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28 Oct. 2014
Meet the Friends
The Friends of the People debut their unique brand of humor including; an introduction to celebrity mash-up character Tracy Morgan Freeman, a night with a man who has an over active brain worm, and a heated Squabblin & Quarrelin' debate with the Lucas Brothers. Plus the FOTP create fun moments with real people on the streets of NYC.
4 Nov. 2014
The Horror
Prepare to laugh at sketches that include a wacky mother who gets away with everything; an intense stakeout jeopardized by pizza; and a rap about the evolution of thug life in Brooklyn. Plus, the cast relives the horrors of high school.
11 Nov. 2014
Hustle Gods
The FOTP cast introduce sketches that include a trip to the past to uncover the untold Hollywood history behind Urkel's rise to fame, an unexpected twist on a dunk contest with a basketball pro and a peace talk negotiation based on global leaders agreeing on who is "all that" (with guest star Kel Mitchell). Plus, the cast hustles their way into free stuff and holds a street race that one cast member will never live down.
18 Nov. 2014
Talk to Your Child
FOTP introduces sketches that include the hidden lives of fraternity brothers, tunes by the infamous Beached Brothas and the PSAs of parenting. Plus, the cast pranks Rel and offers free advice on the streets of Manhattan.
25 Nov. 2014
Pick-Up Artists
The FOTP debut sketches that include; an exploitative beauty pageant for the worst parent ever, Lucas Brothering the Movie "Transformers," and the return of Tracey Morgan Freeman, who wreaks havoc at a White House dinner. Plus, the cast crosses the street to avoid their worst fears, and Jen gets an unusual lesson in bike riding in NYC.
2 Dec. 2014
Welcome to Hammer Time
Sketches include an overly dramatic driving instructor who takes students on the ride of their lives, a retrospective of Squabblin' & Quarrelin' through the years, and a trip to the alternate dimension of Hammer Time.
9 Dec. 2014
Never Come Back
The FOTP cast shakes things up with sketches that include; the Little Richard app for life's most irritating moments, musical musings on the best dressed guy in basketball, and a detective keen on solving a particularly smelly crime. Plus, the cast roasts Kevin and Jermaine on the streets of NYC.
16 Dec. 2014
The Story Behind Real Tweets
The Friends of the People debut sketches that include; a Lucas Bros parody of Mars Blackmon, the Untold Hollywood History of Walter the black Power Ranger, and a tough inmate with a not-so-tough fear of bugs. Plus, Josh takes on his castmates in arm wrestling matches. Guest stars include Kel Mitchell and NBA star, Nerlens Noel.
23 Dec. 2014
Black Kids of Bayside
The FOTP introduce sketches that include; the plight of house hunters in Gotham City, a preacher who suffers with an ungodly Wi-Fi connection, and a virginity story that ends in tragedy and jail time. Plus, the cast goes toe-to-toe with Mr. Belding, and Josh talks to New Yorkers about the amusements of subway riding.
30 Dec. 2014
Return of the Old Killers
The Friends of the People debut sketches that include: a post-apocalyptic debate on acceptable rat consumption, an intervention for selfie addiction, and a high school sex ed class full of misinformation.

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