"Dark Matter" Episode #1.7 (TV Episode 2015) Poster

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Zoie Palmer: The Android



  • [the Android, trying to make herself more appealing like Wendy the Android, tries out alternate accents when she comes across One in a hallway] 

    The Android : [British accent]  'Ello, you look to be in a right smashing good mood. You'll be chuffed to 'ear I've found a way ter convert the engine's residual byproducts into a nutritious, protein-rich meal supplement.

    One : Why are you talking like that?

    The Android : [Scottish accent]  Och, ye've noticed. It just so happens that I too come programmed wif several unique linguistic varieties.

    The Android : [German accent]  Zhere ofer two tozen eccents to choose vrom. You can zelect vone or ve can go vith a taily hrotation.

    One : I umm, I don't...

    The Android : [Jamaican accent]  Don't worry about it, mon. Yuh dun havtah decide rite dis second. Dere's ova twooooo dozon.

    One : No. Just... no.

    [One walks off] 

    The Android : [Australian accent]  Maybe we can twalk about it a bit layta then.

    [the Android seems disappointed, then zips her top all the way back up] 

  • Five : Stress can cause humans to act inefficient. Relieving stress can be a lot like recharging batteries.

    The Android : Laughter is the best medicine.

    Five : Something like that.

    The Android : [Slightly downcast]  I'm not programmed for humor.

    Five : Well, just because people are having a little fun with Wendy doesn't mean we don't appreciate what you do. I mean, I don't think we could get by without you.

    The Android : According to my self-diagnostics, my performance is satisfactory in every way that my programming dictates.

    Five : Now don't go getting a big head or anything.

    The Android : My head is always a consistent size.

    Five : See, who says you're not funny?

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