meanwhile, Fozzie and his girlfriend Becky hit a rough patch.
3 Nov. 2015
The Ex-Factor
Kermit scrambles to find the perfect birthday gift for Denise and turns to Miss Piggy for help. Meanwhile, guest Kristin Chenoweth agrees to do a gig with The Electric Mayhem and inadvertently causes a rift within the band.
10 Nov. 2015
Pig's in a Blackout
After Kermit has a particularly stressful day, Miss Piggy insists he should spend a long weekend at a yoga retreat, where he bumps into Jason Batemen. In his absence, the show starts to fall apart.
17 Nov. 2015
Too Hot to Handler
After booking Chelsea Handler on Miss Piggy's show, a besotted Scooter asks her out on a date, which does not go well. Meanwhile, Fozzie makes plans to move in with Becky, but Kermit has suspicions about her.
1 Dec. 2015
Going, Going, Gonzo
Gonzo prepares to perform the daredevil stunt of his dreams, while Miss Piggy tries to promote her own brand of bottled water.
8 Dec. 2015
Single All the Way
The Muppets all face different challenges as they try to create a live Christmas special.
2 Feb. 2016
Swine Song
As the Muppets return from hiatus, they are disheartened to hear that the network has decided to drastically revamp Up Late with Miss Piggy.
9 Feb. 2016
A Tail of Two Piggies
When Miss Piggy suffers a scandalous wardrobe malfunction, the network is outraged, and Piggy is forced to question everything she stands for. Meanwhile, Gonzo misses his ex-girlfriend Camila, so Pepe and Rizzo decide to cheer him up.
16 Feb. 2016
Got Silk?
Miss Piggy goes to an aerial silks class in an attempt to make new friends while Gonzo, Pepe and Rizzo fall under Pizza's spell.
23 Feb. 2016
Little Green Lie
Sparks fly when Kermit and Miss Piggy pretend that they are back together for the sake of Kermit's impressionable nephew Robin. With Camilla taking up all of Gonzo's time, Pepe and Rizzo audition a replacement wingman.
1 Mar. 2016
Generally Inhospitable
Miss Piggy breaks her leg during rehearsal, requiring surgery. In her absence, the gang tries to prevent Pizza from making changes to the show.
1 Mar. 2016
Because... Love
After her stint in the hospital, Miss Piggy and Kermit reevaluate their relationship, and Kermit turns to rocker Jack White for advice.

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