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Indira Varma: Ellaria Sand



  • Olenna Tyrell : The last time a Tyrell came to Dorne, he was assassinated. Hundred red scorpions, was it?

    Ellaria Sand : You have nothing to fear from us, Lady Olenna.

    Olenna Tyrell : You murder your own prince, but you expect me to trust you?

    Obara Sand : We invited you to Dorne because we needed your help. You came to Dorne because you needed our help.

    Olenna Tyrell : What is your name again? Barbaro?

    [Nymeria chuckles] 

    Obara Sand : Obara.

    Olenna Tyrell : [nods]  Obara. You look like an angry little boy. Don't presume to tell me what I need.

    Nymeria Sand : Forgive my sister. What she lacks in diplomacy, she makes...

    Olenna Tyrell : Do shut up, dear.

    [Olenna turns to Tyene] 

    Olenna Tyrell : Anything from you?

    [Tyene opens her mouth, but before she can say even one word, Olenna interrupts her] 

    Olenna Tyrell : No? Good. Let the grown women speak.

    Ellaria Sand : The Lannisters have declared war on House Tyrell. They have declared war on Dorne. We must be allies now if we wish to survive.

    Olenna Tyrell : Cersei stole the future from me. She killed my son. She killed my grandson. She killed my granddaughter. Survival is not what I'm after now.

    Ellaria Sand : You're absolutely right. I chose the wrong words. It is not survival I offer. It is your heart's desire.

    [Ellaria rings a bell] 

    Olenna Tyrell : [smiles]  And what is my heart's desire?

    Ellaria Sand : Vengeance.


    Ellaria Sand : Justice.

    [to Olenna's surprise, Varys appears. He looks at Olenna gravely] 

    Lord Varys : Fire and Blood.

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