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  • Bran and Meera find a new ally. Gilly meets Sam's family. Arya makes a difficult choice. The Lannisters and Tyrells march against the High Sparrow.

  • The white walkers reach Meera and Bran but they are saved in the last minute by a mysterious black rider who turns out to be Benjen Stark. Sam and Gilly arrive at Horn Hill, where Sam introduces Gilly and Crastor's son to his family. Defending Sam, Gilly confesses that she is a wildling, which is appalling to Randyll. Nevertheless, Randyll accepts the baby into his home. However, Sam changes his mind in the last moment and decides to take Gilly, the baby as well as the Valyrian sword of his father with him and leave his home for good. King Tommen is allowed to see Queen Margery. Instead of killing the actress playing Cersei by poisoning her, Arya recovers her Needle and makes different plans. Jaime and the Tyrell army march into King's Landing, trying to stop Margery's planned walk of shame but the High Sparrow already thought this event through, making sure he will succeed in the end by manipulating King Tommen to take his side. As a result, Tommen fires his father from his job as lord commander of Kingsguard. Daenerys reunites herself with Drogon.

  • Beyond the Wall, Bran and Meera are rescued from a wight attack by a mysterious stranger. Gilly and Sam go to Horn Hill and are welcomed by his mother and sister. However when they are having dinner, his father Randyll discovers that Gilly is a Wildling and insults the couple. Tommen meets the High Sparrow that allows him to visit Margaery and she confesses that she repented her sins. Out of the blue, Jaime commands the Tyrell army through King's Landing to release Margaery and Loras, but he is surprised by the revelation of an alliance of the Faith and the Crown. In Braavos, Arya meets Lady Crane and they have a conversation about acting. Then Arya saves the actress from poisoning. However Waif witnesses her behavior and reports to Jaqen that asks her to kill Arya. Meanwhile Arya retrieves the Needle from the hidden place on the rocks and brings it to her room. Daenerys and Daario have a conversation about the number of ships she needs to cross the Narrow Sea with her army. Then she leaves him and returns riding Drogon.


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  • Bran and Meera struggle through a snowy forest, Bran is in a trance seeing Westeros' history. Too tired, Meera collapses and cries, Bran sees again the White Walkers, he wakes and says "they found us." A dark figure on a horse intervenes and kills the zombies with fire and the three leave on the horse.

    In a more pleasant clime,Sam and Gilly ride a stagecoach. Sam warns Gilly he has not informed his father of her Wilding background. They arrive at a large palace and are warmly greeted by Sam's mother and sister. He introduces Gilly and the infant as their son Samwell. Lord Tarly is at a hunt and will join them for dinner.

    Tommen and the High Sparrow discuss some plans in the sept, they discuss Margaery's conversion to the Faith. Tommen and Margaery meet alone, and discuss the High Sparrow. Margaery seems repentant about her cynical past and also wants some atonement for her brother Loras.

    Gilly is dressed and made up for a formal dinner. Lord Tarly is gruff and insulting to Sam and soon learns Gilly is a Wilding. He orders Sam to leave by daybreak but Gilly and the bastard can stay.

    Alone, Sam apologizes to Gilly, she understands and they kiss. Sam gathers them up and leaves before daylight and takes the family Valerian sword Heartsbane with him.

    A troupe of actors re-enact King Joffrey's poisoning. Arya watches and laughs with the audience. She considers the lead actress doing her soliloquy. Going backstage she poisons a drink at the actress' makeup table. Unable to leave, the actors come backstage after the show and Arya is stopped. The lead actress has noticed her and thinks Arya is an aspiring actor. They chat, the actors have a bitchy squabble, then Arya spills the poisoned bottle and warns the actress someone is out for her. Arya recovers her sword, Needle. Jaquen gives permission to the Waif to finally take care of Arya.

    In King's Landing Mace Tyrell leads a large armed troop and meets Jaime. At the sept The High Sparrow is making a speech to a large crowd about Margaery. Jaime and Tyrell march in and demand Margaery and Loras. Tensions rise, the the High Sparrow says there will be no Walk of Atonement. He reveals King Tommen is on their side and an alliance between the Crown and the Faith. Tommen makes a speech to solidify the pact, then announces Jaime is no longer Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. He is banished from King's Landing.

    Walder Frey reams out his two sons for losing Riverrun and the Blackfish. Angrily he orders them to take it back and use Edmure Tully as a hostage.

    Jaime laments he is being sent to Riverrun, Cersei calmly tells him to stand at the head of the Army, she is confident her upcoming Trial by Combat will be a surprise. Jaime and Cersei kiss passionately.

    The dark figure butchers a rabbit and says he was sent by the three-eyed raven. It is Benjen Stark. He had been stabbed by a White Walker but was saved by the Children before it took hold.

    Danerys rides with her Dothraki through a sandy wilderness. She discusses her plans with Daario. She rides on ahead alone. As the men wait a dragon appears overhead, Danerys is riding. She lands in front of the horde and makes a fiery speech to gain their loyalty in the war across the sea.

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