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  • Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) and Camille (Bonnie Bedalia) finally agree on what to do with the house. Julia (Erika Christensen) jumps back into work helping out Kristina (Monica Potter) and Adam (Peter Krause), but is struggling on how to proceed in her personal life. Sarah (Lauren Graham) discovers what her children have been up to and puts her foot down with Drew (Miles Heizer).


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  • Sarah visits Amber and is surprised to find Drew there, sleeping, and not in class. Kristina asks Julia to look over their proposal for the charter school. As they plan the release party for Ashes of Rome, Adam and Crosby get a call at the Luncheonette the manager of a popular boy band. They want to do support on the next tour. Zeek and Camille sign the paperwork to sell the house.


    Julia sees Ed at a coffee shop. They arrange to see each other later. Drew returning to campus, explodes when he finds Barto has thrown his junk into his side of the room. Hank meets with the psychiatrist, who encourages him to talk to Sarah and apologize to her about going off to Minnesota to be with his daughter (and therefore breaking up with Sarah when they were starting their relationship). Julia asks Kristina if, hypothetically, she could have sex with someone if she were in her shoes.

    An inspector tells Crosby and Jasmine the house is still contaminated and needs further intervention repairs. Adam and Kristina introduce Julia to Mr. Knight. They all discuss the charter school. Adam and Crosby tell Ashes of Rome about the boy bands interest but Oliver does not like the idea. He thinks all the boy band is interested in is making teeny-bopper music and partying. Sarah and Hank are working at the shop. Hank apologizes for going to Minnesota, however it comes off as insincere especially the psychiatrist recommended he do so. Sarah admits she was hurt, confused, and upset. He wonders why she would have felt that way since he told her when and why he was leaving. She says they never talked about it; he just left.

    Julia goes to see Mr. Knight to talk about the charter school. Hank is upset at the psychiatrist for making him apologize to Sarah. The psychiatrist warns him that for a romantic relationship to succeed, he has to recognize that it is difficult and to be as honest and vulnerable as possible. Julia takes off her wedding ring to go to Eds. Over dessert, he tries to thank her for being there for him during a rough year, and tries to hold her hand, but she gets uncomfortable and leaves. Barto tells Drew he is uncomfortable with Drews attitude. Barto breaks out a six-pack and challenges Drew to tell him something that he finds annoying about Barto and then take a chug. The challenge goes on, and both are drunk when Drew finally tells Barto he was pissed about Natalie. They laugh about it. Zeek is not doing well at packing. Camille finds things in the throw-away pile that should be given to the kids and vice-versa. Camille starts having second thoughts; Zeek reassures her.

    Adam, Christina, Julia, and Mr. Knight meet with the evaluation committee. The committee is hesitant. Julia kicks ass. Crosby shows Adam the expenses for the renovation. Adam tells him there isnt enough money in the Luncheonette for a loan and its suggested how important the success of the release party will be. Drew and Barto head to class and see Natalie walking on campus. Barto says he realizes he messed them up by sleeping with Natalie, but the whole problem was not Natalie, it was Drew, and Drew has to recognize that. Hank goes to see Sarah. He apologizes for messing up and making her feel badly. He knows he has issues and can drive people away, and he hates that, and hes trying to change. He especially appreciates Sarah standing by him, and that he likes being with her.

    Zeek takes Camille for a drive and shows her a small Victorian. She is happy. At the release party, Crosby warns Oliver to be on his best behavior. Julia tells Adam, Kristina and Mr. Knight that their application has been approved. Mr. Knight expresses his awe at Julias determination in front of the committee. The manager and the boy band come by. Adam and Crosby introduce them to Oliver. One of the band members admits to aspiring to make the kind of music Ashes of Rome is doing, and admits to hating the entourage/party lifestyle. As Ashes of Rome plays, Julia and Mr. Knight exchange glances across the room. They sleep together.

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