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  • Kristina (Monica Potter) goes in for a checkup, but that doesn't stop her from starting a new adventure. Amber (Mae Whitman) encourages Drew (Miles Heizer) to move on from his past, while Julia (Erika Christensen) struggles to let go of hers. Sarah (Lauren Graham) gets an appealing offer from Carl (Josh Stamberg), but decides her work is more important. Hank (Ray Romano) admits that feelings are still lingering for an old relationship.


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    Crosby is surprised they are considering selling the house. Camille says they do not have to consult anyone since it is THEIR house. Christina thinks the only way Max will get through school is if they start one of their own. Drew tells Natalie that they won't work because she wants a free-spirited thing; Natalie says maybe they should just be friends. Amber doesnt understand why Ryan left her. Sydney doesn't think her parents separation is fair. Julia has difficulties adjusting to being alone. Hank asks Sarah if it is getting serious with Carl. Sarah says no. Carl tells Sarah he may be falling for her.


    Sarah wakes, in bed with Carl. He says he has to go to Africa for work and invites her along. She says she has a SurfSport deadline. He insists; she says yes.

    The real estate agent, Karen, walks Zeek and Camille through the property, pointing out necessary changes. Crosby hates what's going on. Jasmine urges him to behave for her sake.

    Julia is sitting in the school's community garden when Ed comes by. He says he heard Joel moved out and Julia warns him that she's not going to talk personally with him. She's bought plants from the garden center to make the garden look better.

    Amber visits Drew and Berto. She's trying to improve Drew's mood and invites herself to go to a frat party with them. She leaves; Berto says she's hot.

    Adam tries to be encouraging as he sits with Christina at the doctor's office. The school calls and Christina tries to arrange a meeting with the principal because Max is still being shut out, including having his chair taken away from him in English class. The nurse calls her in, but Christina persists on the phone. Finally she goes in.


    The oncologist says they'll get results in a couple of days.

    Julia and Ed herd a class of kids into the garden and the kids complain the plants growing now weren't there before. Sydney reminds Julia that the school is having pajama day and she wants to wear a set that is at home. Julia promises to get the pajamas and get it to her dad, but Sydney says she wants to stay at home. She starts to make a scene and Julia relents.

    Sarah and Hank are looking at a picture from the shoot. They agree that it is a good shot but both take credit for it. Sarah tells Hank she'll be away for a week. He reminds her their deadline is in a week. He presses but she says it's personal business and doesn't tell him what she is doing.

    Crosby is upset that Camille is painting his old room. He tells her he doesn't like Camille and Karen steam-rolling Zeek. Crosby accuses her of being selfish. Camille reminds him that she has devoted thirty years of her life to taking care of the family and now she is asking for only one thing.

    Walking through the school Christina warns Adam that she is going to be tough with Max's troll-of-a-English teacher. Mr. Knight turns out to be handsome and very progressive, including allowing kids like Max to move around in class as he learns. They tell him about their idea for a charter school but he recommends against it, saying that they are hard to start up and maintain, and once their own kid graduates, the parent-founders tend to lose interest.

    Outside the school Julia tells Joel about Sydney's tantrum. Joel says allowing her to go off schedule would be against the advice of their therapist. Joel suggests Julia leave so that when Sydney comes out, he will take her home with him.

    Max is at the shop and tells Hank about Sarah's trip to Africa with her boyfriend. Hank scoffs to himself, personal business, huh?

    Drew sees Natalie in the hallway and asks her to the frat party. She's confused that besides Drew basically asking her out on a date, he's asking her to a frat party which he has always avoided. Drew insists they are going as friends. She frowns, reminding him of Amy, and says she has class.

    Hank, again, has scheduled an emergency appointment with the Asburger's doctor. Hank claims Sarah lied about the trip being a personal matter. The doctor says it sounds like a personal matter and that they are just co-workers. Hank reveals he and Sarah have had a relationship. The doctor recommends he talks to her.

    Ed comes by to tell Julia that he understands what she is going through and that he's available if she needs to talk. Julia is incredulous and says he is responsible for ruining her relationship with Joel. Ed tells her to think over what really happened and that she can't fix her marriage until she digs deeper.

    Amber and Drew are at the party. Drew doesn't want to be there in case he sees Natalie. Amber tells him the night is not about Natalie and that they should make a pact that they will each find someone to make out with.

    At bedtime, Adam complains that its been a couple of days and they haven't heard from the oncologist. Christina is more worried about the English teacher and his comments about the magnet school. She likes him as a teacher and Adam reminds her she was a little tongue-tied talking to him. She thinks they should reconsider the school, based on what the teacher said. Adam says its a good idea and they should proceed.

    Hank comes by, knocking on the window, scaring Sarah. Hank accuses Sarah of putting a man over her own needs. She counters that he's never had a relationship and doesnt know what he's talking about.

    Camille accuses Zeek of enlisting Crosby to argue with her. Crosby is listening to this from a vent, the same vent he used as a kid to listen to his parents argue. Jasmine comes by and Crosby grabs her to listen in, saying it's a bad argument. Crosby thinks that they can't stay at the house anymore.

    The frat party is in full gear. Amber tries to talk to a guy but he winds up walking away with another girl. She sees Barto and asks him to help her hook up. As he leads her through the crowd, he kisses her and she runs back into the crowd in terror. Natalie finds Barto and asks for Drew. He warns her that Drew is looking to hook up with someone. Drew comes by, Natalie excuses herself.

    Sarah tells Carl she can't go. Her "Year of Sarah" sign reminded her that with her problems in the past, that this year she has been living on her own, has a steady job, and her kids are doing well, so she has to live her own life without distraction. Carl understands and figures they won't be together when he gets back either.

    At a Green Week lunch, Sydney points out Julia is wrong when she called tomatoes a vegetable. Ed saves Julia, making Sydney and the other kids laugh, and to eat the dirt-dusted carrots.

    Christina gets the call and is all clear. She and Adam cry together, happily, but they both think it will still be hard work. They say to each other that they are not the kind of people to let life happen to them, but that they go out and make things happen.

    Adam and Christina visit Knight and tell him they're not the kind of parents who give up and ask him to help with the charter school. He invites them in for coffee.

    Sarah goes to the shop and tells Hank he was right about a few things. He's going over layouts and asks her to look at them with him.

    At dinner, Crosby and Jasmine tell Zeek and Camille they have found a condo to sub-let and are moving out. Camille insists they stay.

    Julia visits Ed and thanks him for helping her at school. She apologizes for blaming him and that she is responsible for what happened to her marriage. She gives him a dish of chicken marsala she made for him. He invites her to stay for dinner.


    Drew finds Natalie sleeping with Barto. Julie and Joel continue to struggle.

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