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Season 4

16 Dec. 2016
Familiar Feeling
When Puss discovers the coveted Crown of Souls gemstone was split into three pieces for three witch sisters, he finds Malviola and asks for her stone.
16 Dec. 2016
In Dreams
When Puss asks the second witch sister Malaranea for her gem, she casts a spell that makes him a prisoner in his dreams and only Dulcinea can save him.
16 Dec. 2016
Fluteus Maximus
Puss and pals outwit a flute-playing witch who guards a piece of the gem they seek. But a stunning twist awaits when they obtain the precious shard.
16 Dec. 2016
Prey Time
As our feline hero tests his survival skills upon mysteriously waking in the jungle, San Lorenzo's citizens frantically search for the vanished Puss.
16 Dec. 2016
Written By
When Dulcinea searches for clues about the Crown of Souls, she finds the author of the Wee Compendium book and holds her hostage until she gets answers.
16 Dec. 2016
Breaking Good
When Dulcinea sets up a school to teach unruly thieves how to be good, Uli takes the idea too far and it's up to Puss to make San Lorenzo normal.
16 Dec. 2016
Fancy Beast
When Puss, Dulcinea, and Uli search for a book filled with secrets about the Crown of Souls, they sneak into a mansion and trick an ogre named Tranche.
16 Dec. 2016
Titan Up
When the Orphans start rumors that Puss has special powers, Taranis the God of Thunder asks Puss to help defeat the most powerful God of all, Toutatis.
16 Dec. 2016
Boar Games
When Roz the boar comes to San Lorenzo to collect a bounty for capturing Puss, Pajuna tries to keep them separated before an epic fight breaks out.
16 Dec. 2016
Small Change
When Puss feels powerless against the threat of the Bloodwolf, the crew asks Callista to help find the mysterious location of the Obelisk of Night.
16 Dec. 2016
Little Lamb
When Puss and Dulcinea tracked down the Grotto of Riches, they each have their own plan on how to convince Mary and her flock to help find the Obelisk.
16 Dec. 2016
The Obelisk
When time is running out for Puss to find the Obelisk, he must fight El Moco and finds out who The One from the Great Prophecy is.
16 Dec. 2016
The Bloodwolf
When Puss is dealing with the apparent loss of Dulcinea, the mighty fear-eating Bloodwolf arrives and brings out Puss's greatest fears.

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