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12 Apr. 2015
I Became Her
Yamada Ryu, a second year High School student, falls down the stairs with honor student Shiraishi Urara. They faint, and when he wakes up in the infirmary, he discovers something incredible.
19 Apr. 2015
Kiss Me, Okay?
Ito Miyabi, who loves supernatural phenomena, joins the Supernatural Studies Club. Miyabi shows off her supernatural paraphernalia so proudly that Yamada and the others can't tell her the truth: they only want to use the clubroom to kiss.
26 Apr. 2015
Will You Accept? Or Won't You?
Miyabi is unhappy that the student council won't provide funding for the Supernatural Studies Club's research. Yamada isn't interested initially, but quickly changes his mind once he learns he could buy a microwave to warm up his beloved yakisoba bread.
3 May 2015
It Looks Like I've Fallen for Yamada!
Yamada is less than thrilled about going on the school camping trip, but changes his tune after discovering how fun the trip will be after switching bodies with Urara.
10 May 2015
You Mustn't Kiss Her, Okay?
Just as Yamada decides to hide the change to his kiss' power from from Urara, she urges him to switch bodies. He'd better go see Odagiri Nene and get his power back to normal in a hurry!
17 May 2015
The Supernatural Studies Club holds a summer retreat in order to find volume two of the notebook containing the legend of the witches. However, Yamada's spirits plummet as he is forced to take supplementary lessons with the Manga Research Club.
24 May 2015
Anything But Tempura!
Yamada begins searching for the witches and visits the home of the fourth witch, Sarushima Maria, who is a shut-in taking a break from school. When they're alone, she tells him that her power is to see the future of the person she kisses.
31 May 2015
You're So Annoying
Yamada's group gets roped into making a group of first-year problem students behave in order to open a yakisoba bread stand at the cultural festival.
14 Jun. 2015
Please Go Out with Me
The Supernatural Studies Club meets Miyamura's sister, Leona, in their search for the seventh witch, who has the power to erase all of a person's memories related to witches!
21 Jun. 2015
What did you do with Shiraishi
Unable to stand by and do nothing after seeing Urara's tears, Yamada tries to kiss her to prove she's really a witch, but she refuses. Yamada and Tamaki, unwilling to give up, continue trying to find a way to restore everyone's lost memories.
28 Jun. 2015
I Love You, Shiraishi!
Yamada must get all the witches together to conduct the seven witches' ceremony, and the last three needed are Urara, Mikoto, and Rika.


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