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Gritty & Raw Account of South Texas Frontier Life
marthabliner9 April 2017
I am only through the first two episodes, but I created an IMDb account just so I could review this program. It's awesome. Don't let the negative reviews keep you from watching it. I'm a seventh generation Texan from South Texas. It's as if the mythology of my family history has come to life. For anyone doubting the historical accuracy of the writing, simply google Mary Hefferman of Beeville, Texas for a brutal account of the violent clashes between whites and Indians. Or read up on the legacy of the famous King Ranch, whose Running W brand no doubt provided the inspiration for the McCoullough family ranch brand. The mythical depiction of the oil, the politics, the violence, the opulence, and the toughness of the people is all very real. Don't let some dumb dumbs who aren't from Texas tell you it isn't, because it is.
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A storytelling masterwork.
James_Camacho16 April 2017
This is a top-tier production in terms of acting, writing, directing, cinematography and the effort put into to accurately recreate 1915 south Texas. At first, I was a bit uncertain about Pierce Brosnan's seemingly self-conscious portrayal and iffy accent (he's an Irishman playing a Texan), but he quickly, comfortably settles in to his compelling character. The other actors are of the highest caliber, particularly the show's namesake played by Henry Garrett. The scenery is also beautifully shot. And the biggest surprise is the story itself, which becomes engrossing within 30 minutes into the pilot episode. I expect very, very good things from this show. Once again AMC proves they are serious about quality television, and I do hope viewers reward "The Son" because it entirely deserves your attention.

I should add a few people have noted some time-line discrepancies. These may exist, but they are completely unimportant. Some of the other reviews here seem to nitpick over ridiculous irrelevancies. I do not know how these people can enjoy television! We have to remember a product like this costs tremendous money for a television studio trying out an unproven new show without any guarantee of ratings, and we should at least be admiring of the effort put in.
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Authentic accounting of Indian raid
karenhargus9 April 2017
Well, after one episode, this series looks promising. Mostly I would like to speak to it's authenticity, at least in regards to Indian raids. My husbands's great grandfather was Dot Babb, an Indian captive taken very much like shown in this series. His family was one of 3 ranches in northern Texas and while his father was away on a cattle drive, the Comanche Indians raided his ranch, brutally knifing and shooting an arrow through his mother to death. His baby sister was left to die (neighbors rescued her). Dot and his sister, Bianca, and the governess were taken as captives. At one point, he tried to help the governess escape and he was tied to a tree and the Comanche braves tried to break him down by shooting arrows very close to him. Then he was tied up and they put brush around him and made it look like they would set it afire. He was so stoic and showed no fear that they decided to make him a brave. He lived as a captive until his father rescued him. He was a friend of the Comanches all his life. Anyway, this part of this series is historically accurate. Dot authored a book about his captive experience and his early years as a Texan rancher, In the Bosom of the Comanches, available online through the Library of Congress. There are other captive stories similar to his and it appears perhaps these stories were used as reference for this series. So those unfamiliar with Texas history should read some actual first hand accounts by Texans.
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This years best kept secret
Brave_TraveIer25 May 2017
If you're reading this maybe your like me and your late to the party too! For whatever reason I held off on this show. Maybe it's because none of the reviews really sold me or I just simply put it off. HUGE MISTAKE! In hindsight best mistake, because I was just granted the luck of watching the best 8 hours of pure brilliance and all the while I kept asking myself, how is this series not a massive, massive hit! It's like a watching a great old fashion novel. I'm not writing this to tell you what it's about, no I'm writing this to sell you this series like I wish could have been done for me. There's flashbacks to the main character to his earlier years where he's held captive and it reminds me of dances with wolves in essence, and I literally yearn for the Flashbacks. Zahn McClarnon from Fargo season 2, plays an incredible part in the flashbacks as young Eli's captor, but what that relationship becomes is a prize to watch unfold. Both timelines are so fascinating and captivating that each one can have its own TV series! each timelines plot is so stunning and stellar and the way they both intertwine is beautiful. That's the only flaw with this series is I don't want to leave a particular time period because the story is told so richly. When we leave 1850 to return to 1915, I yearn for the earlier time period. It's absolutely riveting and captivating! This series has every key ingredient to mold a masterpiece of a series! pierce brosnan is incredible as well as the additional cast! so prepare yourself for a binging experience like no other! so whatever your doing right now stop and watch The Son! You'll thank me
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Great first episodes!
dawnrzr9 April 2017
Yes, this series is a bit cruel, which is only realistic since it's set in early 1900 (and before). A show must be able to show topics like racism and savagery without people shouting "it's a racist show!" like one person did here. It has nothing to do with racism. The whites are not portrayed in a very favorable light at all many times, far from it.

The pacing is slow compared to more "actioney" shows like Hell on Wheels. It has a main and a secondary plot, both of which are very enjoyable. So far it does not contain any cheap nudity or such, which i think is welcome.

It's leaning far more towards realism than being over the top - everything from clothing to language e.g the native Americans speak their own language. So if you're expecting Xena in Texas, well, you'll be disappointed ;)

Like always I really enjoyed Zahn McClarnon's performance, great actor with such great presence.

Looking forward to see more.
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Great western show! Sad to see it leave
kennyrporter14 April 2019
After only 1 season and 2 years later AMC is releasing the FINAL season of The Son here soon. Frankly I don't get it, and can't for the life of me figure out why these good shows end up canceling great TV shows. I mean come on, 2 seasons of the Son and these writers can't come up with a new narrative? Gimme a break! These networks need to get it together! On some level they owe to the fans. Very selfish Network Bigwigs
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Pierce's golden years
iaminevitability21 May 2017
Pierce Brosnan has really come into his own. He looks ultra cool and has a powerful voice & presence. He makes the show. There are so many shows to watch today but not enough of this period in this setting. I like that the natives aren't only being portrayed as nature loving hippy victims. It's a mildly accurate and semi-realistic portrayal. I watch on my iPad while smoking cigars and dream of being as cool as Pierce. :)
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Sad to hear the show was cancelled.
amysbakerydelights2 June 2019
I loved the series; I was disappointed to hear AMC canceled it. But I had a feeling they would, AMC was just trying to draw in the fans from Hell on Wheels. But it was a very interesting show and I will miss it, There aren't a lot of true Western shows or movies made anymore and the ones that make to the screen, at the first sign of bad or dropped ratings they pull the plug.
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drjgardner23 April 2017
This show's focus is on the relationship of a father to his son, only in this case we have several father-son relationships, including the young Eli McCullough (Jacob Lofland) and his Comanche captor (Zahn McClarnon), the elder Eli (Pierce Brosnan) and his two sons (Henry Garrett, David Wilson Barnes), and Eli's son (Henry Garrett) with his own son (Shane Graham).

Add to the father/son relationships is a West in transition, with the end of the Buffalo hunts in mid 19th century, and the faint beginnings of the oil industry in Texas in 1915.

If this isn't enough to entice you, throw in race relations, between the whites and the Indians and the whites and the Mexicans, and within the races, between those who practice compassion and those who do not, and those who have power and those who do not.

Onto this broad landscape we have marvelous photography, great location shots, and terrific acting. This is TV at its near best, and I think it may be Brosnan's finest role.
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Great new series from AMC
benjiboy-844919 April 2017
After watching the first episode I think that this show has a lot of potential, the acting is great, the scenery, the soundtrack, it has all the ingredients to be a great western although some people may not appreciate the time jumping from 1849 to 1915, It doesn't bother me because I enjoy a good story and so far so good, looking forward to the rest of this series!
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Does time span make sense?
pjsagg-5080110 April 2017
The series opens with what I would say is at least a 14 year-old boy being taken captive in 1849. The future is identified as 1915. That means the boy would be 80 years old. Seeing him on a horseback posse and being very physical in many ways doesn't make sense to me. Am I missing something?
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Wonderful storytelling!!!
cpena-186909 June 2017
I love the show, but I'm confused about the title - The Son. The title implies that Eli was born the year Texas became a state. Texas entered the Union in 1845. That would make Eli three years old when his character was introduced in Episode One (1848). Clearly he appeared older than three. What was probably meant was that Eli was born the year Texas won its independence from Mexico in 1836. In that case, Eli would be twelve years old when his character was introduced in Episode One. Young Eli did look about that age. A suburb show, nevertheless.
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Must Watch!
eyadjabri-5932221 May 2017
"The Son" excellent series offering a violent, gory and amazing story. The story revolves around a particular family focusing both on there past and present time which they encounter certain difficulties making their lives very difficult. The acting the show offers is amazing and spot on and makes it even more fun to watch and enjoy. Overall i hope this show continues to strive as i would truly enjoy to see it evolve in the coming years. - lots of action - amazing story - great acting - violent - 8/10
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A Delightful Surprise. Gripping and well done show
submitme5 June 2017
Didn't expect the show to turn out to amount to much. But from the first episode I were hooked. The acting is great, the cinematography is good and the writing works well to keep you interested and I just wanted to watch the next episode and also hope to see more of certain characters stories.
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Fascinating series
ruth4413 May 2017
I've read the reviews and also the criticisms and accept that my lack of knowledge of that period in US history hinders my ability to judge the accuracy of the series (to date two episodes have been shown in Israel).

We're really enjoying the series which seems very authentic to us. The production is beautiful and I'm particularly enjoying the scenes of the young Eli McCoullough and his life with his captives. I don't know if it's historically accurate but I imagine that this wasn't a rare occurrence during that time. The acting is generally good and it's marvellous to see the excellent Carlos Bardem in the show.

Brosnan is always enjoyable to watch but I agree with those who wonder at the age of the character in comparison with the actor playing the part of a man who must be ....80+? However I've decided to forget that point and just enjoy the story which is unusual and entertaining in a sea of the usual TV offerings - zombies, horror etc.
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A Brutually Honest Western
marshall-2685710 June 2017
I really did not want to become involved in another AMC show. However since Hell on Wheels finished its run and enjoying Westerns I decided to give The Son a chance. This is an excellent western well written and acted. Pierce Brosnan and cast are outstanding. Although the western frontier was considered "closed" in 1890 there seems to be issues that need to be settled even in 1915. I look forward to seeing how this series goes forward. Although Gunsmoke & earlier TV westerns were good drama The Son takes the Western to another level. At times brutal unflinching and unvarnished The Son probably presents a better idea of what the old West was really like. I enjoy the juxtaposition shown between the young Eli and the 1915 Eli. This isn't Dallas and with all due respect to the late Larry Hagman as good as he was in the role of JR Ewing, Pierce Brosnan's Eli would give JR a real run for the money.
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The son
bryantsboxing11 June 2017
I love this show! I can't wait until season 2 ! This show is a really good show!! I pray it doesn't get canceled it seems like every time a good show comes out, you get really interested in it and bam they cancel it! Like long Mire! Thank God Netflix picked it up! Thank you AMC for putting great shows like this on! I'd love to see more westerns or pioneer movies! Movies made from the 1800 early 1900's PD?
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great series,TERRIBLE ending
jjsoltis7 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Very interesting story partially based on facts. Well done production until the last episode. Why would you end this series this way? If this is really the story, give us a clue to the aftermath.
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Brilliant Storytelling, Captivating
elizabethmoser8013 August 2018
Well I just finished the 1st season in two days. I was so enthralled. This series has given me the bug to do some interesting research. The characters were so individualised, & this is what brought it all together. The scenery superb. Direction spot on. I am fasinated by American History & this show does it justice. Enjoy.
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Show vs. Novel
getadisasterkit29 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have been watching this new show since the inception, but I also just started reading the novel from which it is based. Already of course there are players that are either not being depicted as in the novel or we are not getting any play on the characters that are in the book.

Thats okay though, I often have read the books before or after a movie or show only to notice characters have been added, changed or left out all together, perhaps so the show flows better with less characters or the story-lines can be more easily adapted. I get that.

I say the show is a 10 but it may come down as it proceeds, I feel as if the novel is maybe only 70 % of the show, or visa-versa, I see Eli has one more son in the novel as is being introduced in the show, I do not see reference of the granddaughter in the novel, only later, a great granddaughter.

I see the show as a good, rough, edgy TV drama, of course edgier than the old days, but today's TV audience, specially adults demand an adult drama. You are not watching Bonanza, and although my Mom would say Gunsmoke at the time was edgier than Bonanza at the time, I would have to say this meets the match of being what would be considered an adult Western, not a family Western.

Pierce Brosnan is believable as the Western Matriarch. Having an accent already makes him easier to believe than if a Californian attempted the roll, since the south has remnants of a European drawl....he is also an edgy actor, not fluff, so the roll fits very well.

The supporting actors are good, but since they are the spokes in the hub its hard to mess that up, but the lead son does act very much like the torn individual who is trying to hold the family together in very hairy times.

The flash backs are good, because it is showing how Eli matured and was created out of the horror of his family being killed and his maturing during his being kept as a slave in the Native American tribe that kept him. Yes it was an ugly time, something that is not often shown in family westerns.

I will report back but so far this is the only show I am looking forward to seeing every Saturday.
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Old West Meets the Riaring 20's
Barbaradalby30 December 2018
Great acting, and a look into an area of America, often forgotten.
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Clunky melodrama - A Man Called Pierce meets The High Chaparral
justincward15 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Visually lush, ambitious docu-soap along the lines of "Boardwalk Empire" set in 1849 and 1915; but no gangsters, just (no offence intended) pesky Injuns and pesky Mexicans. Parallels drawn between the struggles of the 1840's Comanche (who have captured Young Eli), and those of 1915's Old Eli as the Mexicans and the banks try to take his farm away - except his over- acting granddaughter just discovered oil.

It's about time! After six episodes, I've seen all the ambushes, bodies, beatings, shootings, torturings I need. How about some PLOT, guys? The outright bad guy, an obviously racist troublemaker, is so two- dimensional that he disappears if he turns sideways. And of course, there's a Magic Black Man. Very slow buildup,and only four episodes of this season left. If there's to be a second, they need to sharpen up.

Pierce Brosnan sort of works as the patriarch of the Old Texas farm, but he hasn't quite mastered the accent. And others have pointed out that if as indicated, he was kidnapped 66 years ago he's looking very sprightly for a guy who must be in at least his mid-70's. In 1915 that was OLD.

Good to look at - CGI has come along way since Boardwalk Empire. The Son looks a lot more expensive than it must have been, but that's about it. Plot- wise, it's sub-Dynasty. Things happen because the script says they do, not because the characters are driven by anything apart from killing Mexicans or Indians.

The Son is probably strongest on its sympathetic, uncompromising depiction of the Comanche, and its staging. It's weakest on everything else.
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It is a TV miniseries, enjoy it for what it is.
terrykelsey-964403 May 2017
It is a TV miniseries, enjoy it for what it is. This family did not exist in real life history it's a creative story. This is not a historical document or historical history lesson. Do not watch this for historical accuracy. It's an allegorical story. A lot of people "write in" or "review it" and try to make this show something that its not. Watch it like you're watching "Star Wars" or "Whatever". Star Wars did not really happen and does not really exist, just enjoy it. There are some moral lessons in it if you choose to try to learn them. I mean so far it seems he has build (or about too) an empire on some dubious stuff. Remember it's a made for TV miniseries not a documentary. P.S. The cinematography is quite beautiful I think
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Old Eli
carsonm-983037 May 2017
Eli McCullough was captured by the Comanches in 1849 when he was about 14-16 years old. This show takes place in 1915. That makes Eli about 80-82 years old. Pierce Brosnan is nearly 64 - he needs some adjustments to make him Eli's correct age. Instead of riding his horse, maybe a wheelchair?

I don't think the writers/producers/director did their math.
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Timeline fail!!??
ettglass12 May 2017
Unless "young Eli" is actually Eli's father I can't see the time-line fitting? Did they just think the viewers would not give a #¤%# that Pierce Brosnan is playing the world's fittest 80 year old. If you were lucky enough to reach 80 years of age in 1915's cattle ranch Texas you wouldn't look like Brosnan's 63 going on 55.

Hope it get's better, the bones are there!
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