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Season 3

2 May 2018
Six months after escaping Los Angeles, the Bowmans and Snyder enjoy a simple life in the mountains until a sudden arrival changes everything.
9 May 2018
Puzzle Man
Will and Katie put themselves at risk to make contact with the Resistance. Broussard pieces together IGA secrets left behind in LA.
16 May 2018
Sierra Maestra
Will evaluates the Resistance Camp's safety. Katie wants to be more involved. Broussard and Amy find survivors outside the wall.
23 May 2018
The Resistance Camp is put on lock making Katie and Will feel like they are in danger. Broussard questions Amy's intentions after she presents a risky plan.
30 May 2018
End of the Road
During interrogation, Will, Katie and Snyder struggle to maintain their secrets.
6 Jun. 2018
The Emerald City
The Bowman family encounters danger on the road to a possible new home. After getting a hero's welcome at IGA headquarters, Snyder settles into retirement.
13 Jun. 2018
A Clean, Well-Lighted Place
Will finds clues that may expose the Seattle's colony dangerous secret. Katie helps out with refugees. Bram takes over parenting Gracie.
20 Jun. 2018
Katie suspects there is a dark side to her refugee work. Will finds work for Broussard and Amy in a Resistance operation. Synder is back at work for the IGA. Bram has a new job.
27 Jun. 2018
The Big Empty
Will and Bram help Broussard and Amy kidnap a high-ranking IGA officer.
4 Jul. 2018
Sea Spray
Will and Katie wonder if they are really safe in Seattle. Snyder finds compromising information on Everett Kynes. Amy and Broussard part ways.
11 Jul. 2018
Disposable Heroes
The Outliers deal with an emergency with the help of Will, Katie, Broussard and Amy. Snyder makes a play to take over Seattle. Kynes runs damage control.
18 Jul. 2018
Will and the outliers must save Kynes from Snyder's IGA force.
25 Jul. 2018
What Goes Around
Will has to make a sacrifice to save his family. Katie wants to save refugees outside the wall. Snyder struggles to control the Seattle colony amidst war. Bram and Gracie face a big decision.

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