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Very disjointed account of Australian history
Mjbeiers22 February 2015
The show promises to be be good, but is very disjointed. The show is very hard to follow as it jumps all over the years in the first episode, starting in 1790 with the landing of the second fleet, with no mentions of the first Australians until about 15 mins in where it jumps back to 45 million years to before 1790. Sadly this continues throughout the show.

To add to the lack of credibility of the show, they have a few experts they talk to about parts of Australian history, but sadly also have people who work for Channel 7 like Andrew O'Keefe and Rebecca Gibney. I agree with having sporting star Adam Goodes in there since he is talking about Aboriginal people, but as for the others, it just seems like they couldn't afford more experts, so just used people who are already employed by Channel 7.
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As an American I am Always Eager to Learn More of Australia
djg325144 September 2017
I am admittedly biased. I read the two reviews by folks in Australia and I respect their opinions. But for me, as an old man who has admired and believed in Australia as one of if not the most dynamic and beautiful nations on the planet all I can say is I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have admired the nation's people and their achievements for as long as I can remember. Glimpses into some of the history of this beautiful and inspiring nation are most welcome. The history did not appear disjointed to me and brought many facets of Australian history to life. At a time when my own country and many of it's people, especially politicians, disgust me with their greed and ignorance I find hope in the Aussie citizens. The have a heritage to be proud of. My prayers are that they avoid what I see happening here where history is either ignored or rewritten by ignorance. Excellent Series.
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Typical Austrlalian TV Mini-Series
michaelradny28 July 2015
I'm still waiting for a good Australian TV series to be made that actually consists of good acting, good writing and a decent storyline. Most of this series shows is what we already know and fabricated accounts prove to be boring and clichéd. Seriously horrible to watch and hard to continue watching once the ads come on. Also what I hate about this show is the propaganda that it spreads with its disjointed history lesson on invasion day and the Australian input of war.

Avoid like the plague. Wouldn't buy it even accept it as a gift. After the 3 episodes had done I wished I had watched some C-grade reality show instead. Yes it is my fault, and I deeply regret my dumb decision.
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