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Current Episode (aired 19 Sep. 2019)

Glenn Howerton/Andrew Yang/Margaret Atwood/Yesod Williams

Actor Glenn Howerton (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005)); Andrew Yang, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate; writer Margaret Atwood (books, "The Handmaid's Tale" and "The Testaments"); Yesod Williams sits in with the 8G Band;

Season 2

3 Sep. 2014
Gwen Stefani/Andy Roddick/Counting Crows
Gwen Stefani; Andy Roddick. Also: Counting Crows perform.
4 Sep. 2014
Heidi Klum/Kieran Culkin/Leslie Jones
Heidi Klum; Kieran Culkin; Leslie Jones.
18 Sep. 2014
Julianna Margulies/Viggo Mortensen/Randy Liedtke
Julianna Margulies; Viggo Mortensen; Randy Liedtke.
22 Sep. 2014
Martha Stewart/Ana Gasteyer
Martha Stewart; Ana Gasteyer.
24 Sep. 2014
Stephen King/James Harden/Sam Hunt
Stephen King; James Harden. Also: Sam Hunt performs.
27 Nov. 2014
Josh Meyers/Larry & Hilary Meyers
For Thanksgiving, Seth welcomes his parents Larry Meyers and Hilary Meyers and his brother Josh Meyers.