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Some decent shots and that's all!!!
tuanduong-linkinpark4 January 2017
This film starts really slow, and to be honest the 2 main actors didn't act really naturally. I don't know why the actress got the "Rookie of the year" price in 2015 though. And all this group of friends didn't show their chemistry of friendship or something like that. Besides the others 4 supporting actors were really faint. ---------- But in the opposite, there're some great shots (it got edited a little bit too much though, still great) and some emotional scenes. With this plot, i think the director could do better. ---------- In the end, 6/10 points for me because i am a fan of coming of age films ( moreover i am fan of Erina Mano, that plays a huge part too :D ). Recommend for who has really much time and got deep into those coming of age films like me, and if you're not? Get some other great movies and skip this one! --------- Sorry for my bad English and this is my first review both in my mother tongue and in English.
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story gaps
lexiexanime11 November 2017
Honestly, the movie had so many important and key parts missing. I've read the manga and even the anime has the same key parts compared to this live action movie. If you just want to watch a Japanese romance movie, don't care about the anime and actual story, then watch it. But the manga and anime was much better, more interesting with all the key events.
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Poor pacing is frustrating
its_mida25 March 2019
I remember reading the manga and found the story quite touching and beautiful.

I think the movie suffers from the editing and pacing to the point that I don't want to recommend it at all. I remember actually pausing several times to see how much time was remaining until the end because I couldn't believe how it was dragging on. There's several moments where you feel a sense of relief "...Ah, everything will get better now!" and then a twist! things are just as bad as before, or worse! The manga was able to handle these better, but in a single movie, maybe have that happen once, not two, three times!

I also felt almost every actor was too wooden in their performances. Obviously the tone of the movie is very very serious, but having most scenes and characters conversing slowly, and seriously without emotion, usually just standing there (there's almost zero action) made it even harder to get into the story.

Due to these reasons, I found myself no longer caring for the characters to find a resolution, and to just hurry up and get to the ending already. I think sometimes, movies shouldn't try to cram in every plot point from the original source material. Condensing the story would have been more fluid and more impactful. This movie absolutely did not need to be almost 2 and a half hours long!
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Pretty Decent-Friendship Story
yolo-0355822 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Rather than thoroughly review this title, I would like to comment a few things on characters and plot involved.

First of all, the thing that baffled me is an unrealistic friendship and love involved between these characters. A quiet Kakeru, a new student transferred to the school, and suddenly being liked by a group of students. Naho, another quiet but gentle girl for some reason, fallen in love with Kakeru, and keep trying to approach him in real non-parallel story line. As the story goes on, everyone are keep supporting Kakeru until he died of an 'accident'. And 10 years in future, Naho, married to Suwa, but yet kept loving Kakeru. Suwa, for weird reason, kept supporting Naho's love for Kakeru. Why Kakeru was so important in their lives is not explained in the movie.

This kind of deep friendship and love are rather unrealistic in real world. What kind of husband would let his wife loving another man, after all these years.

The real question, is, what is so special and unique about Kakeru, that his mother's suicide for him, Naho's love for him, and all other friends shed sweat and tears for him.

In conclusion, Kakeru is a special boy.
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