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  • Jesse and Hani have been abducted by Jan Roth, a shady character who may be involved in a paedophile case, but Jesse's investigation reveals that things are more complex than that.

  • Roth brings Jesse and Hani to his compound in the jungles of West Papua, where he asks for their help to decrypt a file on his server. Desperate for news of his brother, Ned contacts a former girlfriend in Parliament House to acquire the names of the two murdered Australians, which he then links to photographer and activist Meg Flynn, who is working covertly for a large Australian mining company in Papua. Flynn tells Ned to stop contacting her as he is risking her cover, but later lets him know that Jesse is alive. Roth, Flynn, Jesse and Hani go to the morgue to view the body of a colleague who has been killed and framed for the murder of the Australians. As they leave, they are attacked by gunmen on motorbikes. Escaping into the jungle, Jesse goes into a catatonic state, but Roth carries him to safety. Trusting Roth more, Jesse tells him about the hidden paedophila forum on his site, and Roth seems genuinely shocked by the revelation. Returning to Australia, Roth's boat is intercepted by an Australian border patrol, and he convinces Jesse to jump into the water with him to "find the kid", Callum.


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  • Ned watches on in horror as Jesse and Hani are outwitted in their efforts to deliver Jan Roth to the police. Not only do they fail in their mission, they're 'kidnapped' in the process. Away from the watchful eyes of the authorities in remote West Papua, Roth lays out a new deal - he has his own task for Jesse - a heavily encrypted file that he is desperate to unlock. Keen to keep the possibility of success a oat, Jesse agrees to the deal, all the while hoping that he and Hani can surreptitiously find and copy the data which will help save Callum, before it's too late.

    Desperate for news and powerless to help his brother, somewhere deep down in Ned's gut he can sense that something isn't adding up. What is clear is that the handlers in National Security are keeping their cards very close to their chest, and if Ned wants the truth, he's going to have to find it himself.

    It's a hunt which will take him back into the Canberra press gallery where Foreign Minister Marina Baxter is scrambling to keep the recent murder of the Australian surfers in West Papua contained. This is the latest in a string of violent incidents on the road to one of the largest Australian owned mines in the region. Its timing - right on the eve of new lease negotiations - couldn't be worse, and it's making some heavy hitters in Parliament House very jittery.

    In spite of the wall of doubt about his capacity to pull off this job, Jesse manages to copy the data the police need. But it will also reveal that Roth had no knowledge of the paedophilia segment of the site. As the clock ticks down for Callum, they realise they've been chasing the wrong man.

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