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Nimer Bin Edwan is a good example of noble knights, who made their lives memorable by their great and noble feats. Their life stories are similar to those of romantic poets and great knights in the human history. Nimer was born when his father Qabalan died so he was related to his uncle Barakat, who took care of him since his childhood after he had married his mother, Nofa. The young boy was brought up in his uncle's house, and when he reached adolescence, a group of tourists visited Jordan. One of them was a french woman, who saw in Nimer the features of cleverness and distinction. She insisted on his mother to send him to Jerusalem to study and so it was. He was sent to Jerusalem then to Al Azhar and became the first regular student in the Jordanian Badia at that time. After he graduated, Nimer lived among his family from Al Edwan tribe, who was invaded by other tribes. He took part in some of those conflicts and became the leader of the Edwan tribe after he defeated Al Balqaa ...

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