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Look in the Mirror
jlhendrix888812 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This was the most ridiculous episode yet. The Commander and crew investigating the doctor and discoverer of the cure for the virus because she killed the man responsible for creating and spreading the virus. In his death, she was able to create a cure that would spread from infected to infected just as this maniac spread the virus to begin with. But after the Commander and crew returned from their mission on land where they slaughtered hundreds of American citizens, they were able to find time to denigrate and demean the doctor for her actions, hold her accountable, and treat her like a criminal? This man has killed hundreds without emotion or empathy and is now passing judgment on others? The show was way too high and mighty to begin with. This episode just made that into a comedy and a comedy of errors. I think the last ship just sunk.
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Literally unbelievable...
chas_newport2 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Are Science consultants so expensive programs like this can't afford even one?

Maybe it's just a matter of priorities... they seem to have spent a lot training the actors to look convincing when they move and use weapons.

I overlooked the idea of burning bodies to run a power station... 50%-65% water I don't think so. The folks at crematoriums use gas to burn the bodies they don't throw a match on them and stand back.

But the idea they would stop the person saving the Earth's population to investigate the death of the idiot who infected it is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
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What we have shown in this series? theater of the absurd?
deadked-8038119 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The writers decided that they do not overdo with patriotism and sense of duty. Apparently in America properly judge the characters for what they once did is not the right move, which still led to the rescue of the country \ the world, and in fact was the only option. Besides it has been repeatedly mentioned that it is a war, and in war all means are good, but no, it is necessary to condemn the man for what he's trying to help save the world, and because of that, because of the fact that allegedly they lost means of countering the propaganda? Oh, come on, if you expose the military naval such cool guys, you could, would not make such an absurd scenario.

Sorry for Google translator. Greetings from Russia
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Worst episode in TV-history
shadow-walk20 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Possibly the worst episode in the history of television. I have never seen a more absurd and poorly written script. Not even someone high on drugs could write something that bad, i don't get it how the writers managed to out-do that.

We get it, the good American captain is so pure, so perfect, so righteous that he arrest the one girl that can cure billions because she killed the monster that already killed billions. Yes, makes perfect sense, wow, what a beautiful ethic/moral drama.

Actually, it is beyond absurdity. So much that I actually stopped seeing the show after this episode, and the next one. It was not really that much of a stellar show, it was OK-ish, but after this episode it became abysmal. Stupid beyond words.

An army of un-dead zombie has more change to ever happen in real life than what the writers put chandler's character to do. In real life Niels would have been shredded to pieces. Look around you what happens to people for doing far, far, far, far less damage.

Bye "The Last Ship"
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baddder11 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This Episode might be the stupidest episode I have ever seen in any TV show I don't know what the writers where thinking. How do you punish The doctor (who Saved the world) for Killing the biggest terrerost who ever lived he killed more then 5 Billion people? Also she had A good reason. Also they kill less evil people everyday like its nothing. But when The Doctor does the right thing by killing the worst man in history she's punished WTF??? Worst episodes ever. I enjoy the show overall but this episode was so stupid I hate it.
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tenshi_ippikiookami29 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Chandler suspects that Dr. Scott has something to do with the unexpected demise of Niels. An investigation is launched and little clues all around seem to point to Dr. Scott. What will Chandler do? And will they discover something else about Sean and his people?

The episode centers basically on the investigation and it does a great job in making things interesting. There is a conversation between Chandler and Dr. Scott that tells everything: Dr. Scott killed Niels without trial, to advance her investigations of a new cure, out of the system, out of the rules. Chandler tells her that the rules are there to be followed. Consciously or not, the writers explain in that little scene a lot about socialization, the role institutions play in making us learn what is right or wrong (like drills or military marches that make all soldiers work together at the same time), and how we learn who has the right to use violence in a legitimate way. Why can Chandler go around killing people but Dr. Scott not, even if she is trying to create a new vaccine?

"The Last Ship" is not the most morally or philosophically interesting show, but sometimes, maybe without even noticing, the writers offer the viewer some really interesting moments. This episode is fascinating because of the dichotomies it offers. And Dane and Mitra due a great job with the material, making the viewer care about this showdown. Thrilling.
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Realistic but still so so terrible
docg-5375122 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The episode shows a commanding officer doing what real life commanding officers do all the time in real life. On one hand he is going "by the book" and on the other he has thrown said book out the window.

So first he commands a full investigation into the puzzling death of the single most lethal mass-murder in all of human history. He follows "the book" during the investigation and following summary incarceration of the one person responsible for the only hope the few remaining uninfected and the multitude of infected but alive have. Perhaps this is exactly as it should be, if one were to go "by the book".

But this commander utterly disregards the "book" with regard to the enemy combatants on the submarine and elsewhere. He was given very specific and clear orders but superiors that the cure and the subsequent mass production and distribution are his mission. This was given but a previously surviving president and the sec nav. The current president has not overridden these orders, nor offered a different course of action. So why does he deem it necessary to go off track and hunt these immunes? Why does he proceed to possibly hinder the mission with regard to Dr. Scott? Why does he repeatedly veer off mission for things he deems important, when doing so is in direct contravention to his mission?

Also, and more to the point, not only would this man that infected and killed billions of people have been destroyed in some way far sooner than this, but it seems to me that making a conscious effort to maintain the life of the one man responsible for the near genocide of the human race, a man that kills merely by breathing, makes him culpable for court-martial in that it is in direct opposition to the heart of his mission: saving humanity.

Though I reviewed this episode so low, I will say that the hypocrisy it shows is all to common in real life.
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