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The Magic Powder

Simon wants to help Alvin and Brittany Dance together at their School.


10 Jun. 2017
Karate Kidder/Playing Favorites
Simon, Theodore and Dave dry to prevent Alvin from going to the karate championship as they fear he might get hurt. Alvin and Theodore believe that Simon is dave's favorite so they try to prove that they can beat Simon at anything
17 Jun. 2017
Back to Basics; Report Cards
After Simon fails a test , he decides to go on strike and that includes moving into a tree but the chipmunks and chippettes try to convince him to come back. Alvin fears that once Dave has read his report card , he won't get his new video game so he tries everything to make sure that Dave doesn't receive his report card.
24 Jun. 2017
The Cat Sitter; Addicted
Miss Croner leaves Theodore in charge of looking after her cats while she's gone out of town but he can't let his brothers or Dave find out / the chipettes think that the chipmunks are all addicted to one item they each like but they disagree so they do a test to see who can go the longest without touching their favorite items.
15 Aug. 2017
Spoiler-Itis/Something Fishy
The chipmunks and chippetes think that alvin spoils shows but Alvin disagrees so they all bet that Alvin can't stop talking for 24 hours but he proves them wrong / Theodore wins a goldfish at a fair and loves it so much but Alvin and Simon thinks that he might be dead so go out to replace him.
17 Aug. 2017
Baby Mama Drama/Ballet Boys
Miss smiths pairs everyone in the class up to look after their own robot baby in order to experience a parents life but Alvin and Brittany struggle with the task. The coach decides to enroll Alvin , Simon and Theodore into a ballet class as their team can't beat Derek's team.
30 Oct. 2017
Oh Brother Where Art Thou; The Wall
Theodore shows Alvin what life without Simon would be like but Alvin finds it quite boring. Theodore is winning the contest of the cutest chipmunks but Alvin tries everything he can think of to make sure he gets declared as the cutest chipmunk.

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