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This episode had me in stitches.
djd-4776119 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS. I'd love to review every episode, but due to a wrist problem I can't, so I'll be brief here.

I enjoyed this episode - slightly more than the others - because of the humour employed within the episode.

As someone who is often mistakenly called 'a Geordie', when 'Android' started to cycle through her various accent settings to make herself more amenable to the crew, I almost wet myself.

Her Jamaican accent was fantastically funny and had me in stitches for 10 minutes. It almost sounded identical to my attempted 'Geordie' accent...which often ends up sounding Jamaican. If she had said 'pet' at the end, in true stereotypical Geordie fashion, I would have died from a heart attack from laughing so hard!

Well done!
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This Show Stinks
greenwhich28 July 2015
The first minute, cannot figure out?

Who goes into the shower in their underpants, I get it because they are a swimsuit? Hey guys that don't need cleaning. Now wait just a minute, seriously? Drops the towel, no cleavage, but drying her hair, than putting a top on. Roll the camera forward, and her other pants are on? What has just gone on wrong? I know it wasn't her fault that she takes a shower in her swimsuit.

I thought I would give this show the benefit of the doubt, because it tried to have like some kind of firefly, or something else stargate thrown into the haribo mix, of sour. However when there is far more dialogue about just the what? I often don't even want to try to figure it out. The action amounts to something else from quasar. Gimme a break is this SYFI? More like dress up from some other soap channel, labeled as something else pantomime.

Oh well on some other day something else SyFi from another galaxy will have returned.
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