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Sex & Nudity

  • Although, being a game for children / family does not contain elements that are related to this, despite everything, in the chapter final, Jeese has the option to save Ivor or save Petra. In case of saving Petra, Jesse ends up over her and both are embarrassed because of their position, however it is nothing serious and this is common in programs / games / movies for children
  • As I said, there are no issues related to this, in chapter 7, if Jeese does not apologize to Petra after fighting with her, he ends up saying to Jesse "You know something Jeese, I like you, but Sometimes, you make me mad " Which is a very suggestive dialogue, but as I said, this is common in children's shows.
  • None

Violence & Gore

  • Jesse dies countless times thanks to the storm wither, either being eaten, pushed, traversed / stabbed or smashed in chunks by tentacles (off screen)
  • The whole game visually consists of pixels and voxels (like pixels except cubes instead of squares). If you let your kids play Minecraft this is no worse.
  • The game has some mild action scenes involving chases and monster fights
  • A monster called "the Wither Storm" is unleashed and causes destruction.
  • Mild Violence and Gore, with no blood


  • -Uses for crap
  • Uses of "Damn!" "Go crazy" "damn", and also frequent uses of Idiot, Booty, Stupid, imbecile, cursed, the devil, hell, the devil and "cra". Uses of what the heck
  • Short uses of "screwed" in a colloquial sense, not vulgar
  • The language is probably the most adult part of the game.
  • Mild Language, including hell, crap, and damn, freaking.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The game itself, being family can not contain scenes of drug addiction or drunkenness, however, in the game there are potions that they give effects in benefit and damage to the player. Jesse and his friends use them immeasurably.
  • Jessie smokes crack at one point.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • some deaths and fights with mobs can be somewhat chilling
  • The game is overall rather cartoonish and the scariest thing that happens is in the very first moment where we hear a dramatic speech about how stories can devolve to lies. Otherwise, the game is scary on a PG-level at best and is actually pretty cartoonish. Maybe a little strange but that's about it.
  • This game is really not scary at all. maybe to babies
  • The Wither Storm is slightly scary and may scare very young children. The characters also go to a land called "The Nether" which looks kind of like hell. Again, no worse than Minecraft.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Jesse dies trying to defend Ruben from a zombie (only if nothing is done)
  • In chapter three, Petra suffers her illness, given that the mobs corner her, Jesse dies heroically saving her friend when a skeleton impales an arrow in his heart. (Only if you do not does nothing)
  • A witch kills Jesse by falling with it from very high in the labyrinth of far-lands (only if you do nothing)
  • Jesse dies blown by a dynamite if he/ she does not decide between saving Ivor or Petra
  • In chapter six, Jesse falls into a pit of Endermitas where he presumably dies (off camera and if nothing is done). At the same time, Jesse dies melted in a lava trap chasing the White pumpkin (death is very graphic and may frighten or anger some) Jesse drowns in chapter three if nothing is done

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a scene in episode 5 where Rueben dies (there is no way to save him) and this can be extremely saddening for children especially since Rueben was a big part and was the character that everyone thought was cute.

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