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A Fantastic Comedy Movie With Amazing Black People.
anopenmindedlady17 April 2016
Barbershop: The Next Cut is a 2016 American comedy film directed by Malcolm D. Lee. It is the fourth film in the Barbershop film series and stars an ensemble cast, including Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Regina Hall and Anthony Anderson.

Calvin, Eddie and the rest of the gang must work together to save their shop and their neighborhood from trigger-happy gang members that roam the streets.

Critics wrote positive comments about this fantastic comedy.

Barbershop: The Next Cut Is heartfelt, thought-provoking, and above all funny.

Absolutely recommended for teens and adults and to anyone sad and exhausted.

I guarantee you this fantastic comedy with amazing Black people will cheer you from start to finish.
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If you liked the first 2 movies, don't bother!
mr_iceman9 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I had a suspicion when going to watch this movie that it's going to be a recycled pile of boring-repetitive jokes, ploys and twists. Unfortunately my nightmare was manifested, this movie offered nothing new, creativity was as dead as a dodo. To put it simply, it's a shoddy reboot of the original Barbershop.

The movie plays out in the following sequence; Barbershop is successful with the regulars, insert some crude comedy in relation to some sordid situations, neighbourhood issues awakens people up, Barbershop wants to close due to these circumstances, Barbershop re-opens with a glittering end.
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A very funny movie with cute Black women.
LesbianToLesbians26 April 2016
It has been more than 10 years since our last appointment at Calvin's Barbershop. Calvin (Ice Cube) and his longtime crew, including Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer), are still there, but the shop has undergone some major changes. Most noticeably, our once male-dominated sanctuary is now co-ed. The ladies bring their own flavor, drama and gossip to the shop challenging the fellas at every turn. Despite the good times and camaraderie within the shop, the surrounding community has taken a turn for the worse, forcing Calvin and our crew to come together to not only save the shop, but their neighborhood. I loved this hilarious movie and the Black women were so cute and smart. This excellent film has an impressive political satire theme of reformation and not just satire in itself.
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Brilliant; Great; I Loved It!
curtiswilliam22 April 2016
I actually love this movie. It was good, it was funny, it was interesting! There wasn't a boring part. It had a good life lesson learner for kids. I enjoy the cast of the movie. Everyone did awesome with their acting. I highly recommend this movie for anyone who's looking to see it and was wondering how it was (and I'm not the type of person to go see movies like this!). Great family movie with old school and modern day jokes that's good for all ages. I'd love for it to be an everyday TV show (that's how much I loved it)! So many personalities and situations going on all at once just comes you engaged into it. Go see it!
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The best of the series with one of the best messages of any movie in the last few years. I recommend this for that
cosmo_tiger25 July 2016
"Barbershop used to be a place of peace." Chicago is in a bad way. The violence has begun to take over and it finally hits the area around Calvin's (Cube) barbershop. When Calvin's son becomes involved in gang violence he has to once again wonders if the best course of action for his family is to close the shop. This series has been very strange. The first one was funny but didn't think it needed a sequel. The second one was really bad and I didn't like it at all. This one though I thought was the best of all 3. That being said that all pretty much have the same plot. This one has nothing all that original and the movie is fairly predictable but the reason to watch isn't for the plot. This movie has a great and very timely message. It was a little strange to see the guy responsible for F the Police to have such a strong anti-violence movie…but that actually adds a little to the impact of it. Overall, the best of the series with one of the best messages of any movie in the last few years. I actually recommend this for that, and the laughs. I give this a B.
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Enjoyed it more than I thought
champjohnson2919 April 2016
I am never a fan of comedy movies having sequels and three-quels, very few can pull it off and when I saw the first trailer for this I wasn't excited at all. I ended up seeing this movie out of default. I wanted to see Jungle Book (but my friend wanted to take his boyfriend to see it so this was the only option LOL). I, pretty much, had low expectations going. I was very intrigued all the way through. About an hour in, I whispered to my friend "ummm...this is actually a really good movie."

Of course, like most films, it's not without its flaws but those are more subjective based on the individual's taste. But its nothing that cant be forgiven. There are some corny parts and some of the subject matter was a bit surface level but when it's a family film, I know that there not gonna go to in depth into politics, cheating, gang violence, etc.

What I enjoyed the most about it, is that there was an ongoing story line outside of the theme of the Barbershop. Everyone involved got a chance to shine and you didn't feel like many of the characters were just there. A lot of the social topics that were tackled in each Barbershop scene was very surface level (which is one flaw that I stated before) but it kind of had to be because if you delved deeper than it would have turned into the writers/director trying to force their own opinion on the audience. But it was meant to just open the door for the conversation to continue.

The comedy did what it was supposed to do. There were many corny parts, where I felt like the actors were reaching and there were some parts where laughed out loud.

My main gripe was with Nicki Minaj's character. She just played herself. She wasn't bad, it's just I'd be more impressed with her if she took a role that was the complete opposite of her hand as an artist.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this film to anyone. It's a fun, family film that is 100% enjoyable if you watch it with no expectations.
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barber shop
ajatem-0776130 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Out of all the barbershop movies that have came out I would say that this one is my favorite ones out of all the barbershop. They did a lot of great things with this movie it was very funny but at the same time it was a lot going on with all the crime that has been going on. One part in the movie that was sad was when one boy was just walking down the street and someone shot and killed him right on the corner of his street. In this movie they had a lot of great actors that made the movie more interesting to watch. It also teaches the young children that life is not a game and you should stay out of the streets. Its never OK for young children to go out and sell drugs. Young children should stick to getting an education instead of trying to fit with the cool kids its OK to be different. I like how in the movie that change the barbershop around. Before when you went to the barbershop only men could go in and get their hair cut and when I went too see the barbershop: The Next Cut men and women could go in and get their hair done.
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Funny, Heartwarming, and Refreshing
tjgoalie1324 April 2016
When Barbershop came out in 2002, I felt it was a great comedy, because it was hilarious, and it had a great message, so naturally a belated sequel excited me. The cast from the old film is gone, except for Ice Cube and Cedric the Entertainer, who are back. Barbershop: The Next Cut is funny, contains a heartwarming message, and features a lot more depth than many would expect from a comedy. It should be noted now, I do feel that the original Barbershop was a better all around film.

Barbershop: The Next Cut as a comedy alone, isn't hilarious but is quite funny, and will have a few good moments of laughter, but nothing truly hilarious. From the comedy perspective, one character helps keep these films funny, and that's Cedric the Entertainer. Unfortunately, I watched the film comparing it to the original, and the original was clearly funnier, as the focus in "The Next Cut" was not on the comedy as much. The only problem with that is that in Barbershop the film was so funny, that when it switched to being serious, those moments resonated with the audience, where in this film they don't resonate as much.

The film does try to be serious quite often, which isn't a surprise, and in fact is one of the best elements of the film. However you take the message, it's a good message, and putting a message that we can all agree upon in a comedy makes it even better. The film does a really great job reflecting on the community structure of today, ironically though the message, while directed at poverty stricken places, isn't limited exclusively to one of place or group of people, we all can learn from this movie.

As happened with Barbershop in 2002, "The Next Cut" has an unexpected amount of emotional depth. It's refreshing in the climate of modern comedies, where many of them are mechanical, that a comedy can show so much depth. The Next Cut, much like it's predecessor is able to be both funny and serious, making the moments when it is serious even more powerful. It's also nice to see a group with so much chemistry that they feel and look like a real community, so when they fight it feels real.

In the end Barbershop: The Next Cut is a really good comedy film, that does exactly what comedy should do, makes you laugh and teaches you life lessons along the way. The film is both funny, and emotional, which is really refreshing when some comedies are neither. The only thing for those who love the original Barbershop is that "The Next Cut", in my opinion, is not quite as good, but is extremely close. For anybody that wants a good relaxing time at the theater, this movie is a perfect choice.
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Way Too Earnest to Be Funny
billmarsano23 May 2016
'Barber Shop: The Next Cut' is that Hollywood classic, the sequel gone bad. The original was original, witty, joyously coarse and endless fun. This takes the same bunch of delightful performers (Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer and more, including including the splendid J.B.Smoove), and saddles them with a preachment on ghetto uplift. Not only that, there's a side order of gender equality and a dash of the need for sisterly solidarity. The result is that the original movie, which was a delicious guilty pleasure, has been turned into a slow-moving tract of the sort that earnest do-gooders think is hip and persuasive. All in all, this sequel has so much heart it has lost its soul.
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Calvin and crew are back for more fun
monstermayhem3215 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
In the third chapter of the popular barbershop serious, brings about some changes in Calvin barbershop 12 years after the second film. The once male dominated barbershop is now co Ed with the ladies due to the recession that hit Chicago forcing Calvin to merge his business with Angie in order to stay afloat. Other changes is how south Chicago has become crime ridden with gangs patrolling the streets making the neighborhood more unsafe. Calvin is also dealing with raising his son jalen who is faced with the dangerous temptations of joining the gang life. While most of the gang return except for Ricky, Dinka, checkers Fred, Dante, and the detective but it is good to see the crew back together.
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Barber shop
lorelmonte30 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'd give this movie a good 9 out of 10 this was a very good one they did a lot of grea things with this movie it was very very funny but at the same time a lot was going on at this time and had a lot of great actors in this movie that did awesome made the movie even better than it was suppose to be if I had a chance I would definitely go see this movie another time it's worth the 11:50 and popcorn. They was very creative it follows in the plot of the last couple of barbershops made i would say this is the best one made Ice cube really did his best in this movie he really was into his character he played a good role the whole setting with the whole crime in Chicago thing and going it to the balaclava history type thing and saying how bad it is in these streets and what these cops are doing to these kids out here
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Too Much Politics, Not Enough Humor
stevendbeard16 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "Barbershop: The Next Cut", starring Ice Cube-The Jump Street movies, The Ride Along movies; Cedric The Entertainer-The Soul Man_tv, A Haunted House; Eve-The Cookout, XXX; Common-Selma, Now You See Me and Regina Hall-Vacation_2015, Think Like a Man.

This is the 3rd in the Barbershop series-not counting the Queen Latifah spin-off, Beauty Shop in 2005. The first one was in 2002 and the second in 2004 so it has been about 12 years since the last one. Ice, Cedric and Eve are the original actors returning to the barbershop in Chicago, but there have been some changes since those previous movies, most noticeably being that the shop is now co-ed, with Regina in charge of a beauty shop sharing space withe Ice's crew. Common is Ice's friend that now works at the shop, too. They still have the barbershop humor of old, but now, there seems to be more political talk going on. Everything from Obama to gang violence and shootings in the neighborhood. The gang decides that their best option to put a stop to all the violence is to have a truce for 48 hours-and they also give away free haircuts during the grace period. The humor is still funny, as to be expected, but the rest gets a little heavy handed and unbelievable for me-Free haircuts will solve gang shootings and violence? Really? I think they should have stuck with the comedy and left the political messages for someone else. It's rated "PG-13" for language and sexual content-no nudity-and has a running time of 1 hour & 52 minutes. I don't think I would buy it on DVD but it would be fine as a rental.
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"Barbershop: The Next Cut" is an entertaining but flawed treatment of a critically important topic.
dave-mcclain15 April 2016
What is 1 + 1 + 1? 4, of course. (Duh!) Just like 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. Well, the math makes sense if you're talking about the "Barbershop" movies. Is 2016's "Barbershop: The Next Cut" (PG-13, 1:52), which was originally titled "Barbershop 3", the third or fourth in the series? It depends on how you count. The original film, 2002's "Barbershop", followed the personal and business lives of the black owner (Ice Cube) and workers in Calvin's Barbershop on Chicago's South Side. The sequel, 2004's "Barbershop 2: Back in Business", followed most of those same characters as they and their barbershop struggled with the gentrification of their neighborhood. That film also introduced the character of Gina (played by Queen Latifah), who moved from Chicago to Atlanta and opened up a beauty shop in her new neighborhood, in 2005's "Beauty Shop". (Does that make "Beauty Shop" a spin off or a sequel? Ah, therein lays our problematic math problem.) Either way, a decade later, the South Side of Chicago has become an even badder part of town (to paraphrase Jim Croce), but Calvin's Barbershop is still there.

Much has changed in the years since we last saw Calvin's Barbershop. To fight the lingering effects of the recession in their neighborhood, Calvin and local beauty shop owner, Angie (Regina Hall), have formed a partnership which has them both working out of the same space, now half barbershop and half beauty shop. Calvin's Barbershop is no longer "the original man cave" as one character calls it, but the co-ed atmosphere livens up the place with spirited conversations about the various problems and perceptions of men vs. women, as well as black vs. white. These discussions don't solve anything, but they are entertaining and even enlightening to listen to as the audience gets to hear how others think.

Like the previous "Barbershop" films, this one is mainly about the colorful characters who take care of the hair and also those who sit in the chair. On the ladies' side of the shop, besides co-owner Angie, we get to know the loud and curvaceous Draya (Nicki Minaj), who constantly flaunts her sexuality, and the somewhat quieter, but no less opinionated Bree (Margot Bingham), who often clashes with Draya. On the other side of the shop, working behind the one barber's chair that faces the door, Calvin still dispenses haircuts, while his deceased father's friend, Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer) dispenses wisdom and jokes in equal doses. Calvin's best friend, Rashad (Common) works at the next station down (when he's not arguing with his over-worked and jealous wife, played by Eve), while a morally ambiguous character called One Stop (J.B. Smoove) is near the door dispensing… whatever will make him a buck.

There are a couple other new faces among the male employees, including the lovably nerdy Jarrod (Lamorne Morris) and Raja (Utkarsh Ambudkar), the shop's "only non-negro", as he calls himself… after asking permission. We also meet Anthony (Torion Sellers), a clean-cut teen who helps out in the shop, and Dante (Deon Cole), a customer who never seems to leave. JD (Anthony Anderson) is back as the fast-talking co-owner of a catering business and Jimmy (Sean Patrick Thomas) is an alderman who is floating a controversial idea aimed at reducing neighborhood crime, which is the film's main theme.

There's much talk throughout the movie (including narrations by Ice Cube's character, book-ending the action) about Chicago's increasing problem with gang-related shootings. Calvin and company reject Jimmy's idea of permanently closing off some neighborhood streets to all vehicular traffic, but clearly SOMETHING has to be done. People are being shot and killed on Chicago streets on a daily basis and the barbershop employees have to dive for cover at one point when they hear shots fired right outside their windows, and, later, rival gang leaders (Jamal Woodard and Renell Gibbs) almost get violent when they end up in the barbershop at the same time. Meanwhile, Calvin's son, Jalen, who was born to him and his wife, Jennifer (Jazsmin Lewis), at the end of the original "Barbershop" is now a teenager (being played by Michael Rainey, Jr.) and is hanging around Rashad's son, Kenny (Diallo Thompson), while both boys are coming dangerously close to joining a street gang. The folks in the barbershop come up with an audacious plan to stem the tide of shootings in their neighborhood, but Calvin is also exploring the possibility of pulling up stakes and re-establishing his shop in a safer neighborhood on the North Side.

"Barbershop: The Next Cut" is an entertaining but flawed treatment of a critically important topic. Although the movie is a bit talky (not overly long, but the longest of the "Barbershop" films), the conversations are filled with funny, interesting and insightful moments. The story's drama (which is more prevalent than the comedy) is effective, but its subplots distract from the movie's main message of how gang violence is destroying lives and neighborhoods. The 2015 Spike Lee Joint "Chi-Raq" tackled the same problem (also in Chicago), but was more creative, more entertaining and ultimately more touching than this film. It also doesn't help that this film voices dislike for white people in general and dismissively mocks points of view different from those held by a majority of the people in Calvin's Barbershop. Awkwardly working distaste for an entire race into their conversations, while also portraying black people as a monolithic group who all have (or should have) the same opinions do the movie's mission no favors. However, the message (The killing must stop and solutions to neighborhood problems have to come from within!) is well worth repeating – and this film is well worth seeing. "B+"
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Third times definitely the charm
subxerogravity17 April 2016
Absolutely impressed with how Ice Cube has pushed this franchise forward.

Spike Lee's cousin, Malcolm Lee directs more of a love letter to Chicago (literally narrated by Ice Cube in the film) Than last years Chi-Raq (which I hear Chicago gives no love for)

I hope Chi-Town feels differently about Barbershop: the Next Cut. Despite being filmed in Georgia(according to the peach in the end credits), it is a positive silver lining, Rose growing in concrete type situation, that encourages hope for all African American Neighborhoods (And their local Barbershops)

Ice Cube returns as Calvin, a small business owner trying to keep his head afloat. He does this by merging with Angie who owned a Beauty shop(I don't think it's the same one from the Barbershop spin-off, Beauty Shop). Most importantly he's a father trying to do what is right for his son Jalen, who's growing up in a neighborhood that seems worse now than when he was coming up.

Cedric The Entertainer also returns as old school Barber Eddie, and Eve returns as Terri Jones who has made a success out of herself cutting hair for the rich and famous. The Next Cut also has nice cameo appearances from other Barbershop alum like Sean Patrick Thomas as Jimmy James whose made it all the way up to the Mayor's office, and comes back with the plot of the movie:

The Mayor's office's plans to end gang violence in the community would actually threaten the small businesses in the neighborhood including the Barbershop, so the shop comes up with the idea of making Calvin's a Swiss like neutral territory for all that come for one weekend to get the gangs talking about peace.

Some new blood up in the shop is Common, as Terri's husband, Rashad. Common gave an impressive performance, that was all political, dramatic romantic, and humorous (those are some leading man skills right there). It's interesting that rapper Ice Cube would allow another rapper to outshine him like that (I guess it's OK cause they are just acting).

The movie was a well done political satire on what is going on in the community today, and how much we all need to band together to create positiveness, and it was all done without lacking in the entertainment quality that puts the Barbershop film franchise up there with the Friday movies.

Fantastic Job!
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Pure Garbage
geiserstone3 August 2016
This movie was supposed to be a comedy but quickly turned into garbage. Loved the first movie and had high hopes for the sequel and then this crap comes out. Getting tired of seeing all this BLM stuff on TV and how racism is still alive and effecting our communities but it's OK to promote and advertise that same garbage in movies. Want to overcome racism, try not promoting it and reminding everybody every second of the day about it. I'm by no way in hell a racist, so please let's not jump to conclusions. This movie has to be the worst piece of garbage Ice Cube's been in. There is nothing comedic about this movie. The movie is pure propaganda. Sadly disappointing
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Best "Barbershop" Yet!!!
zardoz-1310 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Twelve years have elapsed since we last saw Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, their colleagues and their customers cutting up in the ensemble "Barbershop" film franchise. If you remember all those years ago, Calvin Palmer, Jr., (Ice Cube of "Friday") committed a terrible mistake when he sold his late father's venerable barber shop in the original "Barbershop" (2002) to scheming loan shark Lester Wallace. After he realized the barbershop's legacy as a landmark in the south side Chicago community, Calvin changed his mind about his harebrained, get-rich-quick schemes and struggled desperately to get the barbershop back from Lester. Lester (Keith David) wanted to turn the place into a strip club. Happily, Calvin thwarted Lester. In "Barbershop 2: Back in Business" (2004), Calvin and his crew cautioned their elected Chicago municipal leaders about the dire effects that gentrification would cause if outside interests were allowed to renovate the south side neighborhood. Now, the long, overdue, second "Barbershop" sequel in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer franchise focuses on issues more relevant than those dealt with in its predecessors. This time, however, Calvin and his crew aren't tangling with either a gluttonous loan shark or a greedy politician. Instead, they have to confront trigger-happy gangs and the tragic violence that these pistol-packing hooligans perpetrate. Ultimately, "Best Man" director Malcolm D. Lee's "Barbershop: The Next Cut" surpasses its entertaining predecessors and displays greater concern for real-life issues rather than merely 'good times' comedy for the sake of 'good times' comedy.

Naturally, the passage of twelve years has wrought changes not only in the cast, but also in the basic premise of the "Barbershop" franchise. Of course, Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Eve Jeffers, Sean Patrick Thomas, Jazsmin Lewis, and Troy Garity are back. Unfortunately, Troy appears briefly as his Jewish character Isaac Rosenberg, who clipped hair in the first two "Barbershop" epics after Calvin's African-American colleagues and customers accepted him. Basically, Calvin cuts Isaac's hair and then Isaac exits the action. Meantime, Sean Patrick Thomas as Jimmy Jones spends more time off screen than on screen since he has taken a position at City Hall. Comedian Anthony Anderson, who stole an ATM machine in the original "Barbershop," has reformed and runs a catering company. Michael Ealy as Ricky Nash, Leonard Earl Howze as Dinka, and DeRay Davis as the Hustle Guy have departed and been replaced. Calvin's son Jalen (Michael Rainey Jr.) has grown up and attends high school. Meanwhile, Eve has married Rashad (Common of "Run All Night"), and they have had a son who attends school with Jalen. Calvin and Rashad are tight friends.

Although the first two "Barbershop" movies were testosterone laden tales, with female barber Terri (Eve Jeffers of "Blade II") injecting estrogen into the mix, "Barbershop 3" has altered its formula. Instead, director Malcolm D. Lee shows the male barbers sharing half of the building with female hair stylists. In the Kenya Burris & Traci Oliver screenplay, Angie (Regina Hall of "Scary Movie") is now Calvin's business partner, and she has her own employees. One of them is none other than Draya (music sensation Nicki Minaj of "The Other Woman") who wants to seduce Rashad. The rivalry between Eve and Draya over Rashad provides some of the film's funnier moments, and the steam culminates in screams as Eve catches them in the barber shop back room. A lesser subplot finds Jerrod (Lamorne Morris of "Black Rapunzel"), one of Calvin's new barbers unjustly accused of being gay, setting out to seduce Bree (Margot Bingham of "Burning Blue"), a frustrated hair stylist who cannot find a faithful man.

The conflict erupts when Calvin catches Rashad's son Kenny (newcomer Diallo Thompson) swiping candy bars, and Rashad backs up Calvin. Earlier, the two kids had pled with their fathers to ante up twenty dollars each for them. Calvin turned Jalen down. Afterward, as Jalen and Kenny were walking to school, a rival, outside-of-the-neighborhood gang confronts them on the sidewalk. Before any bloodshed can occur, the local gang scares off the other gang, and then they slip both guys a twenty dollar bill. In school, Jalen gets into a fight. The school counselor advises Calvin and his wife Jennifer (Jazsmin Lewis of "Grandma's House") about the incident. Jennifer discovers a gang bandana in Jalen's dresser. This sparks a generational gap clash between Calvin and Jalin. Calvin objects to Jalen's thuggish dreadlocks. Worse, Calvin believes Rashad's son Kenny has led Jalen astray with the gang bangers. Ironically, Jalen led Kenny astray. The night the two guys are to be initiated into the gang, Kenny refuses to accompany Jalen. Similarly, Draya schedules a hair appointment with one gang banger while another gang banger is in the shop getting his hair cut. Everybody scrambles to keep these two thugs from swapping lead with each other on the premises. Draya admits that she made a thoughtless mistake when she rescheduled the rival gang banger. This incident propels the grand finale, and Calvin and his crew decide to defuse the tension. The solution to gang violence that Calvin and company offers isn't 100 percent successful.

When he isn't staging high school scuffles and back room shuffles, Lee uses the energetic camaraderie of his ensemble cast and their spicy chatter to amuse us. Still looking like Civil Rights activist Frederick Douglas, scene-stealer Cedric the Entertainer spouts some of the best, sidesplitting lines in this clever PG-13 rated comedy. He doesn't deliver lines as controversial as his Rosa Parks rant in the original "Barbershop," but he keeps things lively. One of the more amusing scenes has President Obama (Reggie Brown of "The Obama Effect") visiting the barber shop and sitting in Cedric's barber chair for a trim. This humorous scene won't make sense unless you've seen the original "Barbershop" where Cedric has a photo of Walter Payton getting a haircut from him. Like Obama, we cannot see each man's face to verify their identity. Altogether, "Barbershop: The Next Cut" provides the right blend of comedy and drama.
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Hanging out in the Cube's Barbershop
Friday 13 May 2016: Last night, I saw this movie and to my surprise, I liked it a lot. The movie has good chemistry between Oshea Jackson known to the film world as rapper/actor, Ice Cube and the rest of the cast.

There are a lot of good African American talent in this film with Common, Regina Hall and the rest. The prettiest women in the cast are Margot Bingham and Jazmin Lewis-Kelley. But the cutest and always the most sexy is "Eve" Jeffers. Eve is naturally sexy, her look, her eyes, her lips. Eve has it all. The rest of the cast are good and well worth the price of admission.

I like the fact that there was Not a lot of profanity and it has a good message about keeping kids out of gangs. It shows a positive role model with both strong black parents in the home.

The only negative that I did Not like is the use of the "N" and "B" word in the film and for that reason, I will Not give it a ten "10". I do not like the use of the "N" word or the use of the "B" word for women in films. I give this film a thumb up and an 8 on the scale.
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Enjoyable Add to the Series
Paul-27121 May 2016
I admit to being a fan of both the Barbershop series and Ice Cube or at least the Ice Cube I've seen in a few movies. I can't say I personally know the man.

This is, again, a combination of in store banter, which is by far the most entertaining aspect of the movie, a bit of personal issues with families outside the shop and again, like in #2, addressing larger social issues which face the US.

The banter is great. The personal issues are rather mundane - you've seen them all before done as well as here. The social issues will split the audience. The Big Question comes up: what to do about black on black violence which in Chicago (the setting) claims maybe a dozen lives a week.

Sadly, the movie takes the easy road blaming slavery and citing as heroes Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. These are heroes to the black community? Two thugs? Well, that's the way many see things including Cube, apparently.

Still, in the end, an enjoyable feel good movie which paradoxically portrays black folks not as typical Hollywood caricatures, but as humans. That alone is worth the price of admission.
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Barbershop is about a group of friends/co-workers who work in a Barbershop
jwg-7696610 May 2016
My review is on Barbershop: The Next Cut. This movie is sort of a reunion for the old cast of the original barbershop with the addition of a few new characters. I would give this movie an 8/10 because although the new Barbershop will never be better than the original the plot and story of the new one was still pretty good. I would recommend anyone who has never seen this movie before see it As Soon As Possible, some of the new additions to the cast was Tyga, a known rapper, and the beautiful Nicki Minaj who can be considered one of the hottest and most popular icons of the music industry right now. Overall this was a great movie which is why I will give it an 8/10
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Warner Bros. gives a shout out . . .
oscaralbert29 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
. . . of warning to The Artist Once-and-For-All Known as Prince toward the end of BARBERSHOP: THE NEXT CUT. However, as usual, this clarion cry fell upon deaf ears. Despite making an emergency landing in his private jet to treat drug overdose symptoms during BARBERSHOP's opening weekend, the Purple One's People threw caution to the wind and checked him out after only three hours when they found out that there was not a private hospital wing at their immediate disposal in Moline, IL. The U.S. Secret Service hasn't lost a President since 1963, but we in the Public have lost Elvis, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and now Prince during these intervening years because America is obsessed with protecting the stone-cold faces on Mount Rushmore better than it takes care of its Living Monuments. Why should the Secret Service be safe-guarding Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, while little-looked-after National Treasures such as Heath Ledger, Robin Williams, Selena, Paul Walker, and Prince are dropping like flies? (Of course, Cedric the Entertainer gives Barack Obama a George Jefferson 'Do during BARBERSHOP's closing credits--could this be ANOTHER Warner warning?)
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Political garbage
criminologyman23 August 2018
This was supposed to be a comedy like the first two but it was nothing but white-hating political propaganda. That one line in the film that goes "I don't like white people either" would start a riot if a white person said that about a black person. I lost a ton of respect for Ice Cube after watching this film. Whatever happened to good old fashioned comedy? This film was a statement, not a comedy.
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Big disappointment
lTonyl18 May 2017
I was really expecting more from this movie. The story seems to be written by a 10 year old, i got the feeling that most of the actions in the movie happened only to fill the 2hrs, they had the main idea but that would be only 40 min "let's add some useless actions to make the movie longer", none of the actors seemed to enjoy being in the movie, the acting was correct but with no passion and dedication to the role they were playing, it looked very fake.
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Cube is getting the bigger cut and he never takes it for granted, just like the world he revolves around, the chemistry is off the hook.
Arth_Joshi21 May 2019
Barbershop: The Next Cut

Lee knows it is the White House party of the parties. Everybody would want to be in it and everyone would want to have a big chunk of that cake. And offering them enough space to come in and present their show as they feel, the director, Malcolm D. Lee is rearranging the shuffled acts into one big discussion. Yes. Discussion is what the film feels like. And to be honest, it is a fair discussion, swooping in every opinion and perspective and idea and even a politically wrong comment. This is how honest, they are, they mock so arrogantly and accepts the insults and repercussions bravely.

In fact, the very first act is it. Ticking for almost the first half, the discussions are the best part of the film, it starts off from fighting over the equality, they find themselves tangled in a long chain, ping pong-ing back and forth, spewing and biting each other trying to prove their superiority sarcastically. The referential comedy is turned to 11. To someone who doesn't come from that background, would get definitely difficult to grab the momentum of the humor.

Another major improvement is scoffing off the limitations that their previous installments had, correcting themselves politically and going toe-to-toe with the generations, the pace has improved and sensitive content juiced up. Ice Cube is still the sober worker in this shop and Cedric still the most drunk one, no new character coming in with their fresh humorous vocab could beat Cedric's comic timing, he has been in their chair for more than a decade ago and that throne is well earned. Barbershop: The Next Cut may feel like the cut that you have been getting over the years, it's just that they have used the wave of the current media into account that will make you feel like you are new, once again.
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Chicago and Calvin's son aren't yet a lost cause....
MartinHafer31 May 2017
While I do not think "Barbershop: The Next Cut" is as good as the previous Barbershop films, it is still quite enjoyable and has a lot to offer. It also spends a lot of the film focusing on the mess that Chicago has become and some ways to perhaps improve it.

Like the previous films, there is a huge cast and very episodic nature to the picture. Many of the same folks from previous films are in this one as well as quite a few female beauticians. The main problems addressed in this one is Calvin (Ice Cube) and his son who is gravitating towards gangs as well as marital trouble one of the men is having...due in part to his wife almost never being home.

What I particularly liked about this one was the film half hour or so. Seeing the gang issue tackled and the emotional scenes between Calvin and his son were very satisfying. Overall, not a great film but a worth addition to a very good franchise.
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looong litany of transparent clichés
flying_higher26 April 2016
The movie is terrible. It starts with the totally artificial setting: A ton of people sitting around in a barbershop indulging in group talk all day long. That's cheap to shot, but not realistic, is it? The dialogs are transparent, obvious and unintelligent, hitting cliché after cliché after cliché. The actors are stereotypical, shallow. There is nothing interesting to discover in this movie, no surprises. There is no plot. It's all just endless boring talk. Who wants that on a movie night?! The movie wants to carry big messages, but it fails, because it's just so badly made and boring. We wanted to like this movie and expected laughter and surprises, but got none of that. No one in the theater laughed, ever. We walked out after 30 minutes, because it seemed like an utter waste of time.
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