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  • Rose must learn to accept the Doctor in his new, regenerated form.

  • Continuing from the final events in The Parting of the Ways (2005), the Doctor undergoes his spectacular regeneration right in front of Rose. Despite this, Rose does not realize that the "new" man standing before her is still her Doctor. And when he reassures her, things start to go wrong.


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  • After the Doctor undergoes a spectacular transformation before Rose's eyes, he looks completely different. She does not recognize him and wants the Doctor back. At first she thinks he has been the victim of an alien, or a teleport. To convince her that he is still her Doctor, he reminds her of the first time they met at the department store amidst the mannequins: he took her hand, and the first word he ever said to her was, "run."

    She asks him to change back, but he can't. He asks if she wants to leave, and she asks if he wants her to. He says no, but it's her choice. He cancels their trip to Barcelona, and sets their destination to her home in London, on Christmas Eve. He jokes about her mother's cooking, and Rose grins but quickly denies it.

    Suddenly the Tardis trembles and the Doctor garbles a word. He expels some glowing energy, and says the change is going a bit wrong. As he doubles over, a worried Rose suggests finding Captain Jack, but the Doctor says Jack is too busy rebuilding the Earth. The Doctor touches the controls, shaking the Tardis. Rose asks what he's doing, and he energetically replies that he's putting on a bit of speed. Crooning over his beautiful ship, he urges more speed and the Tardis shakes harder. Rose shouts for him to stop, but he sneers at being dull, becoming excited about ripping through the time vortex. Rose gazes at the Doctor in horror as she realizes he is out of control. He momentarily grimaces complaining of his head, then pops up, demanding more speed. His manipulations cause alarms to sound and the Tardis shakes violently. Rose expects him to fix things, but he laughs crazily in her face, and hops with delight. Rose shouts that he is going to kill them. He tells her to hold on tight for Christmas Eve . . .

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