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See James Earl Jones cut loose in "The Convention Conundrum" ep of "The Big Bang Theory"
tavm3 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In this last ep of "The Big Bang Theory": The boys are unable to get tickets to the latest Comic-Con so Leonard, Howard, and Raj decides to get some from a scalper while Sheldon decides to start his own. He finds out where James Earl Jones eats at and stalks him there. And when Mr. Jones confronts him about his love of Star Wars and nothing else he's associated with...he tells him he loves Star Wars, too! So Sheldon for once gets a celeb who enjoys his company...maybe too much as they also go on the ferris wheel, karaoke, and relax on a sauna. Oh, and Mr. Jones also knocks on Carrie Fisher's house before bolting and Ms. Fisher is sure tired of it! Meanwhile, Penny, Amy, and Bernadette decide to do the "grown-up" thing and have afternoon tea...but it's full of kids. Oh, and Sheldon's friends have second thoughts about the scalping thing...This was one of the more "out there" eps of this series and I really loved it! Mr. Jones seemed to have the time of his life there and Ms. Fisher didn't seem to mind her part as well. So on that note, I highly recommend "The Convention Conundrum"
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Bad Ending
googlyrajz30 January 2014
Okay, episode started with great laughter.. everyone trying to get the ticket to comic con.. pressing the refresh button infinite time.. it was getting funnier and funnier. But where i felt show lacked is the ending,. they didn't show what happened to Leonard,Howard and Raj did they come out of that trouble or not? did they even meet the man! what happened nothing is shown

i would say the show was a Sin(x) graph from interval 0 TO Pie.. that is first it got funnier and funnier and eventually it became boring

Asusual Penny,Bernedate And Amy Fowler had the girl talks .. really boring.. i am fed up of this. i still miss that Season 1 of the The big bang theory.. when there were only guys and penny <3. there was more of Science which is the concept of the show.. no i don't know where this show is heading on.. please put the show on the track.. include some science and please throw Amy out of the show ..she is really pathetic.
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