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Season 1

22 Aug. 2014
The War Begins
Media mogul Ted Turner launches WCW Monday Nitro in direct competition against Vince McMahon and WWE's WWE Monday Night Raw.
26 Aug. 2014
The Rise of the nWo
An industry icon's transformation propels Nitro to prominence, and forever changes sports entertainment history.
27 Aug. 2014
Embracing the Attitude
Vince McMahon leads a company-wide change in a direction that nets the company its greatest ratings to date.
2 Sep. 2014
A New D-Generation
Shawn Michaels and Triple H help usher in WWE's 'Attitude Era', bringing an edgier element to Monday Night Raw.
9 Sep. 2014
Have a Nice Day
Mick Foley's unorthodox style makes him an unlikely success story and a unique weapon for WWE in their war with WCW.
16 Sep. 2014
The Hart of War
A controversial end to Bret Hart's WWE career forever changes the fate of Monday Night Raw and Monday Nitro.
23 Sep. 2014
The War Gets Extreme
Extreme Championship Wrestling leaves an indelible mark on the Monday Night War as a hardcore alternative.
29 Sep. 2014
The Austin Era Has Begun
Stone Cold Steve Austin's drive and determination spurs WWE's 'Attitude Era' to insurmountable heights.
14 Oct. 2014
Flight of the Cruiserweights
WCW signs international superstars to bring an innovative, high-flying brand of excitement to Monday Nitro.
21 Oct. 2014
Who's Next?
Bill Goldberg rises from relative obscurity to become WCW's most dominant homegrown talent.
28 Oct. 2014
Monday Night Jericho
Chris Jericho shed his cruiserweight stigmas to make his mark on both WWE and WCW throughout the Monday Night War.
4 Nov. 2014
The War Gets Electrified
Follow The Rock's meteoric rise as he becomes one of the biggest names in entertainment in and out of the ring.
18 Nov. 2014
Divas Gone Wild
Monday night innovations allow female talents to redefine a woman's place at the forefront of sports entertainment.
25 Nov. 2014
The War Goes Mainstream
WWE and WCW each work celebrities into their product, as The Monday Night War becomes water cooler conversation.
2 Dec. 2014
Foundations of War
Sting and The Undertaker were anchors for their respective companies.
9 Dec. 2014
Building an Army
A look at the mid-card performers who worked their way to the top during the Monday Night Wars.
The Kliq
Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and X-Pac (aka Syxx) leave their marks on both the WWE and WCW.
Mistakes on the Battlefield
Eric Bischoff took WCW to unprecedented heights. However, the lack of a long-term plan and his reliance on ex-WWE stars prove to be his undoing. Also includes Bischoff's real-life feud with Ric Flair.
The Fall of WCW
With the AOL/Time Warner merger looming, WWE head writer Vince Russo is hired to turn WCW around. However, his ideas only lead to more trouble--and WCW's ultimate demise at the hands of new corporate management.
Life After Wartime
After WCW programming is canceled, Vince McMahon stuns the wrestling world by purchasing his rival. The failure of the "Invasion" storyline is covered, as well as an overall review of how the Monday Night War changed pro wrestling forever.

 Season 1 

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