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Why are they so mean?
Paarden77726 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I though the episode was alright, except a couple times near the end. I mean, there is a moment that Deeks and Kensi are interrogating a boy, they scream and try got get some information out if him but he doesn't tell them anything and eventually just shuts them out and starts humming a song, what we later see his his mom use to calm him down. So to me it is clear now that screaming won't give them any more information. The boy is in so much fear/stress that he has pretty much shut down and desperately tries to calm himself by singing the song. And what does Deeks do? He just shouts even louder and slams the table! This no longer has any use in the interrogation! Its just mental torture like this! I find this very out of character.
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Tired cliché story
n-middleton-11728 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The whole episode is just an excuse to use the whole concept of someone undercover getting personally involved and someone they know finding out. Never mind the fact that it makes no logical sense, given the agents announce themselves by their real names on a day to day basis.

The only drama in the episode comes from the brief moment where Callan and co. engage the assailants as they try to steal the USB back, and from the personal turmoil of Callan's girlfriend finding out about his true profession. The action sequence isn't overly thrilling, and thus leaves the whole "secret identity" crisis to be the backbone of the episode, which is limp.

As a whole the episode annoys me greatly because of how illogical it is and because without the dramas involved with Callan's ID being compromised, the episode is exceptionally average.
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