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Season 2

14 Jun. 2017
Dark Dawn
Pink Dawn has become a teenager and renamed herself Dark Dawn. Her teddy Snuggles has taken up her tiara and is wreaking havoc all over Britain.
14 Jun. 2017
The Admirable Penfold
An accident leaves Penfold and the Baron shipwrecked on one literal half of an island, separated from Danger Mouse and Stiletto. Forced to work together will Penfold's niceness and cooking be enough to get the Baron to change for the better?
4 Sep. 2017
Colonel Danger Mouse
Colonel K takes a holiday, so Danger Mouse takes charge. Unfortunately that means he can no longer do any field work. Also, the Colonel's holiday resort is a trap by Baron Greenback.
5 Sep. 2017
Ernest Penfold and the Half Price Wand
Needing to feel like he's someone special, Penfold becomes a wizard after buying a wand of power from a disguised salesman (Quark).
6 Sep. 2017
Squawkenbard Kingcluck Brunel
At the Annual Brainiacs Imposium, Professor Squawkencluck swaps her mind with that of Isambard King Kong Brunel to prove a point, but instantly loses all her credibility. Moreover Brunel, in Squawkencluck's body, gets access to her top secret lab.
7 Sep. 2017
Live and Let Cry
After an exhausting day at the Danger training facility, the Danger Babies ask Danger Mouse to tell them a story. What could possibly go wrong? DM makes up a story of being a double agent and the tiny tots believe every word.
8 Sep. 2017
Lost Tempers in Space
Danger Mouse and Jeopardy Mouse team up to investigate a huge black hole in space and end up on a planet on the other side, 5.000 years away from rescue.
11 Sep. 2017
The Toad Who Would Be King
The Queen of Goldlandia chooses Baron Greenback to be her husband on 'Who Wants to Marry a Queen?" and Danger Mouse is designated to be their bodyguard during their first state visit.
12 Sep. 2017
I Believe In Danger Mouse
The Cult of Cats switches their allegiance from Birch Badboy to Danger Mouse and become his devoted followers.
13 Sep. 2017
Thanksgiving Sinner
Jeopardy Mouse wants DM and Penfold to spend Thankgiving with her, but Professor Ham Hands has teamed up with Hydrant's Hissteria to turn the world into stuffing.
14 Sep. 2017
Big Trouble In Little Clowntown
Pompom of Bozoria has stolen Squawkencluck's Seriousizer ray-gun and plans to turn his clown planet serious. DM and PF team up with clown agent Cupcake to save both their worlds.
15 Sep. 2017
Quantum of Rudeness
DM and Penfold's trip back to the 1980's in an attempt to stop Bad Boy's Rudeness machine from ever existing only creates more problems.
18 Sep. 2017
A Loo to A Kill
Danger Mouse is starring as himself in "Loo to a Kill: The Rise of Loocifer", directed by Martin Horsese and co-starring Scarlett Johamster as Penfold. But the real Penfold learns something stinky is going on behind the scenes.
19 Sep. 2017
Roll of the Mice
Together with Jeopardy Mouse, Hazzard Mouse and Danger Cash, DM finds himself trapped inside a game of Dangers and Dragons and Penfold has to play the board game against the Danger Agents' captor.
20 Sep. 2017
Gold Flinger
Quark learns that Danger Nouse suffers from CCD (Compulsive Challenge Disorder) and tricks him into taking a world threatening Midas Machine (supposedly a harmless gigantic trophy) into Danger HQ.
21 Sep. 2017
There's Something About Scarlett
Scarlett Johamster invites Penfold to go out on a date, but DM and Squawkencluck have opposite opinions of how Penfold should succeed.
22 Sep. 2017
Groundmouse Day
DM finds himself framed for Cheeseburgling and only Penfold realizes he's being framed by Count Duckula, or as he now prefers to be called, Danger Duck.
25 Sep. 2017
Dry Hard
Greenblack floods the world and invades the only waterproof building: Danger Headquarters. Penfold is the only one left in HQ because he got scared by a movie the night before.
26 Sep. 2017
Day of the Derek
Derek Mullard travels back from the future to prevent Danger Mouse from destroying the Earth and secure the love his sweet Penny Fold.
27 Sep. 2017
Danger Mouse has his work cut out when Ian becomes Crumhorn's personal assistant.
28 Sep. 2017
Nero Come Home
Greenback turns all the pets in the world evil. But Danger Mouse swaps the Baron's pet, Nero, for a robotic version to sabotage the pet whistle.
29 Sep. 2017
Dark Side of the Mouse
Danger Mouse needs Crumhorn's help to stop Dudley Poison and Mack the Fork from releasing embarrassing videos. Naturally it's all part of Crumhorn's plan to escape. Now DM has to enlist other arch villains to help him save the Earth.
31 Oct. 2017
The Scare Mouse Project
DM finally discovers the meaning of fear when the Headless Postman comes for revenge on Ichabod Mouse's descendant. Will DM cower or fight?
15 Dec. 2017
Yule Only Watch Twice
It's Christmas and Jimmy Camel hosts a retrospective of Danger Mouse and Penfold's greatest hits from the first season.
17 Sep. 2018
Twysted Sister
Professor Squawkencluck is hit by her own age-reversing balm and Danger Mouse finds he much prefers her younger, more carefree self. But things get out of hand when she gets her feathered hands on Twystymatter from the Twystyverse.
18 Sep. 2018
Grand Stressed Auto
The Mark 4 Danger Car has been jammed and so have all the other Danger vehicles, except for the good old Mark 3. While the car is thrilled to be back in action with Danger Mouse, Penfold gets the feeling it doesn't like him.
19 Sep. 2018
Clash of the Odd-esey
Arriving in Ancient Greece with King Kong Brunel's Time Machine, Danger Mouse befriends Zeus of Olympus and gains godlike powers.
20 Sep. 2018
Henemy of the State
Professor Squawkencluck quits the Danger Agency to work with her idol, Elon Musktrat, leaving Danger Mouse without any gadgets.
21 Sep. 2018
For Your Insides Only
Danger Mouse has developed an allergy to his own heroism. Penfold is shrunk to microscopic size and injected into DM's bloodstream to find his inner coward.
24 Sep. 2018
A Fistful of Penfolds
In Penfold City, Professor Squawkencluck's secret testing ground is a western town filled with Penbots, new 'Tenfolds' are being developed to become better sidekicks than the original Penfold.
25 Sep. 2018
Daylight Savings Crime
First noisy landmarks are being targeted by an unknown villain, then daylight itself. So Colonel K. tells DM and P to team up with the Night Shift: Danger Mole and Danger Moth.
26 Sep. 2018
The Law of Beverages
When all of the world's favorite drinks are stolen, the population becomes too fatigued to act upon it. Except of course, for Danger Mouse.
9 Oct. 2018
Licence to Care
As usual, Danger Mouse has forgotten to remember Penfold's birthday. So Professor Squawkencluck sprays DM with her new experimental empathy gas to make him feel more caring to others.
28 Sep. 2018
Force of Nature
DM is forced to take a holiday owing to his obsession with gadgets. Delilah von Greenback is sent into the same woodland retreat by her father because to get over her obsession with social media.
1 Oct. 2018
No More Mr Ice Guy
Tired of losing, the Snowman gets himself a Mech suit and becomes Danger Mouse's new sidekick. Out of a job, Penfold finds work at J. Woolington Sham's Tea Room.
2 Oct. 2018
Bot Battles
Penfold has been pilfering lab material in secret to build a robot for a secret Robot Fight Club. When Danger Mouse finds out, he decides to help out and builds his own CRM-3000.
3 Oct. 2018
Rodent Recall
When DM and Penfold awake from a Holodeck simulation gone awry, they find they've been stuck inside for 3 years and are actually IT workers instead of Danger Agents.
31 Oct. 2018
A Fear to Remember
It's Halloween and everybody is being scared stiff by their greatest fears. Except for Danger Mouse, who doesn't know the meaning of the word and possibly Penfold, if he dares to take Professor Squawkencluck experimental bravery serum.
17 Dec. 2018
Dawn re-enacts her favorite movie musical, 'Melted' and Danger Mouse has to play along or the world will go under thanks to global warming.
18 Feb. 2019
We Aren't Family
The Danger agents go undercover disguised as a family to find out why the world's villains are heading to one holiday camp. When Baron Greenback shows up, the team are convinced he's up to no good, but can't find any evidence of wrongdoing.
19 Feb. 2019
Crouching Hamster, Hidden Wagon
Penfold is summoned by his Granny to help retrieve the stolen book of Farm Fu.
20 Feb. 2019
The Danger agents hold a telethon to raise funds for HQ.
21 Feb. 2019
Jam Session
A jam spillage in the professor's experiment brings a sticky surprise to life.
25 Feb. 2019
Sharp as a Pin
On their way to pick up Penfold's cousin Pinfold from New Zealand at the airport, Colonel K. informs DM that Birch Badboy is vandalizing statues all over the world.
26 Feb. 2019
The Last Giraffe Warrior
Penfold achieves the highest score ever on his 'Giraffe Warriors' game and is elected to save the Giraffe Warrior planet from destruction.
27 Feb. 2019
Duplicate Mouse
Squawkencluck's new Warp Drive was designed to move Danger HQ but it creates an exact duplicate instead. And that includes replica's of everybody inside of it.
28 Feb. 2019
The Supies
It's the night of the annual Supie Awards, which are just an excuse for Danger Mouse to pick up all the prizes in between lots and lots of old clips.
4 Mar. 2019
Lost in Exaggeration
The public is losing interest in the Danger Agency, so Colonel K hires Quark to handle public relations.
5 Mar. 2019
The World is Full of Stuff
Stuff has gone missing all over the world and taken to a giant sofa shaped spaceship. Squawkencluck tries out her new Futuroid Camera which takes photos of the future.

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