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Season 2

17 Dec. 2016
Musical Magical Tour
Mephisto and Praxina scheme to attack LoliRock when the band plays at a festival in Riverdale Stadium to support a struggling concert promoter.
21 Dec. 2016
If You Can't Beat'em
In order to get some oracle gems, Mephisto and Praxina try to do a good deed, but it quickly backfires and the LoliRock girls must come to their aid.
24 Dec. 2016
When Amaru and a cute puppy he befriended both vanish, the princesses learn that Mephisto and Praxina were behind their disappearance.
28 Dec. 2016
Super Cute Kitten
Amaru is jealous when the princesses adopt an adorable little kitten, but none of the band realizes that their new pet is stealing their magic powers.
5 Jan. 2017
Wicked Red
Mephisto and Praxina are up to no good again when Auriana becomes a hair model and things don't go as planned.
5 Jan. 2017
Blurred Vision
Aunt Ellen gives Iris a special gift: a magic crystal containing a holographic message from her mother, warning her to avoid a fight with Gramorr.
5 Jan. 2017
Princess Brenda: Part 1
When her relationship with Nathaniel is threatened, Iris tries to make more time to be with him, but a teen named Brenda desperately needs her help.
5 Jan. 2017
Princess Brenda: Part 2
Evil twins Mephisto and Praxina use Brenda's bracelet to unlock the power of a magic medallion, but Iris and the princesses arrive to stop them.
5 Jan. 2017
Cute as a Doll
When an invisibility spell of Mephisto's misfires, Lyna is shrunk to doll-size, then mistaken for a real doll by a little girl Iris is babysitting.
5 Jan. 2017
When she ignores instructions and tries to cast a multiplication spell, Carissa creates three versions of Amaru with very different personalities.
5 Jan. 2017
In an attempt to impress a friend, Talia tries to win a festival competition with Rex, a robot that needs a little bit of magical assistance.
5 Jan. 2017
Lost in the Shadows
LoliRock agrees to be the opening act for a musical duo called Quicksand Ferret, but they must solve a mystery when one of the singers disappears.
5 Jan. 2017
I Want My LTV
Iris and Auriana persuade a skeptical Talia to work with a music video director the band met at a smoothie bar, but he isn't what he claims to be.
5 Jan. 2017
Desert Heat
Lolirock help a friend locate an heirloom but the twins think they're after a soul gem.
5 Jan. 2017
The Ruby of the Orient
When LoliRock hires an artist named Debra to design their new flyers, they discover that her family is enduring hard times due to a false accusation.
5 Jan. 2017
Loli-Lime Sublime
The band takes a day off when an eclipse interferes with their powers, then learn that a rival is stealing customers from Nathaniel's smoothie shop.
5 Jan. 2017
Truth Be Told
When sinister siblings Mephisto and Praxina use a voice imitation spell to lure Iris into an ambush, a mysterious Ephedian steps in to rescue her.
5 Jan. 2017
Dancing Shoes
The band takes a dance class after overhearing criticism of their stage moves, but Talia's new shoes give Mephisto and Praxina control of her mind.
5 Jan. 2017
Amateur Hour
Amateur magician Mark the Magnificent bungles his routine at a talent show, but the girls pitch in to help him when they realize he's someone in need.
5 Jan. 2017
Strawberry Fields for Never
The girls go strawberry picking, but find the twins digging up the field to unearth an ogre.
5 Jan. 2017
Stop in the Name of Lev: Part 1
After she sees Nathaniel staring lovingly into Missy's eyes, a hurt Iris stumbles into battle with the evil twins, then discovers a familiar face.
5 Jan. 2017
Stop in the Name of Lev: Part 2
Iris considers Lev's plea to return to Ephedia, but she hesitates until Talia's sister Izira, head of the resistance, confirms a royal message.
5 Jan. 2017
Statue Game
Iris considers Lev's plea to return to Ephedia, but she hesitates until Talia's sister Izira, head of the resistance, confirms a royal message.
5 Jan. 2017
Forget You!
Praxina casts a spell that backfires on her and erases her memory, creating an opportunity for the princesses to convert her into an ally.
5 Jan. 2017
Crowning Glory: Part 1
Izira informs the girls that only one more gem is needed to restore the Crown of Ephedia, but Mephisto steals an important book from their library.
5 Jan. 2017
Crowning Glory: Part 2
Iris disappoints Nathaniel by preparing to move back to Gramorr with Aunt Ellen as all five princesses begin their final battle with Gramorr.

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