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d-8353026 June 2017
This game is amazing, and as you can see, I'm disagreeing with the initial reviewer... Bur anyways, this game has amazing buildings (judging by the fact that it was all made in Minecraft). The scenery is just the definition of stunning! Not to mention, it isn't only the scenery, it's also the character development and the remarkable and intriguing plot/story! It's just interesting and too great for words! See it yourself. But overall, honestly I find this game virtually flawless, and I really do recommend playing it (or at least watching a YouTuber play it)!
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Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series: Worst Telltale game?
Platypuschow26 April 2019
Let me be clear I adore Telltale Game, and I find Minecraft to be an enjoyable relaxing experience. So merge them and it'll be great, right?

Well actually no, or at least I don't think do.

You play a generic square boy/girl in the Minecraft universe teaming with your friends to go on an adventure. And along for the ride are all the blocks, zombies, spiders and token Minecraft tropes you'd expect.

So what went wrong? Well for a start I struggled to take it seriously, being in the Minecraft style it just didn't sit right with me. Then you have the story which was about as interesting as a 5hr lecture on toenails.

To make matters worse the gameplay just wasn't engaging. Sure it's Telltale so I use the term gameplay loosely but still! When you take over as your character and potter round this little world the puzzles and engagements simply aren't very enjoyable.

The game does have a great voice cast and has it's moments, but when a certain bad thing happened to a certain character (No spoilers here) it angered me more than it should. That was just bad writing.

Story Mode for me is a swing and a miss, certainly a contender for the worst Telltale game.

The Good:

Telltale charm

Great voice cast

The Bad:

An adventure in that square universe just doesn't look right

Not very interesting plot

Dull interactive sections

"That" scene
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veggiedude11 June 2016
This is a disappointment . I love Minecraft and i was excited for this edition. Then I played it. I'm gonna say, it does have a cute story, but in reality, it's a TV show filled with quick-time events! Thats It! it is a quick time event TV show. It even has Episodes! Its not even close to as good a the real minecraft. I will also say the voice actor almost save the game, as they are great voice actors, and like i already said, the story is good. But, its not a video game! And I'm not hating on this because its for kids, my issue is that there are phenomenal kids games out there. Super Mario 64 is a good game, Lego Starwars is a good game, Splatoon is a good game, and Minecraft is a good game. This is not a good game. I expect more Mojang.
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This is for children....
And my boys love this show and love how they can pick which way the story goes! They are 5 and 11. It's sad that adults are not happy and wish it was better...the child show based on a child's game!!
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Enjoyable Last Time I Played It
iwjgamer9 August 2019
I haven't played this game in quite a while, but the last time I did, I enjoyed it.
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