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The One Where Everything's Resolved
Alex_Hodgkinson31 July 2014
Dagur the Deranged is holding Stoick hostage and the Screaming Death is heading straight for Berk. Hiccup leaves the other Riders to defend Berk as he takes Alvin the Treacherous with him to confront Dagur and the Berserkers. Once at Outcast Island, Hiccup finds Mildew and the Screaming Death's mother in a hidden underground cavern that Alvin lead him too. From this, Hiccup forms a plan. Possibly his most dangerous and reckless plan yet, but he believes that it is his only shot.

The finale brings everything together with a bang. I loved it. All plot threads collide and everything is resolved in this episode. Dagur has been dealt with; Alvin has been dealt with; the Screaming Death has been dealt with; and they've all been dealt with satisfyingly. It certainly isn't a disappointment after the last episode, it's the best episode yet in my opinion. I considered giving it a nine, actually, as a couple of things are to my disliking, but I believe it deserves a ten objectively and considering that it's a children's show.
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