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16 Feb. 2018
The Boyfriend
Rodrigo embraces being Hailey's boyfriend, whilst his youth orchestra continues to struggle.
16 Feb. 2018
If I Was an Elf, I Would Tell You
Rodrigo meets Hailey's parents, whilst Hailey continues to lie about her current career path.
16 Feb. 2018
Significant Lover
The Pope comes to watch Rodrigo's current production, whilst Hailey struggles to attain an original piece by a female artist.
16 Feb. 2018
An Honest Ghost
The ghost of Mozart has abandoned Rodrigo and now he is conflicted as to whether to perform Mozart's requiem or not.
16 Feb. 2018
The Coach
Thomas begins to find his old self, whilst Gloria has interest from a new company.
16 Feb. 2018
Domo Arigato
The gang head to Japan for a conducting competition, where Rodrigo meets someone who claims to know Mozart better than he does.
16 Feb. 2018
We're Not Robots
The conducting competition comes to its finale, whilst Gloria's and Thomas' secrets from each other come to a head.
16 Feb. 2018
Ichi Go Ichi E
Before leaving Japan, Rodrigo and Hailey experience a traditional tea ceremony, where they learn about themselves.
16 Feb. 2018
I Want You To Think of Me
Rodrigo spirals after his recent break up with Hailey, whilst Gloria and Thomas fight over Hesby's musical piece.
16 Feb. 2018
Rodrigo has to make a choice about the future of his conducting.

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