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Tamara Chambers: Tamara



  • Nostalgia Critic : Sit down before it starts!

    Malcolm : Before what starts? You're just pressing play on the DVD player.

    Nostalgia Critic : You don't understand! This is the Disney Afternoon! There's a certain ritual to this: We act like we just got back from school, throw our belongings on the ground for our mothers to pick up, surround ourselves in high-fructose corn syrup, and reward ourselves for dealing with the mental scars of our tremendously flawed education system.

    Tamara : Wait, aren't you talking about Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC?

    Nostalgia Critic : Fuck Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC! That was just a carbon-copy cartoon cock comparison compared to the Disney Afternoon!

    Malcolm : Hey, "Pepper Ann" was good.

    Nostalgia Critic : Okay, maybe one.

    Tamara : And "Recess" was decent.

    Nostalgia Critic : Yeah, if you want to get technical...

    Malcolm : And "Kim Possible".

    Nostalgia Critic : Well, "Kim Possible", obviously, but...

    Tamara : And "Proud Family".

    Nostalgia Critic : Who's dissing "The Proud Family"? Nobody's dissing "The Proud Family" while I'm around!

    Malcolm : And there was also that other show, um... "Doug".

    [the Critic's eyes widen in surprise] 

    Malcolm : Yeah, that was a pretty good cartoon series. You can't deny that must've had some sort of impact on your life.

    [moments later, Malcolm is seen with a bloodied jaw and a black eye; he is rubbing his jaw] 

    Nostalgia Critic : [visibly shaking his hand, presumably from punching Malcolm]  What you're both missing is that the Disney Afternoon had a timeless sense of magic and wonder that was the perfect welcome-home from a long day of schoolhouse popularity or awkward social punishment. So, if there's no other comparisons to "lesser forms of art"...

    [looks toward Malcolm] 

    Malcolm : I can't feel my teeth...

    Nostalgia Critic : We'll go ahead and get started!

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