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  • Many viewers are quite befuddled by the film, and especially the ending. The film works best if the viewers understand the "rules" or underlying logic of the world that the film shows, whether it is in the near-future or a fantasy earth.

    In the world of The Lobster, being single is not allowed, and relationships are apparently enforced by law (as can be seen in the mall scene, where police officers ask to see marriage certificates, and apprehend people who cannot present one). Adults who find themselves being or becoming single (like David whose wife has left him for another man, and John's mother who was left by John's father) are being brought to special hotels for single people, where they have to try and find a partner within 45 days. If they do not succeed, they will be changed into an animal of their choice (which happened to David's brother Bob, who is a dog now). Couples who match still have to pass several tests: they need to live together in a double room for a few weeks, and afterwards, they have to live on a yacht for 2 weeks. If they are still a match afterwards, they are finally allowed to go home.

    The hotel staff uses several measures to stimulate their clients to find a partner. They are sexually stimulated by a maid, yet masturbation is prohibited, and there are (rather simplistic) educational sessions where clients are taught the benefits of being in a relationship.

    There seems to be an additional rule that both partners must have a similar handicap. John is set to find a girl with a limp, but when there is none, he sets his eyes on a girl with frequent nosebleeds. He even creates nosebleeds in himself in order to become a match with her. When David's time is running out, in his desperation he does the same with the emotionless woman, acting equally heartless so that they appear to match; however, she sees through his ruse and kills Bob in order to elicit emotion from him.

    David finally flees the hotel and joins the 'Loners' in the woods, but finds that rules are equally restrictive there: relationships are strictly forbidden, and even the smallest sign of affection between people is severely punished. David matches with a near-sighted woman because they have the same affliction, and they make use of this by faking a relationship whenever they venture into the city as couples. But the Leader of the Loners sees through this, and their intent to leave for the city forever. She sabotages their relationship, by taking the near-sighted woman to the doctor and rendering her blind.

    With their similar characteristic gone, David and the woman would apparently have no future in the city. David tries to find something else they have in common, such as the ability to speak German (which is apparently considered a handicap, or maybe being a foreigner is), but quickly realizes that it would take her to long to learn. After exacting his revenge upon the leader, David is preparing to destroy his own eyesight, so that he will have a trait in common with his partner, allowing them to live in the city. The woman tells him that other senses will become enhanced once he loses his eyesight, but the film doesn't answer the question whether his love for her (or his fear to become a lobster) is strong enough to finally go through with it. Edit (Coming Soon)


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