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Sex & Nudity

  • When Liv is investigating Holly's body, Holly's shoulders are bare. Everything below except her feet is covered by a sheet. Liv's roommate says Holly "would leave her naked strays on the couch for us to find in the morning." Both Liv and her roommate are wearing tank tops at one point. There is some visible cleavage. While interrogating a suspect, Liv and Clive find out that one of the suspects slept with the victim. Liv has a vision in which two male suspects are visibly naked from the chest up, and she later implies that they had sex. Liv finds condoms and handcuffs with fuzzy covers in one of Holly's drawers. Someone says the words "sleeping around." Lowell uses the word "sex."

Violence & Gore

  • Liv eats brains in both intros, once live action, and once comic book form. The victim is shown having been impaled through the chest by a tree branch. She is hanging there from the tree, dead, and there is visible blood. Liv is working on a body with an open chest cavity at one point. There are visible organs and blood.


  • The word "b****" is used twice, once in the scene with Major at the skate park, and once in the scene with Liv and Lowell in the morgue.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Part of the case involves misuse of prescription drugs. The victim is shown taking a shot of an alcoholic drink with friends in a plane at the beginning of the episode. Lowell makes a Bloody Mary each for himself and Liv, and they both drink. Major is drinking vodka at a memorial, and Liv's roommate asks where she can get some.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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