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It's more like torture porn than comedy. Warning: Spoilers
Not long after resolving their issues with the Delta Psi Beta fraternity and its devious leader Teddy (Zac Efron), Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly Radner (Rose Byrne) agree to move to a bigger house in anticipation of their new baby girl. But after they enter into a thirty-day escrow on the sale of their old house, the Kappa Nu sorority takes up residence next door. Afraid that the rowdy group will scare off their buyers, the couple initially tries to reason with leaders Shelby (Chloe Grace Moretz), Beth (Kiersey Clemons), and Nora (Beanie Feldstein), before soon realizing that their problems explicitly echo the previous conflict. As Mac and Kelly attempt to get the girls evicted, and Kappa Nu fights back to stay put, both sides engage in a free-for-all of lying, cheating, and stealing that quickly forces everyone involved to decide just how far they're willing to go to win.

It all begins with awkward intercourse and queasy stomachs, wielding the exact same bodily-fluid humor found in the previous picture. It's even more extreme, however, as sex toys, marijuana paraphernalia, colorful cursing, and the exclamation "black cock!" is paraded about in front of the Radner's toddler. Since "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" is aiming for laughs through shock value alone, it's not surprising that nearly every scene is cringe-inducing, like a moment from a torture-porn horror movie. This feature dares audiences not to look away from the repulsiveness on screen, hoping that they'll find the gross-out gags to be enough of a bombshell to distract from the utter lack of genuine humor.

And if the graphic male nudity, tampon prank, and bedbug caper aren't enough to provoke people into covering their eyes in fear, the depiction of friendless, uncool college girls might just do the trick. Essentially blending preteen, juvenile, sleepover party frolicking (showcasing the sincerity of a Barbie movie) with the hard R-rating of a raunchy adult comedy, this movie never really knows in what age group its target audience ought to reside. With a major sexism motif circulating around all the race jokes (the role reversal of prejudicial black cops violently apprehending white crooks before taking it easy on black drug dealers is the funniest routine in the entire project), the religion jabs, and the Holocaust riffs, it's difficult to peg whether or not the movie is even aware of the messages being delivered. Young versus old and the naive versus the experienced seem like worthwhile contrasts, but the script never focuses on one idea long enough to land a memorable line. It does, however, repeat the same slapstick gimmicks over and over again, completely uninterested in their effectiveness the first time around.

It may have been a novel idea to switch from a fraternity to a sorority for this sequel, enabling the filmmakers to repeat nearly everything witnessed in the original but from a slightly different perspective; but the basic concept is never fleshed out to the point that it develops into a significant plot. In fact, the funniest moments are the unrelated, extraneous conversations that fill up space between physical actions. Just like the previous endeavor, returning director Nicholas Stoller is more concerned with making viewers momentarily uncomfortable than in crafting a movie that can be remembered beyond the start of the closing credits.

  • The Massie Twins
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One of the worst comedies ever made.
headly6621 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Just when you thought they couldn't top the mindless nonsense in Neighbors along comes Neighbors 2, which seems to have been written by a 12 year old on weed in about four minutes. There is basically no plot other than the couple from the first movie is selling their house and by some means becomes enemies of the fledgling girls sorority next door. The rest is just them trying to hurt each other with even more implausible scenarios. The acting is robotic and the lines they have to say are some of the worst ever written.

At one point the girls are openly selling illegal pot from a booth at a school event and instead of calling the cops the "adults" decide to steal it from them which then turns into some sort of scavenger hunt for this giant bag of weed.

As in the first movie the sorority breaks about 25 laws including robbery, breaking and entering, sexual assault, theft, etc that the adults could have called the cops on and had them arrested. But that would have ended the movie 20 mins in.

At one point the girls steal all the belongings out of the adults house and start selling it at a garage sale. The adults say they can't call the cops because they stole the girls weed. Which makes no sense.

Avoid this unfunny disaster.
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Nobody laughed.
TheOneThatYouWanted22 May 2016
I'm serious, literally no one in the theater laughed. There were a very few chuckles but not a single laugh. The movie was like torture because they kept using the same joke over and over and over again. A joke that wasn't funny the first time it was used was delivered multiple times. The first Neighbors movie was funny, not the funniest movie made or anything like that but pretty funny. This movie is beyond lame. Remember when I told you they kept using the same jokes over and over again? There was literally a 10 minute timeframe in which the movie used the same joke about 5 times. Around that time I looked at my watch and saw that I was only 20 MINUTES INTO THE STUPID MOVIE! Basically, the problem with this movie is that it isn't funny and kept reusing the same jokes. They even use jokes from the original movie multiple times. It was just plain sad. Another thing, I think SETH ROGEN HAS BECOME THE NEW ADAM SANDLER. He keeps playing the same character in very single movie, and he has finally and completely wore out his welcome. This will be the final time I pay money to see a Seth Rogen movie. Another thing I learned is that Chloë Grace Moretz is officially an awful actress. Everyone loved her as Hit-Girl and ever since KickAss she has gotten a free pass from everyone (including myself) but in this movie we get to see a ton of her acting and it is like watching rejected scenes from a TWILIGHT MOVIE. You get sick of her after about 40 minutes. Man, I know everyone involved in this movie did it for a paycheck but I think it is ultimately going to hurt more than a few careers. I WARN YOU, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DO NOT PAY A PENNY TO WATCH THIS MOVIE. IT SUCKS. You've been warned.
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FYI, This movie is getting good reviews because it has a political agenda
albionese25 May 2016
Just so you know. Buyer beware.

The movie is objectively not good even as stoners comedy, it looks like an inconsistent patchwork. Even if you liked the first one, this is unquestionable worse.

Political invested people gives good reviews and high scores because of the feminist and new-progressive propaganda in it, without evaluating the actual merit. A sad trend that you may have noticed in the last couple of years. The problem is that the jokes are not funny and it misrepresent the issues, where they are not completely made up.

So if you are millennial and think jokes like "I'm a black cop... I can't shoot myself" is going to save the planet, go see this movie while drunk, otherwise it's terrible.
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Utter Crap!
Bodybuildaussie23 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS... I'll admit, I didn't even make it through the first movie. I lasted 45 minutes waiting to see something funny happen and I lasted even less time on this P.O.S. You know a movie is bad when you'd rather go mop the floors. And I did! Spewing on someone's face to announce pregnancy, blood engorged tampons thrown into someone's face and a toddler running around with a dildo. All sounds like a good time but in this, it all falls flat. Maybe you just need to be drunk to get a laugh. I think you need to get so drunk that you blackout, wake up the next day and have forgotten that you wasted an hour and a half of your good drinking time watching this garbage... Seth Rogan plays yet another typecast role. The female lead, meh. I'm not even going to bother wasting my time with anyone else other than saying that Zac Effron is the only reason girls would watch this crap or it would be labelled a gross film for guys to watch. Not even chicks in bikinis could keep me watching. Please, Almighty God, don't let there be a trilogy!!
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Literally worse than death.
thepeoplesweb1 June 2016
How this has a 6.5 out of 10 is beyond me, this second installment of "Bad Neighbours" was just awful from start to finish. Like a previous review stated, there was a few chuckles here and there, but no proper laughs at all.

I could not wait for this movie to end and if they ever make a third installment then I hope it goes straight to DVD.

When the person who authorized this movie dies and stands at the white pearly gates of St Peter open the trap door to hell and they fall straight into the burning pits of despair.

And just in case you haven't got what I am saying by now then save 1hr 32mins of your life by reading the next sentence carefully. THIS MOVIE SUCKS! Now go use that time you just saved and go rescue a kitten from a tree or something more worth while than watching this garbage of a movie.
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Hard to watch!
doppelbock-338-60070316 September 2016
Oh, you can't recycle wasted time! This is exhausting. 'Faaaark', a good polite way in Australia to say this kills me! Geez, the political leftism is pushed into your head but it is balanced by a little right wing honkey tonk as it is. Marijuana should have been the title. But the dredging of racism, drug use, sexism, anti-rapeism, reverse racism, chauvinism, liberatism, ageism, god damn I can't watch it anymore-ism!is too much. Bad writing shows in the acting. It is static; even for actors that have a history of working together. Seth Rogen is the hardest to watch. I just cringed as he went through another film thinking it was a good idea. Just unwatchable!!!
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This is not a comedy - it is political correct crap
pontus-randen22 August 2016
I am so disappointed.

We loved the first one. Why? Because it was totally politically incorrect, without any messages at all. Just plain stupid. Lovely.

And then comes the sequel. Smock filled with politically correctness and messages on how to think and feel in every scene. Yes, even how to vote.

There were absolutely no laughs. There was absolutely nothing from the first movie. Except messages of political correctness.

How could you? Shame on you! What is wrong with just giving us a comedy? I did not sign up for this lesson in political correctness. I want my money back.
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Truly Dreadfully Awful--92 Minutes of Your Life You Can't Get Back
talcol-122 May 2016
This was one of those movies where you put your Iphone on it's darkest setting and examine the features you'll never use just to help pass time. The acting was fine, there was just a lack of anything resembling a story-line to breathe life into. It just limped along painfully to an unremarkable conclusion that can't get there soon enough. The actors did their part and there were maybe 3 or 4 amusing scenes. In between was a lot of painfully long spells that weren't funny and didn't serve to build a viable story line. I'm assuming that the teenage viewer was the target audience but my teens and their friends weren't entertained. The main plot was kind of a vague and anemic attempt at some type of hodgepodge of double standards for female college students fused with a generic anti-adult (past usual college age) rebelliousness. It all lacked the continuity of a plausible story by movie standards. Not only does this movie require a willing suspension of disbelief, it requires a total suspension of expectation. It just sucked. That's as elegant a review as the content deserves.
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Moronic and Unfunny
claudio_carvalho27 November 2016
"Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" is a moronic and unfunny comedy that seems to be written by a teenager (or a group of teenagers) with mental disabilities. It is impossible to laugh with the gross, stupid and incoherent sexist situations based on the same joke over and over again. There is no story and consequently no screenplay. The gay guys are only in the film to attract the gay communities and their subplot is awful. Chloë Grace Moretz has become well-known because of "Kick- Ass"; now she should find another agent since most of her films are turkeys. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Vizinhos 2" ("Neighbors 2")
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I'm glad I saw it at the dollar theater
espinosat317 July 2016
While clearly this was intended to be a funny movie, I rarely even uttered a chuckle while seeing it. I saw the bad reviews of this film, but I still wanted to try it out. Thus, I waited for it to appear at the dollar theater. I'm glad I did, because it was so poorly made that I still felt somewhat ripped off even with the $2.85 admission price. Even halfway through the movie, I was looking forward to it ending. I know I wasn't the only one who felt like this as I saw a number of people checking the time on their cell phones during the movie, and several others walked out before it ended. As such, I definitely do not recommend this movie, and I don't think you should waste your time and money going to see it.
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Waste of time, of money, of anything...
rodrig5811 May 2016
Let me tell you something about me first: my target in life is to know everything about everything. Well, I know it's impossible but, I'm trying, very hard. That's why I like to watch all the movies(I have seen even a few Vietnamese films, when I was younger in communist Romania). However, there are movies worth seeing and movies you should get paid to see them. This Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016) is part of the 2nd category. Luckily, from 3 months, I'm working in a movie theater and I can see movies for free. Those who will want to go to see the film, leave your brain at home, you do not need it, your eyes will be enough. But you'll be sorry for the money spend on the tickets when you'll put your brain back in place...
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Possibly THE worst movie we've ever seen; plot = f***bombs.
professorroyhinkley15 April 2017
I can't believe we stuck it out. It was horrific. The plot was really bad: not just bad, beyond stupid - if you think you guessed the entire plot, you are right. The acting is terrible. Strangely, it really could be PG-13 easily - except for an amazing amount of language.

Have someone sit down with you and say f*** over and over for 90 minutes. Did you laugh? If so, go ahead and watch it. If you started and are just watching to see how it ends - guess! You're correct - now turn it off and watch something else.

Did anyone rate this higher than 1 star that watched it and wasn't paid or something? Gah - it's just so bad.
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Stay Away. Unwatchable. Had To Walk Away
cyifly-215 October 2016
Literally one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I started to turn it off several times, but I never stop a movie or walk away from one. I had to stop it about 45 mins into this and was mad at myself for lasting that long. It was a complete waste of my time. Was not a giant fan of the first one, but thought maybe Seth Rogen could redeem himself and I love Chloe Grace-Moritz. Can't believe she nor Kelsey Grammar would come anywhere near this turd. And I will NEVER, EVER watch another Zac Efron movie. These two were all I could take of him.

The "point" of a comedy is to at least be funny. Rogen is very hit-or-miss. But this was a giant miss. Not the least bit funny. All the jokes were forced and some were just gross, the story/script was just stupid, the acting bad, and the whole thing just served no point.
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really bad
aminikiana31 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It was really really bad! It was not even in a category of movie. No story, awful acts, no comedy ...I am still sad that I spent 2 hours of my life watching this garbage at the theater.They thought that by mentioning some stuff like sexism and gay marriage they could attract people to this movie. It was very phony and stupid. I cant really think of one positive point about this so called movie. I am really really surprised that there are some positive reviews about this movie and the rate is high. Its just does not make sense. I think you need to be really drunk to actually enjoy this movie. Sorry but that's how you get respond when you make movies assuming people are brainless. Respect people and stop making garbage.
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Feminist propaganda
sbaoseaam28 May 2016
This movie was nothing but feminist propaganda and poor crude stunts intended to somewhat amuse the audience. They were many disturbing and downright disgusting jokes made in this movie that I did not find funny at all. The movie lacks with what the first movie had in many ways such as its original comedy. This movie was nothing but feminist propaganda and poor crude stunts intended to somewhat amuse the audience. They were many disturbing and downright disgusting jokes made in this movie that I did not find funny at all. The movie lacks with what the first movie had in many ways such as its original comedy. I won't be watching the next neighbors if it's made if it has the same content this one had within it.
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six minutes was enough for me!
tdrish3 June 2016
I watched six minutes of this! Let's review what I saw in six minutes. The movie opens up with a couple having sex ( isn't that the way the original Neighbors opened up?). Female upchucks on the male lead. Rather then getting a Kleenex, he leaves it on his face, and continues to talk. Baby plays with a sex toy. Baby carries the sex toy in living room for everyone to watch. Currently, this movie is ranking above six stars, and I can clearly tell you it is not worth even half of those stars. I quit watching this because I just knew, deep in my heart, that the film was not going to improve. Seth Rogan thinks this stuff is funny, while others with an average intelligence thinks it is not. What I was expecting was some improvement over the original, something different. I miss when comedy movies were funny, the 60's, 70's. 80's....even some of the 90's comedies were just drop dead funny! I don't know where the car took a wrong turn, but I assure you, it took a wrong turn somewhere up the turnpike, and it's time to swing the Honda back around, and get everything back on track. I don't think the writers, directors, or producers get it, people are working HARDER then ever in their lives, some even have two jobs to pay a mortgage, and they need to take some stress out of their lives, so they depend on a silly, humorous movie that are made to...lighten their spirits a bit, make everything seem worthwhile, right? Instead, what they are delighted with, is a piece of worthless mess like this, and it just isn't right. Maybe an eight year old would find this funny, which renders the movie totally useless, because I wouldn't allow anyone to watch this, much less and eight year old. Bottom line: This film is a bust, and the other reviews back my opinion up. Two Chinese stars straight in the gut, Nicholos Stroller...I'll never trust you with my cash again!
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Political propaganda
iceman8886910 August 2016
There were a few good laughs in this movie, but this movie was for the most part pushing a Liberal propaganda. Gays getting married, sexism, black cops arresting white guys roughly, but being nice to black criminals. Every other scene had a political agenda. If you are a mindless Liberal/Democrat, you will love this movie. If you have a brain and think for yourself, you will hate this movie.

I gave this 2 stars because of the few good laughs and I liked the original characters, but the political agenda is unforgivable. It seems movies cannot be made in this day and age without a Political correctness added to it. Probably the reason Hollywood is dying.
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Seth Rogen's Worst Film Yet
joshtc-1580016 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't have high expectations going into Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising; the first movie was no masterpiece, but it was a fairly typical Seth Rogen comedy - raunchy, fun, and full of weed. Unfortunately, Neighbors 2 fails to live up to even the mediocre expectations of Neighbors. What we get instead of a funny stoner comedy is some kind of dull, feminist soapbox where humor is replaced by spoiled college students acting like brats while trying to be portrayed as the 'good guys'.

In the first Neighbors film, Seth and his wife are harassed by a fraternity moving in next door - they come up with various plans to get the frat kicked out, and eventually succeed, even getting Zac Efron's character arrested (in Neighbors 2 he notes that he now has a criminal record because of the couple's actions in the first movie). So, the first one is about a bunch of bratty frat boys who get a semi-well-deserved comeuppance in the end. Not a bad movie, but not anything to write home about either.

In Neighbors 2, however, the movie starts off by introducing us to Shelby, the 'hero' of the film, as she lights up a joint in her first sorority meeting. The sorority says no because they're stuck up and not fun, so Shelby decides to start her own sorority where she and her friends from Gender Studies class can smoke all the weed they want or whatever. So she buys the old frat house off of Efron's character, and when her new neighbors the Radners come over to inform her that their house is in escrow and they'd appreciate it if the girls would keep the obnoxiousness down - Shelby, being an entitled millennial whose parents never said 'no', immediately pulls the gender card, and whines that sororities aren't allowed to party and so therefore asking them to not do that for 30 days is sexist. Henceforth the Radners are somehow the bad guys, even after the women throw dirty tampons at the Radners' house and their child gets into them. Then, to top it off, Shelby's fat friend decides it'd be a good idea to snitch on all of the pot dealers so they can have a monopoly on weed to make enough money to keep their house.

Unfortunately, it seems that at this point we're STILL not allowed to see the sorority as the bad guys, even though they are quite literally ruining the lives of small time pot dealers. The Radners steal all of their weed though so that's nice, but then they respond by trying to break them up with espionage, and break into their house and sell all of their furniture. Oh boy, it's on now!

Not quite. You see, in the original Neighbors, when the frat went too far, the Radners did something about it and they won. Now, when the sorority screws them over harder than the fraternity EVER did (by causing them to lose the buyer for their house, potentially giving their daughter STDs, and selling all of their furniture, etc), the Radners decide to try and screw them over back by spoiling their party. Unfortunately, when the party is ruined the girls all start crying about how they can never be friends again because they'll have to live in separate dorms, and because sexism wins again!

Sadly, sexism did win in the end, and it was because for some reason the Radners forgot EVERYTHING these women did and felt sorry for them, just because they are girls and they don't have an official organization to host parties for them.. So they encourage them to continue the party, and these awful women get off Scot-free despite exposing a child to bio-hazards, robbing a house and selling the items, snitching on weed dealers and trying to break up a family. Efron's character got a criminal record for being an obnoxious party boy, but Shelby is portrayed as a strong, feminist hero who faces no consequences for her actions in the end - further reinforcing society's modern message to young women, 'consequences don't matter because consequences are sexist'.
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Absolute Trash
BigManRobs25 May 2016
I enjoyed maybe 5% of this movie. The jokes simply weren't funny. They made light of things that we shouldn't joke about like police brutality and the holocaust. The majority of the film was propaganda indiscreetly pushing left-winged political views. The first "Neighbors" was an incredible gut-busting film. I was really excited to see this one, thinking it would be just the same, from the other side. Sadly it fell short. I also can't get past toddlers (2-3 years old) being the object of some of the obscenity. It's totally fine when an adult is swearing at another adult but to swear at a baby and make predictions about their future sexual experiences...I don't see how that is funny. I only paid 5 dollars to see this movie because of the college discount and I want 3 bucks back. The actors and actresses did a fine job. It's the writers who are at fault here. But I'm sure they had a list of things they were mandated to include in the movie so you can't really blame them either. I'm done with the "Neighbors" franchise, let the original rest in peace please.
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worst movie ever.......
kikkapi2020 May 2016
i've never left a movie while it was playing in theaters before or asked for a refund before, but I guess there is a first for everything. We sat through maybe 45 minutes of this trash, hoping that it would get better. It never did. It got worse and worse and worse.I literally walked out of the theater in disbelief of such a horrible waste of time. I am amazed that anyone with a sense of reality would find such a horrible movie even remotely amusing. I guess if I was 12 years old and curious about adult sexual extreme nonsense,this would have been an ideal one for me. But since,I never have been curious to find out just how ridiculous a group of college students can become morons,I stay away from brainless and pointless shenanigans.
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Cringy and Waste of time
fahychloe24 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I don't normally dislike many films and can usually laugh at anything but this film really disappointed me and I found myself laughing more because I was embarrassed from the awful jokes. I really enjoyed the first installment so thought I'd give this one a go but the minute the film started I already had bad vibes. Yes the opening scene was quite funny but after that it seemed to go downhill. Don't get me wrong there was some relatively funny parts but nothing massive enough to save the entire film. The whole thing just felt very awkward and what did it for me was the Cringy sorority girls. Everything they did was so false and their relationships with each other seemed really forced and not genuine in anyway. And Chloe Moretz acting was truly dreadful, I mean she hasn't been in many films as an adult but it seems that her acting skills have gone down as she's got older. Seth Rogan was his usual self and to be fair I don't always tend to watch films with him in as he has done some truly dreadful ones, such as Green Hornet for instance. Knocked Up was probably the best film he's done in my opinion and even the first Bad Neighbors was quite good, but this film just bored me. Not to mention the audience was completely Silent the whole way through, even young teenagers weren't laughing. I would strongly advise not to pay for this film, maybe wait until it is on Sky or hire it for cheap but it's really not worth cinema prices.
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Comedy is dead.
buggbugged25 July 2019
So this is the state of comedy nowadays. Absolute garbage.

That movie was 98% recommended on Netflix and in the "trending" tab, so i was expecting something good-ish, or at least close to it. But no. It's just bad. from start to finish, it's pure and utter waste Everything is sexist; It reeks "Women Power, women so stronk"; All characters are as dumb as a rock; All jokes are unfunny and very childish (a few made me at least smile); The story is "meeeh" at best. I don't blame the actors, they were ok, overall. I blame the writting, which was awful.

Identity politics invaded Hollywood, and we can see the damage it has done. Comedy is unfunny now.

Look, if you have some brain cells, save them by not watching that movie. I've wasted my time by watching it. Don't waste yours.
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I'm sad
MeBeiM30 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Neighbors (1) was a cool movie: that was the kind of comedy you didn't see very much before, and the plot was compelling. I didn't start watching Neighbors 2 with who knows which expectations, but I at least expected a DECENT story-line and comedy, like the previous one.

I'm not going to summarize the plot here, but just point out which basically were the (main) reasons behind my 3-stars review:

1) Shelby is 18 years old, and so are her friends: they just got into college, and they don't know what to do. First of all, I don't really freaking get why American colleges in movies are everything but colleges and always get pictured like non-stop alcoholic rave parties and drug-trading markets. I mean, you are doing a movie about college students? Then at least shot a damn scene inside an actual college! Really.

2) The three girls decide to move because sororities are not allowed to throw parties, so they figure out the real solution for the problem would be to rent a new house, create their own sorority and do whatever they want. The sororities-are-not-allowed-to-party thing could have actually been a good point, because is a real thing, but the whole situation is treated in such a stupid way.

3) I really wonder in which US state is it allowed to: constantly disturb the peace of the neighborhood, throw alcoholic parties where ALMOST EVERYONE is under the legal drinking age, steal your neighbors entire house (furniture etc) and just pretend it didn't happen, sell tons of cannabis (obviously for non-medical use) and do drugs all day long, occupy a man's private property for several consecutive days and constantly harass him and his family, [...] and I could go on for another 10 lines, but I don't want to sound boring.

4) Oh yeah, they are planning on selling tons of weed to a local event, what should we do to stop them? I DON'T KNOW, CALL THE FREAKING POLICE? No, that's too simple, let's just make a plan to steal the weed from them in broad daylight in the middle of a rave party with thousands of people, sounds totally f**kin easy. PLEASE.

5) OK, Zac Efron is definitely a good actor and a hot guy, but him attracting every girl in the range of two miles just by moving like an idiot on a stage just doesn't make sense.

6) The Selena Gomez leaded Phi Lambda sorority just randomly decides to join them just because apparently writers couldn't think of a little more realistic conclusion, wow.

OK, I think that's enough for you to understand the reasons behind my vote, I don't really want to make a longer list than this, because I'm actually wasting my time even reviewing this thing. Chloe Grace Moretz is one of my favorite actresses, but I don't really see her in this role, and I don't think it's just me either. Bad movie, bad written, boring and stupid.
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Feminism Trumps Comedy
chas43718 March 2017
Wow, this is as bad as it gets. With a film like this, our society has crossed a barrier, where insistence on PC is destroying comedy.

Surely, the target audience for this sort of material is 14-year old's. This only makes it more offensive. Its brainwashing young, impressionable minds as to what it "funny".

When I was that age, I loved comedy films, and its because comedy films used to push the envelope, sometimes bordering on subversive.

There is nothing brave, clever or daring here, its strict adherence to third wave feminism masked as comedy.

Does Seth Rogan even know what garbage he's making? Or has his brain turned to mush from all the weed. He gets props from the PC Hollywood establishment for being a good soldier, I suppose that's enough for him.

But, please don't call this comedy.
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