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Season 2

10 Jan. 2015
This Side of Paradise
A year and a half has passed. The wars continues. Princess Asseylum seemingly supports it. Slaine has joined the forces of the Orbital Knights. And Inaho has returned.
17 Jan. 2015
The Beautiful and Damned
The Orbital Knights use Princess Lemrina to pose as her sister Asseylum unbeknownst to everyone else. Meanwhile, the real Asseylum remains hidden away in a deep coma. The forces of Earth plan an attack against the VERS moon base.
24 Jan. 2015
Toll for the Brave
Inaho insists on fighting. Meanwhile, the Orbital Knights ridicule Slaine for being earth-born. That is, until Count Saazbaum stands up for him. But anyone can be a traitor..
31 Jan. 2015
Soldiers' Pay
Count Troyard won't let anyone stand in his way. The forces of Earth face another Martian threat, but they must attempt to overcome it without Inaho Kaizuka's strategical finesse. In addition, a certain sister awaits a meeting with him.
7 Feb. 2015
The Turning Wheel
Count Mezuurak, now a prisoner, won't say a word. Count Marylcian is determined to bring down Count Troyard. And the young Count Troyard continues to teach Princess Asseylum, whom Inaho is fixed upon saving.
14 Feb. 2015
The Rose and the Ring
Count Troyard prepares for his duel against Count Marylcian, with support from Princess Lemrina and several other Orbital Knights. Meanwhile, Inaho and friends battle against a new Kataphrakt.
21 Feb. 2015
Here to There
During Princess Lemrina's grand announcement, the real Asseylum starts to wake. Count Troyard secretly steals her away, rejoicing in their reunion at last while his dispatched forces devastate those on Earth below.
28 Feb. 2015
The Light of Day
Three formidable Kataphrakts face off against Earth's forces while Count Mezuurak, on Inaho's order, seeks the real Asseylum. Yet her memories are weak, and Count Troyard intends to keep them that way. But multiple secrets are breaking..
7 Mar. 2015
The Fortune's Fool
As much as it hurts him to use his left eye, Inaho must work out a plan to defeat the three Versian Kataphraktos. The two princesses at last see through Count Troyard's many lies and discover the truth.
14 Mar. 2015
Out of the Past
The Deucalion must act as a decoy and attack the Versian moon base head-on while an undercover mission takes place. Inaho intends to sabotage this adverse, latter operation. Count Cruhteo's son, Klancain meets up with Count Troyard.
21 Mar. 2015
The Unvanquished
Klancain steals Asseylum away, safe from the assassins and Troyard. The prior battle wanes, but Inaho and friends must ready for the final fight. The Princess prepares to speak with the Emperor; Slaine prepares to unleash all his forces.
28 Mar. 2015
Inherit the Stars
Asseylum declares herself Emperess of the VERS empire and orders the war to cease, but will Count Slaine Troyard comply? There's still so much to be done: the endgame between Earth and VERS, and the awaited face-off against Inaho Kaizuka.

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