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Season 1

26 Jan. 2015
Black Swamp Baseball Card Find
The series about unconventional inheritances open with the story of cousins who found hundreds of uncirculated 1909 baseball cards in the attic of their great-grandfather's house, which they'd inherited.
26 Jan. 2015
The Hoarder and the Actors
Two obscure actors inherit a million-dollar Illinois farm from a fan they're never met.
27 Jan. 2015
3000 Classic Cars
A millionaire's children inherit 3000 classic cars.
28 Jan. 2015
300-Year-Old Stradivarius
A man leaves a 300-year-old Stradivarius cello to his daughters, with instructions to sell it to a young maestro. However, they may make more by selling it to the highest bidder.
2 Feb. 2015
$3 Million Nickel
A man inherits what's said to be a counterfeit 1913 Liberty nickel.
2 Feb. 2015
Bonnie & Clyde
A man inherits guns used by Bonnie and Clyde in their final shoot-out. He decides to auction them off, but learns that doing so may not be legal.
3 Feb. 2015
Youngest Winery Owner
An 8-year-old boy inherits his father's wine-making business.
9 Feb. 2015
Bug Museum
A family inherits a museum that features the world's largest private bug collection, which is worth millions.
10 Feb. 2015
Junk Yard Gems
Grandchildren inherit a salvage yard, filled with hundreds of pre-1940s cars.
16 Feb. 2015
JFK Letters
Letters from John F. Kennedy to the mother of a sailor killed on PT-109, which was rammed and sunk by a Japanese destroyer in 1943, are inherited.
23 Feb. 2015
Superstorm Comic Books
A Jersey Shore family's hopes to rebuild their ice-cream shop, which was left in ruin by Hurricane Sandy, rest on the value of thousands of mint-condition comic books from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.
24 Feb. 2015
Roy Orbison's Lost Song
Roy Orbison's sons discover a song, that their dad never released, on a homemade cassette.
2 Mar. 2015
Death Valley Thermometer
A family inherits a landmark on the highway to Las Vegas: a decrepit 134-foot thermometer that's adjacent to a once-lucrative restaurant.
2 Mar. 2015
Civil War Tree Stump
A woman inherits her dad's collection of Civil War artifacts, which include a bullet-riddled tree stump from one of the war's bloodiest battles.
9 Mar. 2015
Pickett's Charge
The story of the great-great grandson of Confederate Gen. George Pickett, who was swindled out of his inheritance of Civil War artifacts.
9 Mar. 2015
The Mogul and the Artist
A real-estate developer's children discover that the furniture, he used in model homes, was made by a world-renowned craftsman.
16 Mar. 2015
Movie Theater
A young woman inherits her grandfather's struggling movie theater, and his final wish for her to find a way to keep it open.
16 Mar. 2015
Texas Map
A map inherits a map of Texas, that turns out to have valuable historical significance.
23 Mar. 2015
Dino Cowboy
A Montana cowboy inherits a ranch with a hidden fortune.
23 Mar. 2015
Lions, Tigers and Bears
A Florida woman inherits a struggling wildlife sanctuary from her husband.
30 Mar. 2015
Tractors Galore
A farmer leaves his family with a large collection of tractors, after his death.
30 Mar. 2015
Custer's Last Stand
A woman inherits 72 portraits of American Indians who took part in the Battle of the Little Big Horn, including one of the man who claimed to have killed Gen. Custer.
6 Apr. 2015
Children fight for control of their roadside-attraction inheritance: an alligator and crocodile ranch.
6 Apr. 2015
Doll Boy
A doll collection that includes 500 never-opened, vintage Barbie dolls, is inherited.
13 Apr. 2015
The Ride of Their Lives
A century-old amusement park is inherited.
13 Apr. 2015
Masters of Taxidermy
A taxidermist leaves his sons his business, hundreds of stuffed beasts and some Hollywood props.
24 Apr. 2015
Over the Moon
A woman inherits a valuable space collection from her soul mate, as well as a romantic surprise.

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