Half-Life 2: Lost Coast (Video Game 2005) Poster

(2005 Video Game)

Jim French: The Fisherman


  • [first lines] 

    The Fisherman : [upon seeing Gordon for the first time]  Hey! You there! Wait a minute now... aren't you...? Ah, you are! You're that scientist chap - Friedman, Fishman - am I right? You must be here to take on the Combine. Not sure what one man can do, but... no other reason to visit St. Olga at a time like this. I'll take you to where they made their base - or as far as I can, at any rate.

  • The Fisherman : [the Fisherman and Gordon approach a gate]  Here, now, let me just unlock this gate for ya.

    [he puts his harpoon down] 

    The Fisherman : Got the key, right here...

    [he searches for his key and unlocks the gate] 

    The Fisherman : There we go! Get along now laddie. Destroy that gun, and no dawdling.

  • The Fisherman : [if the player doesn't go through the unlocked gate immediately]  There's a path up the cliff. Step lightly now. If you make it back safely, I'll be here waiting for you.

  • The Fisherman : [as Gordon comes back down to the beach in a basket after defeating the final helicopter]  You did it, lad! Come on with me to St. Olga! We'll celebrate this victory with a feast! I, eh, hope you like leeches.

  • [last lines] 

    The Fisherman : [as Gordon's vision begins to slowly fade to black]  Hey, where ya going? You're getting fuzzy around the edges! Well... I guess you've got other places to be. Nice knowing ya!

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