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Surprisingly amusing
flatfacedfriends29 November 2014
I started watching it with extremely low expectations, just because I think Tardar Sauce is a cute cat and I enjoy the Grumpy Cat memes.

But I actually enjoyed it. Sure, it's corny, but it doesn't take itself seriously and isn't afraid to laugh at itself.

Case in point - one of the scene transitions is from the old batman show, with Grumpy's picture instead of Batman's in front of a whirling background. The transitions to commercials are half the reason to watch the movie.

The rest of it is a silly feel-good movie that manages not to cross the line into stupid. Just a fun laugh with an adorable furry star. The kid is good, too.
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Grumpy Cat - Misunderstood Dark Genius?
estreet-eva8 December 2014
Sharp-eared viewers who catch Aubrey Plaza (as Grumpy Cat) introduce Meghan Charpentier's white-trash-named and spelled "Chrystal" as "part of the last generation on a dying planet" understand they are in for a seditious battering of all things bright and beautiful. Grumpy Cat's venom spews equally over Chrystal, Christmas, modern American mall culture, parenting, and all the tenants of Lifetime movies. How this thing finagled a "G" rating is a thing of mystery if no other reason than a fantasy sequence when Grumpy is tied down and gassed to death. The movie doesn't break as much as just ignores the fourth wall with Grumpy returning from commercial breaks expressing disbelief that the audience is still watching and wonder why you don't do something more productive with your limited lifespan. When the plot slows, bubbles with Grumpy in them appear to lampoon the current action or to just talk about something more interesting. Evan Todd and Isaac Haig as the baddies (although everyone comes across as fairly useless) trade quips worth of a Tarantino film with out the sickening pretense. Daniel Roebuck as super creepy mall guard "George" brings a discomforting weirdness particularly when he hits on young, female mall workers. If it all sounds like the satire of the standard Lifetime Christmas movie went a little overboard then you got that right. In short, if you like your chocolate Santa's and your comedies dark, this is a must see (keep the kids away from it).
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"The Secret" is we're all a little grumpy...
AlsExGal30 November 2014
... and little "Tardar Sauce" AKA Grumpy Cat wears an expression that really symbolizes what most of us feel at least some of the time. Come on, wouldn't you just love to scowl at someone - in-laws, your boss, annoying coworker, etc. and tell them just once that they are "Just awful"? Now two hours of this minus commercials would get tedious, so a cute little contrived "sappy melodrama" - in the words of Grumpy Cat - is constructed complete with bumbling thieves and a cute kid from the Home Alone formula so that you don't get too much of a good thing. The gimmick - the little girl can hear Grumpy talk and becomes her only friend as they both battle the thieves in a mall after hours to retrieve a valuable dog whose sale will save Grumpy Cat's home, the mall pet store. The fact that this movie continuously makes fun of itself and Grumpy Cat's fame to boot is what keeps it from being corny and adds to the humor.

I don't understand all of the haters of this film. It was hawked as what it is - a cute little family film with a big dose of Grumpy Cat that is suitable for kids and the holidays. Some of these folks hating on this film probably think Pacific Rim is brilliant - at least it might be better if it had not taken itself seriously, which is what this movie did.
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Greatest Cat Christmas Movie of ALL TIME.
kiley_jamison30 November 2014
Seriously this movie is incredible. Aubrey Plaza is flawless and Tardar Sauce is adorable and the fact that the movie pokes fun at itself for being a joke is great. 10/10 will watch again forever because I DVR'd it to never delete.

Honestly, it's exactly what you'd expect a movie about an internet famous cat meme to be. It's not Titanic, it's not Inception, it's not Forrest Gump. It's a tail (haha, get it) of a monotone voiced munchkin cat's Christmas shenanigans and it is PURRFECT. Classic Christmas movie antics with 10x the feline and goofy talking animals. Be thankful they didn't animate their mouths moving when they spoke.

Just give it a try, it's cute and you have nothing to lose.
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Saying your film is terrible doesn't excuse it from being terrible
benjaminweber6 December 2017
If you have seen Paul Blart: Mall Cop, you have seen this film. If you haven't seen Paul Blart: Mall Cop, either watch that instead or avoid this film for all the same reasons you're avoiding Paul Blart: Mall Cop. This film is exactly what you'd get if The Asylum made a mockbuster of Paul Blart: Mall Cop called Paw Blard: Mall Cat, then someone else made an amateur review of it on YouTube by occasionally cutting away from the film to video of their cat with them making sarcastic comments about the film.
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My new favorite Christmas movie!
hilaryjohnson5530 November 2014
If you love Grumpy Cat you will love her movie, Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever. This movie has it all -- I laughed, I begrudgingly cried (well, my eyes watered slightly), but best of all I got to see Grumpy Cat! A perfectly simple story, narrated by the satirical stylings of the cat who disregards all social pressures to "be happy". Aubrey Plaza's tone of voice perfectly captured Grumpy Cat's droll asides. This movie is right up there with A Christmas Story, Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer, A Charlie Brown Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, and The Producers. Tim Hill and Jeff Morris have written a classic! If you enjoy juvenile satire -- Mel Brooks, The Simpsons, Mad Magazine -- you will love Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever. I did!
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Cynical makes Christmas bearable.
seether-5903922 December 2015
I think it's pretty hilarious. The fact that they do not hide the fact it's a sappy movie and makes light of all of its own flaws is actually surprised lifetime made a decent movie,or something other than sappy love stories.i love grumpy cat.i can't take Christmas movies and the fact this one is cynical makes it watchable. Zack was also amazing.The pure fact he needs to be pumped full of aderoll,makes the movie worth watching just for him.the fact that this movie also has the subtle feel of " rescue a friend" (showing what happens,to animals,that are not adopted ) makes it a movie worth watching.
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A sign of society's degradation
TheBlueHairedLawyer31 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It's only in the age of technology that society would praise a full-length movie based on an internet icon cat. People today are WAY too easily amused and really need to learn to pick up a book or go for a drive and experience the world in ways away from glowing screens.

One thing that sets this movie apart from others in its genre though, is that the makers knew it was a terrible movie and it makes fun of itself. So if you're forced to watch it, at least you can get a kick out of it. It wasn't really the cat itself that made the movie so bad, it was more the actors chosen. They didn't really fit the characters they were playing, and they were all such generic cardboard cutouts that at first I thought it was intended. The soundtrack was terrible. The plot was just a rip-off of movies like Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009).

It's an okay movie for really little kids though, they can laugh at the hideous cat and enjoy a Christmas adventure over the holidays. But if you're an adult, don't go into this expecting much. Just like that television program they made of that The Annoying Orange internet media sensation cr*p, this is just another sign that society as we know it is degrading to the point where even a movie about a cat that looks angry is considered funny and original.
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Pointing out all of your own film's flaws? Not bad.
rprince-832-629416 December 2014
-Grumpy Cat has his own (Lifetime) movie and pairs up with a little girl to save a store in the mall from being robbed and, along the way, learn values of having friends.

-I'll be honest, for a Lifetime movie I actually didn't hate it. Yup.

-I really could not care for the story they borrowed from Mall Cop. It's just silly.

-The pace is not bad, but it does have some problems staying on track with some really irrelevant scene.

-I'll go ahead and point out the best thing about it: Throughout the entire film, Grumpy Cat, still in character, talks about how horrible the film is. This includes cheesy product placements, meme references, other film references, breaking the fourth wall a lot, and slamming Lifetime movies hard. Well played Grumpy Cat. Well played….

-The acting is on-par with a Lifetime movie. Cheesy and over-the-top. The voice of Grumpy cat is annoying, but pretty fitting actually.

-The music is like the worst Christmas music ever. Grumpy Cat pointed it out.

-The moral lesson in it also doesn't really add up. But Grumpy Cat pointed that out to.

-It is rated-G and has some jokes that should really make it PG.

-So as a film it's not that good, but it points out all of its own flaws in a funny way. Still not great though. I would probably give it a very high 6.5, and if you are interested it's not a bad watch on Netflix/Redbox. But if you are like 'meh' like most people will be, Grumpy Cat's Worth Christmas Ever is not really worth watching.
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The Best Christmas Movie Ever Starring Grumpy Cat
wes-connors2 December 2014
"Grumpy Cat" became a social media star well before this "Lifetime" movie aired. The cat has coloring and features which give it a perpetually grumpy look. Like celebrities who presently become famous for looking sexy (and bad behavior), Grumpy became famous for looking grumpy. Grumpy is more popular than "Toonces" (the cat who could drive a car), but probably won't overtake "Felix". By the time "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever" premiered, the frequently photographed cat had already run her course. Facebook hardly noticed the movie. Twitter flickered. Herein, we find Grumpy lives in a mall pet store. Great setting. The cat is much cuter in live action. She's one smart kitty, but never picked for adoption due to her grumpiness...

You would pick golden blonde-haired Megan Charpentier (as Crystal) as easily the cutest and most popular 12-year-old in her class. As a bonus, she's smart and friendly. Yet, inexplicably, Miss Charpentier doesn't have any friends. Thanks to Russell Peters and the spirit of Christmas, she wishes for a friend and is given the ability to understand Grumpy's language. They become comrades and help solve a dog-napping mall crime. The wise-cracking cat isn't very helpful, leaving Charpentier to do most of the heavy lifting. "SpongeBob" writer Tim Hill works well with the cast, allowing Isaac Haig and Evan Todd to get the most out of their characters. The feline star is voiced by Aubrey Plaza, who has a playfulness that's memorable while the movie isn't.

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever (11/29/14) Tim Hill ~ Megan Charpentier, Aubrey Plaza, Isaac Haig, Evan Todd
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It will certainly leave you grumpy
Prismark1018 December 2016
This is a low budget Lifetime film based on the internet meme of the Grumpy cat stretched out to full length film with product placements and the like, some wisecracks and a plot that rips off Paul Blart:Mall Cop.

An introverted 12 year old girl, Chrystal can understand the sarcastic thoughts of Grumpy Cat, a cat in a pet store in a mall that is constantly returned by its new owners because of her sour looks.

Grumpy and Chrystal thwart the kidnapping of a valuable dog from bumbling thieves but there is a mastermind who is now after them.

There are a few Home Alone type shenanigans, some off beat humour which the kids will enjoy but you get the feeling it is a mediocre movie to promote Grumpy Cat merchandise who I felt was awfully voiced.
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Grumpy Cat Saves The Day
wjcrawford130 November 2014
When all hope seemed lost for both a lonely cat and a little girl. They suddenly find themselves finding each other. Grumpy Cat (voiced by Aubrey Plaza) a lonely, very cynical and just down right grumpy teams up with Chrystal (played by Megan Charpentier). Along with other animals at the local mall pet shop they all come together to catch three men Donny (played by Isaac Haig), Zack (played by Evan Todd) and George (played by Roebuck) from stealing a very valuable dog that will set the pet shop owner for life. All in a course of Christmas Eve night. This Lifetime channel and Grumpy Cat Limited movie took what was a very popular internet meme that pictured Grumpy Cat (aka Tardar Sauce) in different pictures pretending to say some funny but what would be taken as a cynical way of life. This, however, was made into a made for TV movie. This movie, while seriously lacking in story was filled with lots of one liners, funny little quips, breaking the fourth wall and making fun of Lifetime itself. The movie didn't take itself seriously. It knew it was a comedy and it showed. This movie was a fluff movie. It was made for entertaining at least children if not a whole family that doesn't mind stuff like this. The production value wasn't really there. It all took place at a mall and in several parts Grumpy Cat actually told you about how tight the budget was. It was funny. The acting was OK. You got a sense of what they were trying to accomplish (which by the way wasn't much). The writing at least when it came to the funny parts was actually funny. However, comedies that take a more of a deep feeling route don't always work and in this movie it bombed. You get what they were trying to say, but it didn't mesh as well as you would have hoped. When the script was being written, the writers should have not put deep feelings into this movie. At least not when you get to some sort of philosophy on life. Overall, the movie wasn't bad. It wasn't that great either. It was entertaining and not a bad way to spend a couple of hours. Especially if it is a couple of hours you need to kill. It is mindless popcorn TV movie entertainment. Don't take more out of it. It is what it is. If you have children they may want to watch it more than once. If you are an adult, you may not care too much to see it again. At least for me. Once was enough and I can appreciate attempt on the entertainment value. I give it 2 Grumpy Cats out of 5..
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only for kids
kimba1178-11 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I understood going in that this was a silly movie and meant to be just that, but this was still not good. I just had it on late a night while working on a computer project. If you're watching it to amuse a child, great, but even most kids will know it's a bad movie. Watching the cat's never changing expression was the only part of the movie that I enjoyed. The real killer for me was the insulting way that the makers of the film kept telling the audience that they're stupid to still be watching this awful movie. It's not cool to knowingly make a bad movie. I didn't find that charming or funny at all, I agreed with them. It is a bad movie and they even didn't try to make it better. They added pretend insults from the cat to the audience to excuse a lousy story. Their audience is pathetic, so they don't need to make a decent film. Wow, what a concept. We are pathetic if we pay them any money by renting or buying this film.
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nogodnomasters4 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This was my introduction to Grumpy Cat. I couldn't look away, like watching a train wreck. The ham acting by the humans was clearly directed at the kids. Grumpy Cat does audience asides which explains why movies are long and have bad plot points.

Grumpy Cat doesn't move her lips when she talks, doing the mental communication thing. Most of the time her looks don't match what she is thinking, but hey, it's a cat, the tail really communicates the mood.

My cats were not impressed by the film and refused to watch it with me, preferring reruns of "Born Free".

Clearly a kid's film that adult cat owners will be able to watch with or without their cats.
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Aubrey Plaza funny as Grumpy Cat
SnoopyStyle8 December 2014
Grumpy Cat (voice Aubrey Plaza) is hopelessly unsellable in the shopping mall pet store. She's very grumpy. The pet store is close to being closed but then they get a million $ dog. Mall Santa gives little girl Chyrstal a wish and she asks for a friend. She helps out at the pet store and discovers that she can hear Grumpy. A couple of idiots try to dognap after the mall closes. Chyrstal goes back to the pet store after hours. Grumpy reluctantly helps Chyrstal thwart the dognapping.

Aubrey Plaza is the perfect sarcastic voice for Grumpy Cat. The movie works whenever she's doing Grumpy Cat. She gets to break down the fourth wall. She's great. The problem is the lame story surrounding Grumpy and the bad acting. The characters range from bland to annoying. Zack and Donny are really important comic characters like the Wet Bandits in Home Alone. But the actors are pretty bad. It's a Grumpy Cat movie that needs more Grumpy Cat, anything to keep the movie away from all the bad acting.
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funny rather than grumpy
salpadackle7 December 2014
I love Grumpy Cat so when I saw there was going to be a movie I was a bit sceptical. I thought they would make some sickly sweet Christmas movie. How wrong was I? Although the storyline was a bit silly its actually a very funny film that pokes fun at itself.

The voice of Grumpy Cat is perfect and the bungling thieves were well cast. I'm not going to write about the plot because there isn't much to write about to be honest. I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion and as I get called the human version of Grumpy Cat that's some mean task.

I hate Christmas and all the Christmas films that are full of goodwill etc etc bah humbug. This is my type of Christmas film. All hail Grumpy Cat. She can act better than half of the stars out there right now. If you want a funny film that will entertain kids and adults alike then this won't disappoint. Its certainly my Christmas pick this year
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If you need a "Christmas Spirit" Lift - Watch this film!
skeldale2 December 2014
Let's start with: I love cats... especially Siamese cats. I have had nine Siamese cats (not including the ones at home during my childhood) over forty-three years.

Grumpy cat has become an Internet phenomena. What a face! This delightful Christmas film is not just for 'kids', as one reviewer suggested. It'll appeal to all ages. The characters (animals) that require voice-overs, have some clever and very funny lines, especially the little lady herself, Grumpy Cat.

The basic premise is that 'you can get what you wish for', and that life isn't as miserable as it appears at any given moment. The film also suggests that if you're 'rotten and mean' to your fellows, you just might not get nice things in your Christmas stocking on Christmas Morning.

So...the lesson is: Be a pleasant person. Not just at Christmastime, but always. Enjoy this film ~ it'll lift your spirits ~ at a time, in this world of ours, that could do with a bit of spirit lifting. I rather liked it and think many others will too ~ especially cat-lovers! You won't be disappointed. I give it 8 out of 10.

Wishing all readers a very Happy Christmastime. Spend wisely and remember, it's the thought that counts - not the price.
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Internet sensation Grumpy Cat, has written a movie!
ECRStevens30 November 2014
I would give it a 6.4 because it managed to hold my interest, make me laugh, and it even had a twist to keep things a little interesting.

I began the movie with zero expectations, or possibly negative expectations, and I was quite surprised I was enjoying myself.

The movie makes fun of itself as it goes, with Grumpy Cat constantly crossing the "Fourth Wall", talking about scenes, plot points,the movie budget, and advertising profits.

I think the Fourth Wall jokes were my favorite, and they were plentiful. I was surprised to see that it was actually written by Lifetime, because they do a great job making it seem like Grumpy Cat wrote it (I was thinking perhaps her owners had pitched it). There's one joke near the end, that I would just love to share with you guys (but I won't), concerning Lifetime movies, that felt weird and out of place but also really funny.

All and all it's a silly Christmas movie, narrated by Grumpy Cat, and it should be fun for the entire family. I don't know if I would suggest it for adults, but I'm not a kid and I laughed.
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A Funny Christmas Comedy
emymiranda25 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't actually expect to enjoy this movie, but it was quite good. The story line, while at times jumbled, never felt strained because of Grumpy Cat's ability to joke around and make us laugh through the rough parts. The acting was superb, with the voice of Grumpy Cat doing a fantastic job of portraying the supposedly annoyed, annoying, and sarcastic cat on the planet. This is a wonderful family Christmas movie for anyone who loves cats, cats driving things, cats using paint ball guns, or just family and friend comedies. What are you waiting for? Go watch Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever and be ready for the grumpiest and most annoying cat tell you a heartwarming story.
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A couple funny things
Sminthian129 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is pretty much just a remake of Paul Blart: Mall Cop, but Paul Blart is a girl and his daughter is Grumpy Cat. I would give it 2 stars, but I can't get myself to do that to something that Aubrey Plaza's in.

They should have just let Aubrey go crazy with her ideas, her comments are the only things that make this funny at all (and only a couple times). If you're a die-hard fan of Grumpy Cat or Aubrey you might as well give this a try, but try not to get your hopes up too high. This line is just for filler because it has to be 10 lines. I don't want to spoil any of it for you so I'm not going to say much.
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Great Kids movie & family friendly
gerry-664-233392 December 2014
My daughter loved it. She wants to watch it again on Christmas Eve. It's a very kid friendly movie with a sarcastic talking cat who helps a young girl foil a robbery and find a friend at the same time.

Lots of visual jokes, lots of subtle sarcastic comments that a little kid might be making to themselves about their classmates. It will be very easy for your child to make a connection to the brainy but unpopular cat.

Highly recommended if you have young children.. and love talking animal movies.

Similar to the Cat from Outer Space
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So bad it was really good.
thelindsaytheory19 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I gave this 9 out of 10. Not a full 10/10 because yes it was bad, BUT I think it was made to be deliberately bad or Grumpy Cats reputation wouldn't have lived up to her name. Grumpy cat continuously makes fun of the movie throughout. Making fun of the budget and inserting the Grumpy Cat merchandise line a few times. Garfield has nothing on Grumpy Cat. The movie was low budget, made by Lifetime. It's cheesy and I see it as a kids movie.

Overall, this is definitely a cult movie. No doubt. You have to understand memes in general and the Grumpy Cat meme to understand this movie was actually pretty good. There are also references to other cat memes, such as Nyan cat, keyboard cat, and happy cat.

Some scenes in the movie I didn't think were too "Grumpy" and more with grumpy caring about the main character. Which is a change for Grumpy, or maybe Grumpy Cat does have some "nice-ness" in her.
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terryhollas12 January 2015
Yes, I gave this full marks providing you are an 8 year old child watching the show.

This is very, very light entertainment.

The script is 1st draft without going to a rewrite-room.

The entire execution of this production; writing, filming, casting seemed slapped together overnight, in a haste to get this film released before the fickle hype generated by social media falls flat on its back, ironically not on its feet.

The voice of the dog, in my opinion, sounds very much like Morris The Cat from late TV commercials of the 70's, which I think they threw in as homage.

There are many Morris The Cat lines from the commercial that I recognized.

"That's it, Iam out of here..."
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What an awful, awful. awful....oh crap it was entertaining...
Robert_duder8 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As many reviewers point out, this film obliterates the fourth wall. Its a schtick to try and make the script cheeky and maybe edgy and it ends up being bizarre, cheesy, campy, awful...and suddenly the credits rolled and I thought...oh no, that was so bad...that it was good. Honestly, the script is atrocious and the acting is possibly even worse (for the most part) but then you have the fact that the dialogue is so painful that it ends up being funny, that Grumpy Cat is so completely misused that it ends up making you laugh, the film is satirical, offensive, dumb and I can't say worse things about it because I watched it and after I got over the initial "how bad it was", I found myself enjoying the style. Of course "Grumpy Cat" keeps making constant references to how bad the film is and you can't argue with her so you have to sit back and enjoy how bad it is. The film is rated G which I'm not fond of. It was far too dark to be "for everyone" or even for families. Sure it wasn't in your face inappropriate but when Grumpy Cat is having a nightmare about being thrown into the street and eventually gassed to death...that's a bit dark for youngsters. She also makes mention of being put to sleep a few times. There is a small moral message here about friendship and saving Christmas but it gets buried in sarcasm and satire.

Grumpy Cat is essentially an even more negative version of Garfield. Garfield's voice was legendary and Bill Murray actually nailed it in the film versions. I am not a big Aubrey Plaza fan, I think she's over-hyped for her deadpan, boring humour but I actually thought she might do a decent job with voicing Grumpy Cat (who is apparently played by THEE Grumpy Cat "Tardar Sauce") Plaza is okay at best. I feel like she just doesn't nail the voice over thing and the one-liners don't work. I think a voice actor with more experience could have made Grumpy Cat hilarious! Plaza missed an opportunity here but it is a Lifetime movie and the rest of it is terrible so Plaza fits in okay. Now that she's done it once, if they do another one (God help me I'd watch it too) I'd want Plaza to do it again. A lot of IMDb reviewers really trash the performance of Megan Charpentier as the young heroine but I actually think she did really well. I mean you can only be so good in a film this bad but she plays her role well and she's charismatic and I think kids will enjoy her. Legendary character actor Daniel Roebuck, Evan Todd and Isaac Haig are our buffoonish villains (think Pesci and Stern in Home Alone only not funny at all or talented in any way.) They are really, really awful but I don't blame the actors as much as the part written for them. Not to be outdone, one of the "good guys" played by David Lewis is incredibly badly written too.

I swear that as bad as this is, many of you will finish this thinking...holy crap that was entertaining. I laughed when I didn't want to, I shook my head more times than I can count and I winced at the terrible dialogue and I enjoyed it so I guess I'm crazy. I think I would even watch it again it was so bad-good. Tim Hill directs and co-writes and Hill comes from Spongebob Squarepants which I never understood the popularity of so maybe he has a style of making things so terrible that people love it. The idea behind Grumpy Cat and having a Christmas movie is actually full of potential and it might have made more sense animated but it is what it is and I want to tell you how much I hated it but I loved every awful minute of it. Its the worst Christmas movie I've seen this year and its just the way Grumpy Cat would have it so go watch it...or don't...I don't care and neither does she. 6/10
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Decent enough for a comedy
SangoStrawberry25 February 2016
This movie is tough to review. It's a low-budget TV movie based on a cat from internet memes, so you can't expect it to be good. However, compared to many other comedies, I wouldn't say it's bad, either. 6 stars seems low but 7 stars seems too high, so I leaned towards 6 stars.

In this movie you can expect to find a story about a young, introverted girl who wishes for a friend and ends up meeting Grumpy Cat and can understand her speech. Together they try to save the pet shop Grumpy Cat comes from. Grumpy Cat has a feminine though bored and glum voice, and her pessimistic and sarcastic remarks appear throughout the movie. Her bitter attitude is surprisingly amusing and she even makes remarks about the movie's low budget, so at least the movie producers point out their own flaws. I see a lot of people complaining that Grumpy Cat had a girl's voice but this is because Grumpy Cat in real life is a girl.

The movie was of cringe-worthy acting and editing but somehow it was also very amusing and the cat is super cute. It's not something you should take too seriously; the film itself practically wants you to laugh at how bad it is. There are even references to other cat memes. The movie is to make you laugh and nothing more; it doesn't try to impress you and that is okay. There is, however, a nice message or two in the movie. I expect cat lovers will enjoy watching this just to see how adorable Grumpy Cat is on film.

There are a few adult jokes in the movie but I think it's okay for kids for the most part, especially because of the talking animals. I think the main girl would be relatable to many tweens.

So in all, don't expect much if you plan on watching the movie but if you watch it with a light attitude you may get many smiles and laughs out of it.
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