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Best episode so far! A truly incredible cinematic experience!!
elizabeth-rose-182-74136410 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This was by far the best episode of AoS so far. I audibly gasped at least four times and sat with my hand over my mouth in shock for most the programme. Every time I thought it couldn't get any more shocking BAM something else more incredible happens. It was action packed and full of reveals and heart racing action. Finding out about Skye and the final moment in the hidden city was brilliant. I didn't realise I was holding my breath until Skye broke free of the black encasing her. That slow motion reveal was perfectly cinematic. Then the question of Tripp. Did he die? Or is his power just like turning invisible or teleportation or something?!! I really hope he isn't gone. Anyway final thoughts... I would truly recommend watching the whole two seasons purely for this episode. 10/10.
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Amazing! (wish I could put in all caps but IMDb won't let me :P)
nmgtheo10 December 2014
This is by far the best episode of this show ever. I actually found myself thinking: "Is this really Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?" This was one of the most action packed episode yet. Seriously, if you look away for a second you will probably miss something. And I'm not exaggerating there. This episode was spectacular. They had the courage to introduce plot points and cause events that they haven't so far in the series. This may even top some of the movies based on the stakes being so high. This truly shows what Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can do. I can stand on its own. Instead of being secondary to the movies, is has become a kick-starter to the movies. The ending is amazing and has a very, very significant impact for the upcoming movies and of course the rest of the season. It was so action packed it had enough for several episodes. It took me a while to realize: they still have at least 10 new episodes left.
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Re-watch thoughts
noorea-8514719 February 2019
While I love this episode a lot, I do have some issues in how some characters moved by plot rather than rationally, that said, humans are irrational sometimes and this wasn't anything too out of character that I can let it pass, I guess it's because these characters are usually so well written it stands out when they are being written just fine. With the negatives out of the way, there is much to love about the episode, it has some great payoff to series long questions while dumping a load of new questions on the viewer, that break (along with the end of this season) were some of the most theorized about periods in the fandom, it was crazy! I also love were the episode left off the villains, unexpected territory that I didn't see going into the episode.
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Change is terrifying
jhudson-1170416 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The mid-season finale is here and we get an excellent cliffhanger as well as a ending to part of a storyline and the (re)introduction to a new character.

Let's start with who continues to be the best part of this season: Kyle MacLachlan. We first get a look at what is name is, Cal, and who Skye could be, which is later confirmed in the episode. Seeing him talk with Skye is amazing as you see the emotions boil over as you can tell how much he wanted to be a father as well as how much he wants his family back together. It was also awesome that we could see his rage come into play too with Coulson and Whitehall. Speaking of which...

We finally got to see Whitehall get his comeuppance and while I do wish that Cal was the one to kill him, I'm also kind of happy that he didn't because he would've been either completely savage or make it last for days. If he went with either, he would've lost Skye forever and I'm glad that Skye sort of wants him to be better.

We also get some fun scenes with Bobbi and Hunter. I especially love Hunter's line, "Join Shield, see exotic places, meet new and interesting people...and kill them". Great reference to a great movie. I am really starting to love Hunter in this show.

There was a couple things that bothered me in this episode. The first is the opening scene with the Bus being chased by missiles. While it was badass with May evading them and leaving a decoy for them it still made no sense when the Hydra fighters saw where the missiles hit. Like, there was no wreckage, just big clouds of smoke. This is a massive plane your targeting, theirs going to be a ton of debris. Another big criticism is the death of Trip. I loved Trip as he brought so much swagger to this team. However, I will say that I sort of saw this coming as he wasn't included in the main cast for this season. This will definitely affect the team and I am very curious to see how everyone reacts. Nonetheless, it just seemed like his whole role this season was to die and show the difference between Trip and Skye/Raina.

Let's get to the big cliffhanger as well as the name drops that came up in this episode. We first heard the names Cal, for Skye's father, Skye's birth name: Daisy and finally the last nail in the coffin: Skye/Daisy has superpowers! This all means one thing: Skye is Daisy Johnson aka Quake! Not only that but we also get the explanation of how she has her powers: Skye and Raina are Inhumans! What an amazing new storyline to introduce. WIth Fox in control of mutants, this is a great way to introduce people born with powers and the way they impact the world.

But Skye and Raina are not alone. There appears to be others as we see that there is another Inhuman out there, who has no eyes...weird... but it seems pretty clear what part 2 of season 2 is going to be and I am pretty excited because powers are always fun.

+ Quake! +MacLachlan +Whitehall's end +Fun scenes +Inhumans -Opening bothered me - Trip's death

Final Score: 9.3/10
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