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Isabelle Huppert: Michèle



  • Michèle Leblanc : Shame isn't a strong enough emotion to stop us from doing anything at all. Believe me.

  • Michèle Leblanc : [Whispering to her father]  I killed you by coming here.

  • Michèle Leblanc : I'm just concerned. I'm concerned because this is what I feared. The bimbos with big tits never worried me, but a woman who's read "The Second Sex" will chew you up and spit you out.

  • Michèle Leblanc : I've came here to spit on my father's face. Can't say it was a metaphor.

  • Michèle Leblanc : It's twisted.

    Patrick : Sorry?

    Michèle Leblanc : Twisted. Between us., it's sick. Diseased. I was in some kind of weird denial but I see clearly now.

    Patrick : What do you see?

    Michèle Leblanc : You don't expect to get away with what you did to me? Huh? I'll do what I should've done at once.

    Patrick : What do you mean?

    Michèle Leblanc : It's not just about me. There's your wife, too. And others, perhaps. Who knows.

    Patrick : What do you mean?

    Michèle Leblanc : How many others? That you've done the same thing to? I'll go to the police. I'll tell them everything.

  • Robert : What did you do?

    Michèle Leblanc : I stopped lying.

  • Michèle Leblanc : Neither of us is drunk enough for this conversation. OK?

  • Michèle Leblanc : Maybe Anna and I should've founded a different sort of company. Maybe "Kronos" was only a hit thanks to your genius ideas. Maybe we're just two bitches who got lucky. But the fact is, the boss here is me!

  • Michèle Leblanc : So we can still be friends? You know what I mean by "friends"? No more fucking.

  • Michèle Leblanc : Our goal is simple, as you all know. When the player guts an orc, he needs to feel the blood on his hands. Thick, warm blood. If at all possible.

  • Irène : You're so selfish. It's frightening.

    Michèle Leblanc : I know. By the way, here's your check.

  • Michèle Leblanc : I walk in and it's one horror after another.

  • Richard : Struggling to get by builds character.

    Michèle Leblanc : Trouble is, he's dating a psycho... The wacko won't tolerate struggling.

    Richard : Psycho's the word. Often though, that kind of woman is good in bed.

    Michèle Leblanc : What does that mean, "good in bed"? I never knew.

  • Anna : There's a nutjob out there.

    Michèle Leblanc : Nutjobs, I can handle. My specialty.

  • Anna : What did you see in him?

    Michèle Leblanc : It was just one of those things. An opportunity. I wanted to get laid.

    Anna : That's no excuse. It was shabby.

    Michèle Leblanc : Worse than that even.

  • Michèle Leblanc : That girl is clearly dysfunctional. You know nothing about her. Except she was raised in a commune by unwashed idiots.

    Vincent : An arts collective.

  • Anna : You've seen Vincent's apartment?

    Michèle Leblanc : Six months ago, he was dealing weed and getting into fights. You see him as a family man?

    Anna : That bitch Josie is a real menace. He just doesn't see it.

  • Michèle Leblanc : Kwan, we agreed the orgasmic convulsions are way too timid.

    Anna : As if they're scared of sex.

    Philipp Kwan : I upped it five times.

    Michèle Leblanc : You can't tell. Push it.

  • Michèle Leblanc : Does Kurt hate me or is it just me?

    Anna : No, he hates you. They all hate you, except Kevin. He really loves you even if he tries to laugh it off. And you knew it, right?

  • Michèle Leblanc : How much do you pay them? It's pitiful.

    Irène : Save your pity. I'm not ashamed. It's my life. My sex life. You're a little bitch, Michèle.

  • Michèle Leblanc : Richard, would you say I'm tight for a woman my age?

  • Richard : So suddenly you're throwing a Christmas party?

    Michèle Leblanc : I thought it'd be good to get know each other better. She's lovely, by the way.

    Richard : Another of your traps?

    Michèle Leblanc : I have better things to do than plot diabolical Christmas dinners.

  • Michèle Leblanc : Show me your dick and I might not fire you.

  • Michèle Leblanc : I'm very sorry for all you've been through.

    Rebecca : Fortunately, I have faith. What's it for if not to get through tough times.

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